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The official soy/rice/nondairy ice cream review! (to be updated)

This is the official review of all the reviews. You review, and I'll update! You can check here (1st post) for a quick reference! It's really long, but they are organized by brand, type, and alphabetically. (1-poor... 4-great)

365 Organic (Whole Foods)
Excellent!  They have very few ingredients and really taste great.  I highly recommend the hot fudge from this site as a topping.  Most excellent... (auntie nono)
Excellent!  They have very few ingredients and really taste great.  I highly recommend the hot fudge from this site as a topping.  Most excellent... (auntie nono)
Almond dream (Taste the dream)
Bites vanilla
These little things are tasty and addictive.  Usually I don't like vegan vanilla ice creams, but with the chocolate coating these didn't have the usual off taste. (lbarte)
Tasty little things. The chocolate coating melts in your mouth, the ice cream itself is regular I guess. It's hard to really taste with the chocolate there. You'd think that have tiny bits of ice cream would make it easier to eat a single serving, but... not so much. (fb)
Cappuccino swirl

We liked this quite a bit. It's really smooth, nice flavor. (AC)
I don't usually eat sweets, much less frozen, store-bought stuff; however, my mom bought a carton of this to bring to DH's birthday party in case I ran out of the big container of So Delicious.  I love this stuff!  It has a nice, smooth chocolate flavor (not just sweet) and a texture that sort of reminds me of gelato vs. ice cream.  Not icy, foamy (know what I mean?  some soy ice creams do this if they get warm), or 'low fat' fasting.  In fact, I've eaten a 1/3 of a pint while searching for this review thread.  I wish that they wouldn't include soy lecithin in the ingredients.  I'm not soy-intolerant, but it sort of reminds me how MSF adds 'less than 1%' of egg whites to their veggie meats to make them not vegan.  An annoyance. (mdv)
Lil dreamers vanilla

Praline crunch
Yum!! Excellent. I used this in some almond cookie ice cream sandwiches, and it was so good. Good praline flavor, nice texture. (AC)
Love it! Not skimpy with the nuts and very creamy. I was surprised by how good it was. (laurb)
This is good, but it has a bit of an alcohol-y taste. P detected it more than I. Much better when softened a bit. Not super special, but good flavor. (AC)
Coconut Bliss

Cherry amaretto

Chocolate hazelnut fudge
I was excited to try this though leery of the coconut.  It did have a very faint coconut flavor but overall the creamy chocolate flavor combined with the occasional nut pieces and stripes of fudge was great.  It melted slightly and had a smooth consistency which are both important when trying to replicate dairy ice cream.  Overall I would rate this a 4 out of 5 stars.  Great flavor, good texture and believability.  My only point off is the coconut flavor, though faint, which I really am not a fan of. (Cali)
Wow, this is good.  I can't detect much coconut, but the chocolate and hazelnut is enough for me.  It has a great consistency and tastes super rich. (icephrosty)
Quite good, but not as AMAZING as I was hoping (for $5.99). I love coconut, so not enough coconut for me. The chocolate flavor and texture was great, and there were quite a few large hazelnut pieces. Maybe could have used more "fudge." Really enjoyed it, but wouldn't get again unless on sale. (AC)
Chocolate peanut butter

Chocolate walnut brownie

So good.  I give 5 stars to both (and dark chocolate). The real plus is that they contain all natural ingedients. Coconut milk, agave syrup, coffee, chocolate, vanilla. mostly from fair trade sources and most organic. (tk2dsky)
Dark chocolate
Highly recommended! i decided to give it a try because i was using my 7% off day at the co-op and HOLY MOTHER it is good. i was skeptical because i am not always the biggest fan of coconut, but YUM. p.s. bites eaten during this post: 4 (Hesp)
I have completely converted over to coconut bliss! So much better than soy based ice creams. It is creamy, tastes natural, no funky soy aftertaste. So far I have tried the dark's divine. (tk2dsky)
This is quite possibly the best ice cream I've ever had in my entire life including non-vegan ice cream. It is just so creamy and luscious and DARK CHOCOLATEY! It tastes best if you let it sit out for a bit and get just a little melty.  My only regret is that it doesn't seem to be available on the East Coast. (wassernixe)
Dark chocolate bars

