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OMG! A really good new Canadian meat analog....+

The other day I bought 5 packages of a new fake meat product at Dominion called 'it's all good'  Veggie Chick'n Filets in a zesty lemon herb rub.  It was so yummy!  Pan frying is best.  I bought four other flavours and will try another tonight.  Would be great in a stir fry as well or fajitas.  It appears to be vegan.  I read all of the ingredients.  The only thing which does not upset me is that is is made in a facility that also handles eggs and dairy products.  It might upset some.

Dominion falls under the A & P chain so it is hopefully readily available across Canada.  Maybe even in the US.
Here is the link to their web site.

I am not sure which one I will try tonight. 
My choices are: Veggie Chick'n Strips Lightly seasoned, Veggie Chick'n Filets in a Mediterranean herb and spice rub, Veggie Chick'n Breasts in a herb Dijon marinade or Veggie Beef Strips lightly seasoned.

Last nights dinner was so yummy.  Mashed potatoes, green and yellow wax beans and the Chick'n fillets in a zesty lemon herb rub.  I think most people would be fooled to think they were eating chicken. 

Not sure if the site has a store locater but you can always contact them. 
If the others are as good as what I ate last night, then I will be a happy camper.  Totally delicious.

ha, looks good! wish i was canadian (oh please!!). but my thought was that "ha! the canadians on the board complain that they can't find some stuff they have in the US... now we get to complain!!"

they look a lot like the morningstar farm strips.


They sound really good except for allergy information.

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