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The official dairy alternative review! (to be updated)

Add your reviews to the thread (all brands welcome!), and I will add them to the compilation. The non-dairy ice cream review is separate, and can be found here:

Cheezly-"Bacon" added
makes fabulous panini!  I love it! (willwolf)
I've been wanting to try this for a very long time. I tried a piece plain, and was pretty disappointed (flavor is ok, but texture was grainy and weird), but I melted some pieces on a roll in the microwave, and it's amazing! Melted in 45 seconds, taste is cheezy and good ways. I can't wait to try it some other way. I'm going to try other cheezlys at some point. I wish it was a little bit better to have with crackers or something. (AC)
Love it! Made mac and cheese with it. So delicious. (eldsjal)
Cheezly-Cheddar slices

Cheezly-Cheddar mature red
Really good cheddar. (eldsjal)
Cheezly-Cheddar mature white
I bought this yesterday from one of the local supermarkets.  It melted quite well for Cheez on toast and worked well on pizza.  My omni boyfriend was also quite impressed with it.  I liked it and I think it's one of the meltiest cheezes I have found. (shelloid)
fine, but a little rough/gritty in texture, probably from all the potato starch in it. It's definitely a better cheese-and-crackers cheez. (fb)
Can't really tell any difference between this and the mature red. But it's delicious. (eldsjal)
I've never had dairy Edam, but this was delicious. It was smooth and not grainy. The flavor was mild and cheese-like, with no grossness. Enjoyed! (AC)
Cheezly-English white cheddar

Cheezly-Garlic and herb
I bought a round of this at Food Fight on my trip to Portland.  Upon bringing it home and trying it I found the texture to be a bit grainy.  It crumbles quite a bit as well.  But overall the flavor is good, creamy and rich without being overpowering or chemical tasting. (cali)
I'm pretty sure this is my favorite store-bought cheese. I can't tell if it tastes like real gouda, because I've never had the original, but it's still pretty damn tasty. (eldsjal)
I think this may be my favorite vegan mozzarella.  It melts well and tastes great. (willwolf)
It didn't melt for me. Turned into a kind of grainy mush. Pretty damn tasty, but not texturally amazing. (Narcissus)
My favorite cheese to use on pizza. (eldsjal)
Cheezly-Mozzarella slices