Ginger cookie caramel

Mint galactica
Finally a coconut ice cream that does NOT taste of coconut!  The mint is crisp and flavorful without being overpowering.   The creamy ice cream was smooth and light.  The chocolate flakes were perfect, small yet numerous and richly flavored.  Finally a mint chocolate chip non soy ice cream that is fantastic!  I give this 4.5 stars and will buy this again. (cali)
Finally went for this ice cream. The texture is creamier than the other coconut ice creams I've had (So Delicious, Trader Joe's), and sure enough it seems to be higher in fat/calories than those. Anyway, it has less of a coconut taste than the other types of coconut ice cream, and when thawed, it doesn't actually melt but has the texture of whipped cream or something (I left mine out too long and discovered this...). Not overly sweet, and plenty of little bit of chocolate. The mint flavor isn't super strong either, which is good because sometimes I'm afraid of mint chip being toothepasty. It's good, and I'd get other varieties of this brand. (fb)
Mocha maca crunch

Naked almond fudge

Naked coconut
I picked up a pint of this today, and it's so coconutty, creamy, and fabulous!  I love that this is vegan, agave-sweetened, and soy-free. (Sure, I eat natural sugars and soy, but variety is always nice.)  I look forward to trying their other flavors:  dark chocolate, vanilla island, mint galactica, cappucino, cherry amaretto, strawberry lemon love, and chocolate hazelnut fudge. (willwolf)
Naked coconut bars

Pineapple coconut

Strawberry lemon love

Vanilla island
This is the creamiest vegan ice cream I've eaten.  It has a strong coconut flavor with a hint of vanilla.  It tasted like an island vacation.  I'm guessing the "coconut milk" listed in the ingredients is more like coconut cream/butter. A 1/2 cup serving has 210 calories / 14 g fat / 13 g saturated fat / 18 g carbs / 2 g protein.  I know any type of ice cream isn't health food, but the amount of saturated fat is a concern. (hh)
Double Rainbow

Chocolate sorbet
I get it at Trader Joe's and I love it. It has a deep and rich chocolate flavor and the texture is much much more creamy than I expected. I actually like it better than any of the chocolate ice creams I've tried. And only 120 calories per serving! (laurb)
Cinnamon caramel

Coconut sorbet

Lemon sorbet

Mango tangerine sorbet

Mint chocolate chip

Raspberry sorbet

Vanilla bean

Very cherry chip

Crispee cashew sweedee pie

Coconut fudge sweedee pie

Coconut pecan sweedee pie

Fudgee fudge

No-butter pecan

Peanut caramel
I really liked the taste of this, but it was a solid block when it came out of the freezer.  You really have to let it sit for a good 10 minutes before digging in...definitely do not use the micro to speed things up because it will melt in the bottom while the top stays hard (speaking from experience). (icephrosty)
Strawberry delight

it is cashew based and has quinoa in it.  also, it's agave sweetend. in terms of taste i thought it was pretty ok, but the texture doesn't compare to that of coconut milk ice cream (to me). i would recommend buying it and trying it out. actually, it is the best non-dairy vanilla i have tried! (hespedal)
Kidz Dream (Taste the dream)
Berry blast smoothie

