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Soy Curls

I got a bag of Butler soy curls in my latest order from Cosmo's (  :)>>>) but I realized last night that I don't exactly know what to do with them. Anyone cook with them? Do I just use them like TVP? I did search for recipes but didn't really find anything.

you could use them in fajitas or burritos.. stir frys.. stroganoff.. covered in bbq sauce.. over pasta w/ veggies

im pretty sure they need to be rehydrated with a seasoned or flavored water because they don't have any flavoring as is.  but they should be good in anything.


Thanks, I ended up rehydrating them in unchicken broth, then sprinkling them with the spice mixture I have for southern fried tofu, which is basically poultry seasoning with some nutritional yeast. Then I sauteed them with BBQ sauce and sesame seeds. OMG they were soooo good, it was hard to make myself stop eating them.  :o The texture is great.

I really recommend soy curls to anyone who hasn't tried them.  ;)b


that sounds really good!


i <3 soy curls


I recently veganized a recipe for cream of mushroom soup with chicken. Instead of chicken I used soy curls and they were fantastic.

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