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Let me preface this by saying that in general, I do not like faux meat or cheese products.  I think they are typically over-processed, unhealthy, and bizarre-tasting.  However, after seeing Bryanna Clark Grogan's recent post on her wine and Sheese party, I decided to indulge my curiosity. 

I ordered some Sheese through Vegan Essentials and finally got to try it last night.  Wow!  Does this stuff taste like cheese!!!  You can really eat it out of hand.  We had the blue variety on grilled bean burgers w/ roasted red peppers.  Mmmmm...  It isn't quite as melty as FYH, but I think that is an improvement.  I could definitely see this on a party tray w/ fresh fruit, baguette, and wine.  My hubby has only been cheese-free for a few months and he confirmed that it is indeed very cheesy and delish.  Buffalo seitan pizza w/ blue sheese will be on the menu soon.  8)

Jennifer Mccann (vegan lunchbox) says it's the best vegan cheese she's ever tried.
Here's the review:

If you like it too mdvegan, then I can't wait to test some out!  :)


We tried the Mozerella and smoked cheddar...
the mozerella didn't melt AT ALL on our pizza and left a funny aftertaste.

However, the smoked cheddar was really good. The omni BF & I ate it straight out of the fabulous resealable container with garlic focaccia & some smoked tofurkey slices.

Definitely worth the cost & shipping if you land the right flavor... I'd recommend staying far, far away from the Mozerella.


I ordered some from VeganEssentials back in January but I don't remember what flavor--I want to say it was the mozzarella. Neither my husband nor I liked it AT ALL. It looked to us like clay and didn't taste much better. Didn't melt much and smelled peculiar when he tried to melt it--almost like burning plastic. We tossed it. After that and trying a few more (including Follow Your Heart) we decided not to try to find a substitute, just to do without. Even though we loved real cheese, we have not found it terribly difficult. Occasionally we break out Dragonfly's dry bulk cheese substitute, but we had been using something similar for years, even when we were eating cheese, calling it "yeast gravy."  :D

However...that was OUR experience. So many people have said they love it, you should probably give it a try.  :)


I recently tried the Mozzarella and Sharp Cheddar Sheeses.  The Mozzarella is totally flavorless.  Not good at all.  Follow Your Heart Moz is WAY better.  The Sharp Cheddar was pretty good, I thought, and my husband LOVED it.  We'll get more of that next time, and I'm going to try either Cheshire or Smoked Cheddar, too.  It'll be a while before we get any more, though, because fake cheese isn't something we indulge in often.  Sheese definitely has the best mouth feel of any fake cheese I've ever had.  I think it's worth the money if you choose the right flavor.


Is the blue actually moldy or is it just colored blue?  Blue cheese is one of those tastes that I will always miss.


No blue coloring, but lots of blue flavor.  I don't know how they do it.

My favorite blue cheese used to be Point Reyes blue.  The Sheese isn't as pungent as Point Reyes, but it does have a noticable blue taste.



Just tried my Smoked Cheddar... brilliant! I haven't tried to melt it yet (will try that tomorrow), but straight out of the package on crackers, it's spectacular. Lovely!

(And bonus that I can get it local at Pangea!)


add reviews to the dairy alt. thread!

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