Orange creme smoothie

Living Harvest Tempt
Chocolate fudge
Ok. This. This is really, really good. P said it's the BEST ICE CREAM HE'S EVER HAD. EVER. The chocolate flavor is perfect, and the texture is perfect. It's creamy, and firm. Hey, it could use more fudge (just like a couple swirls in there), but it doesn't even matter. Just the chocolate is enough. He said Tempt will be a weekly buy. No hemp taste. (AC)
Coconut lime
Yum! This is tasty and refreshing. The flavor reminds me of a great snow cone, but much better. P said there wasn't a lot of lime flavor in the top portion, but I thought it was great. It has nice toasty coconut pieces, great coconut, and lime flavor, Plus, it's creamy! I think this flavor is just under the chocolate fudge flavor, but above the others. (AC)
It was the best ice cream I'd ever had flavorwise, vegan or non vegan. I did have to microwave it a little, because it was a bit solid when it first came out of the freezer. (dragonfly)
Coffee biscotti
This is not nearly as good as the chocolate fudge, but the coffee flavor is good, and the texture is still good. The biscotti pieces are not biscotti-like, and there's some flavor that's off. The ice cream is good, overall, though; just not a favorite. (AC)
The coffee flavor is definitely strong (in a good way.)  I wish there had been more biscotti chunks!  Also, the chunks were too soggy IMHO.  I'd eat this again if someone else bought it. (icephrosty)
4 1/2 points of yumness. The coffee flavor was spot on, the texture is iceblock hard when you first take it out of the freezer (or that might be my freezer) but once it sits for a bit it's a creamy, dense dessert. This would be more aptly named Coffee Brownie, that's what the biscotti tastes like, which is fine with me. Even if I were a dairy-eater I think I would prefer this over a Ben+Jerry's coffee for flavor. (aggplanta)
Mint chip
I think this is kind of weird. I'm not a huge fan of mint ice cream, but this has an odd (yogurtish) flavor. The mint flavor is not quite right, and the chocolate doesn't help much. P loves mint stuff, and he likes it, but did initially state the yogurt thing. (AC)
Vanilla bean
It's sweet and satisfying, but not my favorite.  Don't get me wrong, I still plan to try every flavor!  My biggest complaint is that it gets super hard in the freezer...I had to nuke it for 30 seconds before I could even wedge a spoon in there!  DH said "this is just ok, the coconut milk stuff is better". (icephrosty)
really good. nice and creamy and, to me, didn't taste hemp-y, which is my mian complaint with vanilla flavors of non-dairy ice creams (you can taste the base flavor too much). dustin said that he thought it definitely had a hemp taste, though, so i don't know who you want to believe. we both thought it was amazingly delicious, though, and continued to eat it even after we got tons of beach salt water in it. (hesp)
This is a good vanilla. It's very vanilla-y, and sweet. It's creamy, but with no aftertaste. It might taste slightly like yogurt, but a really good yogurt. All of these flavors are good. (AC)
Freestyle Memphis mudd pie
I love to dunk cookies in milk, tea or coffee, and especially love the coffee-soaked cookie bits at the bottom of my cup. That's what this ice cream flavor reminds me of. (saskia)
Memphis mudd pie
tastes like a cup of Irish Cream coffee with Oreo cookie bits floating around after you've had your fun dunking. This rich and creamy dessert is made with coconut milk, coffee, fudge swirls, chocolate cookie bits and a touch of whiskey. A CBS Channel 5 taster said he was "wickedly, wickedly impressed ... " with it, according to the label. And I was too after I enjoyed it at Maggie Mudd's during the San Francisco Sconefest! meet-up. (At Maggie Mudd's this flavor is called "The Dubliner.") I was so excited to find it at Whole Foods. This is not a light sorbet, or rice ice cream. It's full fat. Full flavor. And fantastic. In fact, this might be my new favorite ice cream flavor. (saskia)
Creamy coconut

Gotta do chocolate

Lotta mint chip
Yuck! It had a weird bitter taste, almost chemically. Not sure if maybe it was the mint flavoring or the agave, which I've never tried before. I will not get this again. (nmpixie)
Mmmm maple pecan
the texture of this was just way too icy for me.  I really like the creamy stuff and I had high hopes for this flavor.  The maple taste was nice but there weren't enough pecan chunks. (icephrosty)





Organic nectars cashewtopia gelato
Cherry chocolate


Chocolate hazelnut

Mint chocolate

THIS IS SO GOOD EVERYONE GO BUY IT. It was $6.99 at my Whole foods and totally worth it. It is seriously the best thing ever. I had second thoughts about buying it but ohmansogood. (sarah)
Love it. (mdv)