Cheezly-Pepper jack

Cheezly-Smoked cheddar

Cheezly-Soy free

It melts and stretches. I had it in a grilled cheese sandwich and it was the most amazing thing!! It melted, got gooey and stretchy and tasted just like cheese. Weirdest thing, it's made with Cassava!? So it's soy free too. I swear, I don't work for them but this is the closest thing I've had to real cheese EVER (w.m laura)
Okay so it's only availabe in Canada right now (where it's made!) and at some pizza places in Los Angeles BUT you can buy it online at Pangea Vegan Store...check it out: cheddar is the best. Making grilled cheeses in my george foreman grill is my new raison d'etre! Okay and it's expensive with the shipping but I didn't get the super fast shipping, I just got it with a freezer pack and crossed my fingers. It arrived via UPS ground 5 days later and was totally fine. I've been eating it at pretty much ever meal. (w.m. laura)
I made broccoli beer cheese soup tonight using Daiya, and it was freakin' GOOD. I was a little nervous about the flavor since most vegan cheeses are only good when baked - but Daiya was amazing & added to the flavor, thickness, and creaminess. (jessacita)
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U guys... it's finally here!!! Vegan cheese that melts like cheese, has the same texture as melted cheese, tastes almost just like melted cheese! U need to by it i swear i can't stop eating it. It does smell a little off... i don't think i could eat it raw. both were good i thought the cheddar was a bit better (amymylove)
I've tried this in quesadilla format and by itself so far. It's pretty good, and though it's stretchy, it's not stretchy in the same way cheese it. It's, how do I say, a softer stretch? It's interesting - I didn't expect the stretchiness to help along its "cheesiness" a lot, but it does, it gives it a lot better "authenticity." The taste is pretty much like processed cheddar. It's nothing "complex" or fancy, just like stuff kids would eat. I like it enough to get it at my local WF when it arrives, but not enough to order online again (it nearly melted in 2-day transit with cold packs, but then again, it was triple digits here). My non-vegetarian boyfriend, on the other hand, was much more enthusiastic: Initially, he wanted to make sure with me it wasn't cheese, and suggested the company was faking us vegans out just like those Emes gel people. Then he said he'd never know the difference. THEN he called up his MOM to tell her about how amazing this cheese was and how if she was ever considering trying fake cheese (this was all out of the blue), that she should try this one because she wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I guess now I can stop spelling imitation cheese with a cheez or chz or chiz or whatever. (fb)
This cheese is AMAZING guys!!!  There is a chain around here called zpizza that has it as a topping option.  It's hands down the best veg cheese I've ever tasted, with absolutely no "odd" soy aftertaste. Consistency is right on too.  It would be PERFECT for grilled cheese!! (GreenT)
it's so weird, it seems like the non-vegans are digging the stuff more so than vegans are! but I'm pretty into it myself... I think it's super delicious.  I don't really think it actually tastes like cheese, but it's good anyway! (tweedle)'s good...........I dunno? We had it on quesadillas, and it's definitely tasty, but I'm just not into it for some reason. It melts wonderfully, it's very similar to a processed type of dairy cheese, but....? It was just too heavy, or there was something weird about it. I really don't know! Maybe I'm finally done looking for new vegan cheeses? I do not know. (AC)
Pretty good, but I definitely have to melt it completely otherwise I don't like the taste.  It reminds me of the processed cheese from my pre-veg days! (icephrosty)
YES! I've only tried the yellow so far (all the others went right into the freezer out of fear) but it's really good in a dilla. I had one tonight with a whole roasted green chili & some sliced red onion. It was like I was transported back 25 years to the days when I ate cheap nachos at the skating rink! (But in a good way--very yummy!) (quintess)
Both flavors are good, but best of all is using both together... on pizza, mac n cheese, quesadillas, enchiladas... the possibilities are endless.  I prefer the italian flavor over the cheddar, but when used together they are beyond awesome. This cheese is what made my vegetarian-on-the-brink-of-going-vegan fiance finally make the leap.  And he LOVED dairy cheese.  So yay Daiya!  Both the Whole Foods stores near me sell the shreds in plastic containers by weight, and we've never had any of it go bad on us... though I think the longest one container has lasted was about a week and a half. (1stdrop)
It is more like american cheese then cheddar but is not bad.  The texture tastes processed to me. It melts nicely and is stretchy.  Next time I order I want to get the italian for some pizza.  That would be cool if Whole foods has it when I go sunday.  Also, I tried it plain/unheated and it is not bad.  It reminded me of cheeze it crackers.  (monkey7)
It's good, it melts and does all the things it's supposed to, but I realized that I really don't miss cheese after all. I doubt that I'm going to order it again. (texans4tofu)
I melted some of the "cheddar" on some whole wheat crackers the other night with some seasonings... zomg.  I am still amazed by how stretchy and melty it gets.  it gets me all excited! (tweedle)
best of the non-dairy cheeses. I am pretty sure I've tried them all and there are some other good ones out there, for sure (I love Teese's nacho cheese too much). Some dishes I've made with Daiya are better than others, though. I'm so used to just not using cheese in a lot of recipes that I don't really bother with alternatives anymore, but I do use Daiya on grilled sandwiches and pizzas and am very happy with the results (although I can't get it to be as melty and delicious on pizza at home as Whole Foods seems to be able to get theirs - it's sort of pissing me off). (jendiggity)
