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Hello all!

I am looking for new skin care products.  I have oily skin that is prone to break outs.  I have tried just about everything out there, but nothing seems to clear it up completely.  I was thinking maybe a natural product line might help ... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  :)

i've been using earth science products. work nice!

dessert essence also makes a tea tree oil wash. it is too hard on my skin (combination), but if you have oily it might be right for you.


I know that sulfur mud masks are really good for clearing up skin.. and they make your skin sooo soft.. here in Dominica I can just go up into the mountains to the sulfur springs and scoop up some mud to bring home with me hehe.. but i know you can buy it in stores.. it does smell sorta gross tho hehe.. you know the burnt match/egg smell.. but its really good for your skin ;)

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