Purely Decadent Pints
Anna Banana
3.8 - I thought banana ice cream would be pretty weird, but it was 107 out so I decided to try it anyway. Good stuff! But -.2 points, because I'd rather it have more chocolate. (fb)
Belgian Chocolate
Darker than chocolate ice cream (I suspected black cocoa...) but it tastes pretty much the same. I assumed it would be richer or have a hazelnut tinge because of the "Belgian" part, but hey, it's still chocolate ice cream. 3.5 (fb)
Blueberry Cheesecake
2 stars.  I tried this last night and it was odd.  The blueberry portion tasted slightly chemically?  The taste some dried (preserved) blueberries get.  The 'cheesecake' portion was too sweet for my tastes and the chunks of 'crust' were huge, though tasty. (Cali)
Im hooked. Oh my god. its my favorite soy ice cream so far. the mix of cheesecake ice cream and blueberry ice cream is perfect. also there are actually more blueberries than i thought there would be (and there werent dried!) then there were the ''pie crust'' pieces. ah, they taste like snickerdoodle cookies! they are so good! too bad there arent that many in one pint. i kind of dug through the whole thing trying to scoop them out... go try this ice cream!  (brooke)
4 stars. It doesn't have the "tang" of cheesecake, but it was indescribably tasty. No further comments. (fb)
*Drool* OMG! The blueberry ice cream was sooooooo good! Tasted like sweet fresh blueberries and cream--really, totally awesome! The cheesecake chunks were not taht great though--pretty dry, but they can be easily removed! i give this one 9 out of 10! (Cap)
also bought over thanksgiving break, not as good as the snickerdoodle. the blueberry part creeped me out. i didnt like how the blueberry and the cheesecake flavors were separated. 3 stars. (ponycakes)
Cherry Nirvana
Its the best.  I give it a 4! (kelsi)
Is all right, but I wouldn't buy it again.  It just does not properly satisfy my ice cream cravings! (rubyred)
Amazing. Reminds me a lot of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. (pinkpickles)
Delicious! Very good black cherry flavor, with lots of chocolate shavings. The actual black cherry pieces are more sparse, but the overal flavor is excellent. Probably one of my faves. (AC)
Chocolate Brownie Almond
4! Yum. Chocolate. Brownie. Almond. Yep, yum! (AC)
Chocolate Obsession
4! I've only had a couple of spoons so far..but it's really good. Chocolaty with pieces of chocolate..and swirls. A great chocolate flavor! (AC)
I'd give it about a 3. I liked the chocolate pieces and the chocolate flavor was OK. I just really am not a fan of the really strong Soy Milk aftertaste. At least, I will keep my calorie count down, because just a few bites of this is enough. (wassernixe)
Chunky Mint Madness
4. This is hands down my favorite ice cream EVAR. Mint ice cream, rich chocolate ice cream, and, and!! : brownie pieces!!! (fb)
Coconut Craze
This is the ONLY ice cream of any sort, dairy or otherwise, that I have sat down, and ate the entire pint in one sitting. It's THAT good. If you're a coconut freak like I am. Freakin amazing, I love love love it. (Pink)
delish, but I can't eat too much of it! Lotsa calories, which is dissapointing. (lolkrys)
Cookie Avalanche
I didn't like this either. The texture was off.  I've had much, much better luck with Soy Delicious. (rubyred)
4! We both really like this. It tastes like an ice cream sandwich. It could use more cookie..but can't they all? It's good. I think the texture is the same as all the others! ...but w/ cookie pieces. (AC)
Pretty good, lots of chunks of cookies, but not worth the extra calories - get the So Delicious quart version. 3. (fb)
meh. good, but i wouldnt buy it again. (ponycakes)
Cookie Dough (GLUTEN FREE)
We give it a 3.5. It wasn't as good as I was expecting, but it grew on me as I was eating. I think it needs more chocolate and cookie dough. (AC)
4.5. This was rich.  Lush and full of vanilla bean depth of flavor.  There were chocolate flakes in good quantities with a dark sharp flavor. Then there were pieces of "cookie dough".  These were nice as they were not moist and gooey but they were not hard or too chewy.  Little nuggets of soft lightly cinnamon tasting sugary crystal textured goodness.   Highly recommended. (Cali)
ice cream has a weird taste that takes a little getting used to. i wish there was more cookie dough! (ponycakes)
This must be what heaven would taste like, if it had a flavor. I fell in love at first bite, with just a spoonful of the delicious vanilla base. It only got better from there. The chocolate was delicious and melted on my tongue, and the cookie dough chunks were not too hard, not too soft, and absolutely delicious. I don't like ice creams that have too much stuff in them, but this wasn't too overloaded. The vanilla base was allowed to stand out. Absolute perfection! (veganrun)
Dulce de Leche
so amazing. i had a spoonful last night, and didn't get a lot of the swirl part, but it still tasted caramel-y and delicious. probably my second favorite after peanut butter zigzag. i also didn't notice the kinda weird taste that purely decadent often has, so that's a plus. my mom said it tasted soy-y though. i did not notice such a taste.. (ponycakes)
Key Lime Pie
3 3/4 stars (Cali)
Liked it as much as the carrot cake one. (Lisa)
Mint Chocolate Chip
4 stars!!! (Lisa)
4 It was crisply minty but without that strange green dye job of dairy MCC.  The chocolate was drizzled in quite chunky so every bite had a thin ribbon or flake of rich dark chocolate.  Overall it was cool to the mouth yet creamy, crunchy to the tooth yet easy to eat.  Very yummy in my opinion! (Cali)
Refreshingly minty, not like toothpaste. Could use more chocolate though. 3.5 (fb)
Mocha Almond Fudge
3.7 The fruit sweetened part was strange at first (since this is chocolately), but I got used to it and loved it. (supadupabee)
4 stars!  So creamy, rich with chocolate, almonds and that hint of coffee flavor.  My personal favorite. (Cali)
Super creamy and has a fudgy swirl.  if they added chunks of chocolate or almonds it would make it even better though.. (propinecone)
Peanut Butter Zig Zag
My favorite! (hespedal)
My friend swears by the peanut butter zigzag. (lubi)
Love the Zig Zag. (Lisa)
I really like it, 4. (lotus)
Yum! That is my favorite also. (pp)
I'll give a 3. (PiP)
4. Rich chocolate, and straight up pb in ice cream. (fb)
again, weird taste at first (i think it's this brand that tastes a little weird to me) but whoa. after getting used to it, this was delicious. i LOOOOVED the peanut butter in it. mm. (ponycakes)
Pomegranate Chip
Terribly addicting. (give_blood)
3.5 I do like this flavor with its sharp fruity flavor and lush rich chocolate.  But somehow it just never quite satisfies my ice cream desires.  It is creamy but the taste is so "sorbet" to me I think it tricks my taste buds.  Again the chocolate is drizzled in a thin ribbon so it permeates the pint.  If you really enjoy a fruity flavor over a decadent creamy mouth feel then try this! (Cali)
Is just icky.  I really don't like the texture...  I definitely didn't feel like it was worth the money. (rubyred)
2.5 It was ok... it was somehow tart, but not super pomegranate-tasting.  (fb)
Praline Pecan