it was awful straight out of the package - tasted like playdoh or something, but it was good on the enchiladas....much better than FYH yellow cheese! I'd like to try it on a panini or quesadilla next.... (erinmonster)
I love it.  I probably will not buy it everytime but  I like knowing its there.  The white is equal in taste to FYH for me, (which I've realized I like when i shread it,) but the cheddar Daiya is the ONLY store-vegan cheese I like at all! (The FYH cheddar and teese nacho one make me wanna puke...) (babysgotsauce)
i made some mac and cheese and it was sooooooooooooo good!!!!! even my little sister (NOT vegan) said it was good. yayyy. yum yum yummmm i'm sold (veganhippie)
FUCKING AMAZING!! my whole foods started carrying it and i made mac and cheese that tasted JUST LIKE the kfc mac and cheese that used to be my absolute favorite. i also put it on some broccoli. yumm. i plan on making pizza, quesadillas and grilled cheese with it too. woooo (veganhippie)
We made grilled cheez for lunch using both. It melted well and tasted real to me. DH liked it after a few bites, but it took him a minute. We then ordered pizza tonight...half baked (the pie), no cheez and then added the daiya mozz when we got home. cooked it for 15 min more at 400. it was awesome! Dh loved it, and Noah did too (usually doesn't like vegan cheez). I totally agree with FB on this....I really have outgrown cheese. While I enjoyed it and can see what all the hype is about, I think i am better off making my nooches and ordering cheeseless pizza. We will probably treat ourselves to this once every couple of months, although DH might disagree and buy it every week. (L2A)
has grown on me.....I used what I had left on some roasted potatoes last night and it was awesome! (erinmonster)
I love it! I wouldn't eat it every day, but I didn't eat dairy cheese every day either even as a vegetarian or omni. I will definitely use it when I'm cooking for things like church potlucks so that there's something my son and I can eat but that likely will go over well with omnis too. (ascwing)
I think I'm in love.....  the best tasting vegan cheese I've had (vege143)
Put it over some leftover veggie fajitas and it was pretty rockin'. I also ate a big handful of it when I was drunk and it was the closest thing to real cheese I can remember. I don't think I'll buy it often, but it'll be fun to play with every now and then. (sb)
I made a mac and cheese casserole with brocoli,tomatoes and soysage.  It was really good, I'll buy it occasionally. (lubi)
love it! I buy this big daddy (VE 5lb), then put it in several smaller bags to freeze. That's so much more economical than buying the smaller bags. (quintess)
This was good--the melty factor was amazing. It tasted a bit like I remember Velveeta tasting like--kind of processed, but salty and good. We had it on quesadillas to really savor it, and I wasn't disappointed. It kept my black beans and peppers from falling out, and it was gooey when I cut it. I don't know if I'll get it too often, as it's $5 a bag, and although it's good I'm not sure it's THAT good! Definitely a special occasion food, but I certainly liked it. (veganrun)
I thought this has a really odd texture.  I didn't like it at all--when it was melted, it stuck to my teeth and just felt really gummy. The texture when it was cold seemed about right, though.  I tried it on a pizza, sprinkled on a baked potato, and on nachos.  It didn't seem to matter how much or little I used, the texture was really off-putting.  The cheddar also had a strange flavor that I didn't entirely like, but it wasn't terrible. (vegrunski)
I'm so glad I tried the other Daiya cheese before this one because this sure was a let down. It was SO strong tasting and rather disgusting. It reminds me of that cheese that comes in a spray can.. Not worth the $5 I spent on it, but I'm glad I gave it a shot anyways. (taintedlove)
Good news! I had this sitting in my freezer after I tried this on a quesadilla and hated it- I decided to give it another try on grilled cheese and holy shit, it's so much better. I guess it just depends what other flavors it's with. Yay!! (taintedlove)
My favourite vegan cheddar cheese. I never really cared much for vegan cheeses, but these daiya products have changed my mind. I love using this in mac and cheeses, and even on top of pizza. (dannibazaar)
I guess I never came back in here after my initial review? I don't know what happened then (used too much?), but we absolutely love Daiya now. We buy it every week, mainly for quesadillas, sometimes sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. I like the cheddar more than mozz. (AC)
Daiya-Cheddar style wedge
Very sharp flavor, and salty. These melt much more easily than regular daiya, and have a little bit of a softer texture unmelted than regular daiya. If you don't like the gooey texture of melted daiya, this is no different. This one was, surprisingly, my least favorite - I found it too sharp/salty. It's pretty similar to the cheddar shreds, but stronger. If you use it, slice it very thinly (so it's actually kind of nice that it's so strongly flavored, because it'll last longer). The overall shape of the wedges seem to be so you can slice them and have perfect slices for bread; however, you have to be pretty good with a knife to do this well for the whole block. A wide enough mandolin slicer or the like would make it a lot easier. I generally have just been slicing off the edge and doing it that way rather than making neat slices. It'd be cool if they could package this pre-sliced, though that would probably mean more packaging and less shelf life once opened. The container is supposed to be resealable, but works just ok; I put it in a zipper bag anyway. I can't comment on the shelf life of these since we've eaten them pretty fast once opened... I probably won't get the cheddar again, as I like the other flavors better as slices, and for other uses I can use the cheddar shreds. (fb)