Purely Vanilla
3. Pretty good, but it doesn't actually taste that rich; I'd rather get the quart So Delicious because it has fewer calories. (fb)
Rocky Road
My 5 stars pick! Very chocolaty & rich. (Lisa)
Purely amazing. it tastes exactly like snickerdoodle cookie batter, only cold and very creamy. the cinnamon flavor is lovely and strong. i also love that there is an abundance of cookie dough chunks! but really, this ice soo delicious! (brooke)
4 stars. The ice cream is snickerdoodle flavored, and there are chunks of dough. I would have eaten the whole thing were it not for incredible will power. Doesn't even need chocolate! (fb)
i found this at my whole foods at home over thanksgiving break, ate about a quarter of it, then left it in the freezer for christmas break. unfortunately, when i came back about a month later, my omni mom and little brother had eaten all of it! very delicious with HUGE chunks of cookie dough. buy this if you see it!!! a billion stars! (ponycakes)
So Very Strawberry
2.5 stars. I was hoping for the sweet, uniformly pink strawberry ice cream of the past, but this has actually swirls and bits of strawberry in it. I wasn't up for healthy-ish, but if you are, this is your ice cream. (fb)
Turtle Trails
4. Vanilla + caramel + chocolate-covered pralines. Great stuff when I'm not in *so much* of a chocolate mood. (fb)
Terribly addicting. (give_blood)
This is ok. I really like the vanilla and caramel, but I think the chocolate covered praline peanuts taste a bit weird. It's pretty good, though. Different. (AC)

Soy Delicious Pomegranate chip and Turtle Trails are both terribly addicting... and constantly ruin my plans of losing extra chub for summer! 


My fav so far is Soy Delicious chocolate peanut butter zig zag! *Drool* it is soooo good especially around the time when aunt flo comes to town--gotta stock up on a couple pints that week  ;)b


-WholeSoy & Co: Swiss Dark Chocolate 4!! This is so good! It really reminds me of Haagan Daz. Mmmmmmmm.  :)>>>


So Delicious Purely Decadent - Mocha Almond Fudge:  4 stars!  So creamy, rich with chocolate, almonds and that hint of coffee flavor.  My personal favorite.

So Delicious - Blueberry Cheesecake: 2 stars.  I tried this last night and it was odd.  The blueberry portion tasted slightly chemically?  The taste some dried (preserved) blueberries get.  The 'cheesecake' portion was too sweet for my tastes and the chunks of 'crust' were huge, though tasty.