I tasted this at Vegfest, so I didn't have a huge sample to try, but I thought it was good. I wasn't blown away by it or that surprised, but it was tasty. Something I'll want to buy at some point, but I don't feel urgency. (AC)
Daiya-Havarti style jalapeno garlic wedge
Absolute favorite. A milder flavor with a teeny bit of a kick of jalapeno (just a little!), and a little garlic flavor - not a ton - but it's there. The texture is a little softer than the other wedges, in that it's still sliceable, but could be spread (even though firm). Goes best by itself on bread or crackers, or with some tofurky slices. Similar sodium content here, but less noticeable to me, maybe because of the other flavors going on. Even though it's a little softer, it's as easy to slice as the other flavors. Of the wedges, I'd definitely get this again. I like it just about the same as the pepperjack shreds, but as a different use. (fb)
Just a small taste of this, but I found the garlic pretty strong. I wouldn't call it mildly flavored with the garlic and jalapeno, but it wasn't very spicy. Texture and taste good overall. The cheese flavor is mild. (AC)
Okay so it's only availabe in Canada right now (where it's made!) and at some pizza places in Los Angeles BUT you can buy it online at Pangea Vegan Store...check it out: reallllllly good . Making grilled cheeses in my george foreman grill is my new raison d'etre! Okay and it's expensive with the shipping but I didn't get the super fast shipping, I just got it with a freezer pack and crossed my fingers. It arrived via UPS ground 5 days later and was totally fine. I've been eating it at pretty much ever meal. (w.m. laura)
Wow!  It is amazing.  It's a little more like American cheese than mozzarella but, still, it was a fabulous pizza experience.  I ate the whole thing.  My omni husband was duly impressed and even said that he would eat it instead of real cheese next time!  (veggydog)
I got to try the Italian blend on pizza at a WF in Vegas - amazing!  It really does get all melty like dairy cheese, but it has it's own great taste. (icephrosty)
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U guys... it's finally here!!! Vegan cheese that melts like cheese, has the same texture as melted cheese, tastes almost just like melted cheese! U need to by it i swear i can't stop eating it. It does smell a little off... i don't think i could eat it raw (amymylove)
I made a pizza and calzone last night w/ italian blend and it was really yummy! I was a little nervous when it got here because it was room temp, but I went for it, (not givin any to the kiddo just to be safe,) and neither my BF or I got sick, so it must have just had a "cheesey" smell to it.... (babysgotsauce)
I've tried the Italian Daiya twice now on pizza, and I have to admit that I feel conflicted. The texture is thicker and stretchier than any other vegan cheese I've tried, but it's also sticky. The flavor is so, so, so much like a processed American cheese food slice. Kinda gooey/salty/not occurring in nature type of consistency and taste. I'm planning to order some and try it in my own kitchen to figure out a more appetizing way to prepare it, but to me that kind of flavor does nothing to enhance the quality of my food. I'm bummed.  (mamaanna)
i tried some daiya at a restaurant yesterday on pizza and it is definitely stretchy and more mozzarella-looking than other vegan cheeses ive tried.  the mouthfeel is different though - it's more creamy and thick feeling than chewy like mozzarella.  it was good and my omni friend even liked it on her pizza but it's not something that i would really spend tons of money for. (ppc)
So far we've had this on pizza and in a quesadilla. It melts well, and it sure enough does burn just like cheese when it's on the bare crust or pan (and it tastes EXACTLY like burnt cheese, which sounds weird, but it's true). It's more mild than the cheddar. Also, though it does burn like dairy cheese, it doesn't have that burning pattern dairy cheese does on pizza (with little splotches of slight burntness), it's just uniform. It does stretch, but not as far as dairy cheese (but whatever!). So far, I think I like the cheddar better as it's "shaper" and it works better in the quesadillas, but this is probably best for pizza. Next pizza will be a Italian/cheddar blend! FYI, it takes about a half of a half pound package for a pizza. (fb)
I didn't like it at all. I keep telling myself just give up trying vegan cheese because I'm always disappointed. This time it was the texture. It is a very weird texture, and it really gave me the willies. It reminded me of snot! Hahaha, sorry to gross anyone out, but I'm being completely honest. I wish I had asked for the pizza with no cheese at all. However, my husband (who eats real cheese) really enjoyed it. (nightbloomers)
the best vegan cheese I've ever had, and I've been a tough critic of vegan cheeses, likening it's texture to soft plastic. I stopped by Whole Foods after work and was excited to find "Daiya Vegan Cheese Italian Shredded" in those clear plastic containers, pre-weighed with a sticker sealed across it, you know like when you buy deli salads by weight. It was in the same section where you find Follow Your Heart and other vegan cheeses. Mine was $2.30 for .23 lb and provided way more than I needed for the pita pizza I made for dinner. I sprinkled Daiya on a pita pocket and put it in my toaster oven. In less than 5 minutes it was already melted. Not soft, but melted! Hallelujah! I added fresh basil and tomato slices to complete my pizza. It was delicious, with a buttery flavor that complemented the basil quite nicely. This is one vegan cheese that I would actually serve to an omnivore. It was that good. (saskia)
i like the white better on pizza. The yellow to me has a better flavor, but that's probably because it's more like cheddar. (fb)
I tried the white kind today & it was really good too! I keep using it in a quesadilla with green chilis & sliced onion. SO good! The best cheese I've had since going vegan! (quintess)
great, I made about 3-4 pizzas while I had mine, and sprinkled the white with olive oil before baking, it was very yummy!  I also froze mine from fear immediately and it was fine.  (babysgotsauce)
I'm sorry to say that I really didn't like it. The texture was more creamy than anything & I just didn't enjoy the taste. The pizza would have been better without it. Maybe the texture was creamy due to the moisture in all the veggies.  It might work better if it was just a cheese pizza.  I'm glad I finally got to try it & I think I would buy it and experiment with it - that is, if it becomes available in a local store at a reasonable price. (purpledancer)
And I must admit, it didn't quite live up to the hype.  Yes, it was good, and I will most likely buy it from now on, but FYH monterey jack will always hold a special place in my heart....but back to the Daiya - it didn't exactly melt on my pizza, but the taste was good - different from FYH more seasonings maybe....and it stuck to my teeth/lips/chin like dairy cheese used to, which was a little weird....but all in all, I liked it - I wouldn't kill for it like some people, but it's decent.... (erinmonster)
I'm not that impressed with it.  It tastes too processed for me.  I don't think I will buy it again. (monkey7)
It melted well when I made it on pizza but it kept sticking to the back of my teeth from biting into it which kinda creeps me out (amymylove)
the texture is a bit sticky... but OMG, just tried this stuff for the first time, and it TOTALLY made me happy!  I made flatbread pizza with roasted tomato sauce & Daiya mozzarella... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I accidentally ate the whole thing in one sitting! (hotcooknmama)
made a quesadilla.  I'm not much of a fan of animal analogues, but man that's good stuff. (hh)
I had the same texture problem with this as I did with the cheddar--gummy and sticking to my teeth when melted.  I did like the flavor of the mozzarella a lot better than the cheddar, but most of the things I would want to eat it on would be hot, so the texture would be an issue.  Oh well! (vegrunski)
(squeal of excitement) This is amazing! If cheese was holding you back from being vegan, this will change your mind like it did mine. It smells a bit like bleu cheese, which I never liked, but it tastes different. It doesn't really taste like mozzarella, but it has that tangy flavor that cheese does and takes care of those cravings! It can be expensive, but for me, it was so worth it! (taintedlove)
This was the first of the daiya brand cheeses that I ever tried. At first I was like "ehhh" upon trying it uncooked, but when I had it all melty on pizza, I was lovin' it. I love this in pasta bakes and on pizza. So so good. (dannibazaar)
I would always buy cheddar over mozzarella, but I do still like the mozz. I even prefer cheddar on pizza for some reason, but this makes a good pizza as well. The mozz seems to be a bit stronger than cheddar, so I would use even less. Still great, though. (AC)
Daiya-Jack style wedge
More mild, pretty good. It's still pretty salty though, even though these all have about the same sodium content as regular shreds. I'm not sure if it's something else about the flavoring that does it, or that it's harder to use less when un-shredded or something. Anyway, I like this one. It's got more flavor than the mozzarella shreds, and is pretty much like the (surprise) pepperjack without the peppery flavor. I'll probably get this again. (fb)
Also small taste of this, but not very memorable. I think it was good, but quite mild. I would prefer this over the Daiya mozz, and wouldn't be against purchasing it. (AC)
I just tried this on some crackers--it was delish! The consistency was definitely hard enough that it slices without crumbling or mushing but I could spread it on a cracker easily. It was slightly less smooth than cream cheese and had a mild cheesey flavor that is not at all like plastic or soy (which is what I think alot of fake cheeses taste like). I think if you are a fan of the daiya mozzarella then this flavor would appeal to you--although I hate the daiya shreds cold but this was excellent. (aggplanta)
Daiya-Pepper jack
At first I was all "meh" but then I was all "YEAH!". At first it tastes milder than any other cheese, but then as you continue to eat your giant greasy quesadilla, you're like "holy sh*t it's cheese!" and then you finish the bag and you cry. The peppery flavor also becomes more pronounced as you eat it. It would be interesting on pizza, especially mixed with the cheddar. I hope these dudes come out with more flavors! (fb)
I was expecting it to be more peppery based on the appearance/smell, but it really does come out more as you eat! It's kinda like a peppery aftertaste. It's really good like the other flavors..almost a cross between the cheddar and mozz. The mozz is too strong for me, so this is more mild...but with that extra flavor. I had it on a grilled cheese, but would use it for anything. I won't be able to get it as often since I have to order this flavor, but I think it's my favorite. My shreds were larger, but I think that might have been because it got a bit melty during shipping..then re-chilled. It made it fine, though! (AC)
Blech!  I concern friends with the mass quantity of salt I put on oily/greasy food.  Daiya is quite oily, so I should find the heavy salt treatment satisfying, but it's way too salty.  Wow!  My mouth hurts from the saltiness, and the flavor is only meh.  I like Daiya Mozzarella a lot (it's salty, too), so I know it's the variety, not the brand. If I wanted something approximate to pepper jack, I'd go with Follow Your Heart Nacho. (hh)
This is disappointing. I don't want to spend $5 for a small bag of this shit ever again. It's not spicy, it tastes weird, and isn't anything like the pepperjack I used to know and love. Sad. (sb)
I can now get this at the store, so I usually get it when I buy Daiya. It's mild, but I do enjoy the flavor. (AC)
Dixie diner-Cheese (not) sauce mix