I also have Key Lime Pie in my freezer but am just a bit nervous to test it out.  Will keep you all posted!


allychristine, have you tried any other WholeSoy flavors? ive never tried their ice cream before, but they all sound so good...  Chocolate Hazelnut, Crème Caramel, Black Cherry, Mocha Fudge, Very Strawberry, Lemon Ginger... !!!


allychristine, have you tried any other WholeSoy flavors? ive never tried their ice cream before, but they all sound so good...  Chocolate Hazelnut, Crème Caramel, Black Cherry, Mocha Fudge, Very Strawberry, Lemon Ginger... !!!

I think I've tried one of the vanillas...but I couldn't remember. I'm excited to try some others though...b/c that dark chocolate was...amazing. I think I have 1-2 coupons left..



Anyone tried anything new/different?  ???


yesterday i accidentally spent $100 at whole foods and the Good Karma Rice Divine Banana Fudge was among my purchases... i thought it'd be vanilla ice cream with some banana flavoring, but it was banana flavored ice cream with fudge. it was realllllly good, although the fudge was sort of accumulated in one lump at the bottom so i had to dig down and then mix it up. could've just been that one pint though. and there wasn't as much fudge as the picture on the carton led me to believe. but anyway, i'd probably buy it again.


So Delicious Carob Peppermint is sooooo good and not too bad for you either (~115 cal for 1/2 cup)!  I've tried some of the other So Delicious flavors and didn't like them as much. 

I took a trip yesterday JUST for that flavour! Carob peppermint... But the store was SOLD OUT!!!  >:(


yes, good karma is really good ice cream and they have a lot of fun flavors!  my favorites are chocolate peanut butter fudge and mud pie. they are so rich, its hard to believe they are non-dairy! ive also sampled the carrot cake which is also really good.


Tofutti anything is completely disgusting.
the fruit sweetened so delicious is amazing, especially the rasberry. :D
so delicious have these ice cream things and theres raspberry cream ones that are too die for

oh and dont ever get whole foods "365" brand of soy ice cream, prolly worse than tofutti. the chocolate tasted like cardboard and outdated I dont even know what. like to hope it was just a bad carton. lol


Soy Delicious Vanilla and Almonds dessert bars: 3 We wanted to try some bars..and they were pretty good. They were definitely not worth the money (3 bars), but we decided to use one of our last coupons on them. It was neat to have some bars...and they were pretty good.


Tofutti anything is completely disgusting.

have you had the Better Pecan?


yeah. to the butter pecan. didnt like it.
it's partially the texture that creeps me out too.


tofutti does have kind of a syrupy texture... 'cause they use corn syrup.

I've now had the so delicious fruit-sweetened green tea: amazing! better than the soy dream version. I've also got the espresso variety sitting in my freezer, but i haven't gotten to it yet. I tried the purely decadent vanilla, and it was good, but it was not so much better than the So Delicious quart that I'd spend the extra money/calories on the decadent one. Oh well.

I wanted to buy Purely Decadent Swinging Anna Banana but I can't find it at my WF anymore! Is it gone?  :(


Tonight I tried the Soy Delicious's not my favorite but I will definitely eat the rest.  My only complaint is that it just gets sooo hard in the freezer, I might have to nuke it for a few seconds next time.  I liked the combination of flavors, the strawberry was especially good.  The vanilla was a little plain, but I always feel that way about vanilla!  I would buy this again, especially if it's on sale...


has anyone ever tried at whole foods in their coffe bar/gelato section, their sorbet????    it is soooooo good, kind expensive though, but a great treat


I've had various soy ice creams over the years and nothing has beaten Temptation.  Unfortunately, only one place in my area carries it now.  Whole Foods dropped it in favor of their own brand, and another store simply stopped having it.  I can now only get it at the local food co-op, and they don't carry as wide a variety of flavors as the other two stores did. 

Oh yes, and Tofutti is by far the nastiest.  It's so sweet and syrupy and just disgusting.  Too bad it's the most widely available.


Last night I just tried the soy delicious "made with coconut milk" chocolate. I really liked it, but it is very coconutty, so if you don't like coconut, you probably won't like it.


Last night I just tried the soy delicious "made with coconut milk" chocolate. I really liked it, but it is very coconutty, so if you don't like coconut, you probably won't like it.

I don't think I've seen that!



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