Dr cow-Aged cashew nut cheese
Now this stuff is interesting. I want to say it's mild and at the same time I want to say it's strong... Let's put it this way: it's cheesey, but it's not sour like some sharp cheeses. It's pleasant (I would definitely say it's not one of those "acquired taste" or love/hate things, like nutritional yeast seems to be). At first I thought it was kind of boring, but after savoring it, it's got a sort of a "complex" taste I guess you could say (like some cheese!). I'm glad I tried it, and it's too bad it's so expensive. However, it lasted me longer than I thought it would. Also, I would recommend just eating it straight, without crackers/bread/etc, because I think those things take over the flavor (hence me calling it mild). I want to try the other varieties now! These are small (think a quarter cup measure plus a little), so if you order it over the internet or something, just keep in mind you're treating yourself to a $7 delicacy. (fb)
I don't think this is worth the hefty pricetag.  It's not bad but it isn't great either. The block is TINY and I'm still trying to use it all up after a few weeks.  I don't like it plain, so I've been grating it over Italian dishes. (icephrosty)
Dr cow-Aged cashew and brazil nut cheese

Dr cow-Aged cashew and crystal algae cheese

Dr cow-Aged cashew and dulse cheese
I'm not sure if it was supposed to taste like it did, but to me it tasted spoiled. There was mold on it. I don't know what raw aged cheese is supposed to be like, but I ended up throwing this out. (quintess)
Dr cow-Aged cashew and hemp seeds cheese

Dr cow-Aged cashew and kale

Dr cow-Aged macadamia nut cheese

Dr cow-Aged macadamia and hemp cheese

Dr cow-Cashew nut cream cheese

Field Roast-Herbed chao cheese

Follow your heart-Cheddar
smells really gross, but not that bad in a mac and cheese stuff. (ponycakes)
pretty good, and seems to be lower in fat than the mozzerella. I've tried to use it on nachos, though, and it solidifies waaaay too quickly... oh well. (fb)
We really don't like this...I was expecting so much more from this, and the mozzarella. The cheddar is actually kind of gross..the mozarella is ok. The cheddar one has an odd taste..and the texture doesn't really help much. I don't understand why so many people like this! I'm sticking with my Tofutti. (AC)
really off-putting to me when I am handling it, but once it has (finally) melted, it's always fine.  Also, they get moldy relatively quickly so you better have plans for that whole block. (veganfilmjunkie)
weird (ponycakes).
kinda weird.  And I always melt it in a saucepan before I put it on anything....otherwise it won't melt....ever.... (erinmonster)
lacks taste... and at almost $5 a block I want taste. (hotchef84)
Thank goodness for this!  I was really bummed that I didn't like Daiya, but I'm so glad I decided to give vegan cheese another try.  I tried some shredded on nachos.  This shreds really nicely, which I didn't expect given the somewhat soft texture of the cold cheese.  I melted it in the microwave - it melted more in some spots than others, but that happens often with real cheese too.  The flavor and texture are great when melted - it is actually pretty convincing! It doesn't have the stringiness factor which Daiya is better at imitating, but I've decided I don't really like that about real cheese.  I only wish that the flavor were a bit more sharp - this is more of a mild cheddar, but I really prefer a sharp cheddar flavor. It was not very good cold.  I can't wait to try the mozzarella or monterey jack flavors, which seem to have better reviews. (vegrunski)
Update on this - I really don't like the flavor (smell) of this unless it's melted.  And it's really difficult to melt, say if you put it in a burrito or something.  Once it melts, it's good, but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. (vegrunski)
I used to like this, only because I couldn't get Daiya in stores. It had a weird texture that I didn't like very much. (dannibazaar)
My least favorite of the FYH cheeses. Again, not as good as the Daiya. (sb)
Follow your heart-Cream cheese
This tastes exactly like Tofutti to me, but it's a *lot* more expensive at my HFS. (Sharway)
I used it to make cream cheese icing for carrot cake and it came out great!  I sampled a little before adding in the icing sugar and it was "just ok".  I would never use this plain on a bagel. (icephrosty)
This was my first vegan cream cheese, and it was ok. I had it on a bagel with some cranberries. It was pretty good overall, but not great on its own. I might buy it for something specific, but it's not spectacular. (AC)
I like Tofutti way better, this was sour to me. (amymylove)
Follow your heart-Monterey jack
This is my favorite of the FYH vegan cheese line.  It works well for everything. (willwolf)
Definitely needs to be melted to be enjoyed. Probably the mildest of all the FYH cheeses and is fine. Satisfactory, but fake cheese still has ways to go... (fb)
didn't like it (veganfilmjunkie)
I only like this  melted. It does smell pretty nasty (sometimes I try to get someone else to grate it for me heh) but the smell goes away after it gets yummy and melty in the oven. Like it. (ponycakes)
shredded on pizza with a little olive oil brushed on top of it is pretty great! (lubi)
only kind of cheese I like....I think the mozzarella and monterrey jack are pretty much the same thing,  And I always melt it in a saucepan before I put it on anything....otherwise it won't melt....ever.... (erinmonster)
This is our favorite vegan cheese! We've tried quite a few (yes, including Daiya), but this is nice and mild. The flavor is even pretty good on its own. It does have a bit of a monterey jack flavor, and the texture isn't too weird. The texture could be better (still too soft and grainy), but it's the best. It definitely does need to be completely melted first (if you're wanting it to melt) before preparing it (i.e melt in microwave before using in quesadilla), but it did melt very well in the microwave. Yay for this one. I didn't feel weird after eating it. (the FYH cheddar was like the first vegan cheese we tried, and it was that time at least)  (AC)
This stuff is really good melted on a chick-un sandwich. Other than that, it's not really worth a damn. (sb)
Follow your heart-Mozzarella
amazing. if i make a pizza, this is on it. mm. also tasty on pasta casserole dishes. (ponycakes)
great. i use it in vegan calzones; it's the best "cheese" for pizza-type stuffs. a lot of fat though! (fb)
I was slightly disappointed, but it might have been b/c of my preparation. I put it on a grilled it wasn't quite melted all the way. It had a weird texture-kind of mealy/grainy...I'm probably going to make a pizza at some point, so I'll report back. (AC)
I love this but don't buy it much...I think most cheese products are too expensive and there are too many yummy alternatives that I could create. (thhf)
really off-putting to me when I am handling it, but once it has (finally) melted, it's always fine.  I tried the monterey jack and didn't like it.  Also, they get moldy relatively quickly so you better have plans for that whole block. (veganfilmjunkie)
only kind of cheese I like....I think the mozzarella and monterrey jack are pretty much the same thing, And I always melt it in a saucepan before I put it on anything....otherwise it won't melt....ever.... (erinmonster)
love it (hotchef84)
I really love this.  I cut it into bits and put it on a pizza.  It melted perfectly (at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes) and was really smooth.  I can't wait to use up the rest of the block! (KMK)
Yum! This really took me back to pregan days. We ate it on pizza, and we were really hungry and scarfing it down, and my boyfriend had taken a couple of bites and goes "Oh! I totally forgot this wasn't real cheese for a couple of seconds!" which I think is about the rest review there is! I honestly think I could fool most omnis with this on a pizza. It melted really nicely, and it got that brown crispy top that cow cheese does on pizza. It had that nice salty flavor that I look for in cheese, and I thought the texture was good--not quite as stringy as cow mozzarella, but it's not waxy or greasy. Really good stuff! (veganrun)
Hmm.  Not so sure about this one.  The flavor is really bland.  I know mozzarella is not a strong cheese, but I feel like this should at least be a little saltier.  I might give it a try on some lasagna.  I do like the texture of FYH, but it does take a lot to get it to melt. (vegrunski)
This stuff is good if you can get it to melt completely. Not as good as the Daiya mozz, but still good. (sb)
Follow your heart-Nacho
I like this flavor the best. (mdv)
pretty good.  I like it on top of veggie burgers or shredded over tortilla chips. (icephrosty)
Hmm. On the one hand, it's got a fairly cheddary flavor with some spices. On the other hand, it has that FYH problem where it can melt (but at 500 degrees) and then quickly solidifies at room temp. I like it fine, but there are better cheeses these days. Teese nacho cheese is definitely preferable to this for me, for both texture and flavor. (fb)
This stuff is awesome! It's so much better than the pepperjack daiya, it's actually kinda spicey. Makes great nachos too. (sb)
Food for lovers queso
This is a good nutritional yeast-based queso sauce, but I like the teese nacho sauce better. This is tangy and smooth, but teese has that extra cheese-like factor somewhere that this doesn't have. I'd definitely get this again if teese wasn't available, though. (fb)
Also disappointed with this. I prefer this over Nacho Mom's, but not over my own. I've even made the recipe for this before, and I think I preferred that! This has more spice than NM, but still not spicy. It's pretty good, but not anything special for me. (AC)

One more:

Nasoya Silken Creations Strawberry:
(not sure if these are on the list..they're in the tofu section and are really soft flavored tofus for desserts and stuff; there's chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry)

I have heard a lot of buzz about these but have yet to see them in any of the supermarkets in PA. They seem like they would be good in pies or cheesecakes. I really can't wait to try these. Hope to find them soon!!!

They come with two recipes. The strawberry one gave a recipe for a strawberry smoothie (I did not use it because it called for ice and I think smoothie recipes that call for ice are ridiculous. That is just me though.) and then also for strawberry shortcake. The shortcake recipe was vegan!! It called for soymilk and stuff, no eggs. Chocolate had a recipe for some cheesecake/pie thing and then...I forget the other one.

Check by the tofu, or at Whole Foods, by the rest of the vegan stuff (cheezes, etc..though I guess that's kinda the tofu section also  :P ). That is where I found mine.


Tofutti sour cream-Non-hydrogenated

-We both really liked this. I'm used to occasionally making my own, and wasn't expecting much from this, but I think I might like it better? It doesn't really have much flavor, but I still like it. I think it has great texture, too.


Living harvest hempmilk-Unsweetened vanilla:  I absolutely love this stuff.  It's really creamy and tastes great on my morning cereal.

Trader Joe's Chocolate Soymilk:  I didn't like this at all.  I bought a few containers because it was cheap and I've been trying to get rid of them ever since!  It just didn't taste right to me, and I couldn't even finish one whole glass.


Silk-Key lime
I thought this had a pretty mild lime flavor. I don't prefer the Silk brand for soy yogurts in general, but this one was pretty good. It was kind of a runny texture for yogurt, but it wasn't disturbing or anything.
Trader Joe's - Strawberry
Very mild tasting, very neutral. I used some of it in a chocolate waffle recipe and couldn't detect any strawberry in the end at all.
Trader Joe's - Raspberry
Not great. There's no bad taste or anything - it just lacks that "OMG FRESH RASPBERRIES"/late summer appeal. I'd totally eat it for an upset stomach though.


Nasoya-Silken creations dark chocolate
Ohmygosh so good! The packaging is weird like cakes said, but its yummy! Its like pudding straight out of the package (which is how i'm eating it, hehe). On their site it says you can make fudgesicles and ice cream by freezing it, so i'm going to try that with the rest!


Editing my entry from earlier

Nasoya-Silken creations chocolate
-Ohmygosh so good! The packaging is weird like cakes said, but its yummy! Its like pudding straight out of the package. Freeze this!!! Its just like fudgesicles. Either in little popsicle molds or just freeze the whole thing!


Living harvest hempmilk-Unsweetened original - This is just as good as the vanilla version!  I thought it might be bland, but it's definitely not.  Just an not use it in coffee (hot or iced) because it separates and looks pretty gross!


Tofutti sour cream-Non-hydrogenated

This wasn't half bad.  I had it on tacos.  It did the trick.  The flavor is decent and so is the consistency.  It was my first experience with vegan cream cheese and I was pretty pleased.


Whole soy yogurt-Raspberry

-This was pretty disappointing. Well, very. There wasn't much flavor at all, and very few little, raspberry seed pieces. There was also a weird flavor that did not belong in yogurt. I dunno what it was, but not fruit, and not yogurt-like. Most definitely not worth .80! : \


Yogurt - So delicious made with coconut milk-Passionate mango

I like this.  It doesn't really taste coconutty, and it's not sweet.  It's more tangy.  The mango flavor is nice.  I had it over a fruit salad and it was very nice.


Pacific natural foods-Hazelnut : I really enjoyed this the first time I had it, but I recently bought it again and thought it was way too sweet!  It's also a little "thin" for my liking.  I do think it's pretty omni-friendly because some of my friends tried it and thought it was good.

Pacific natural foods-Almond vanilla:  I like the flavor of this a lot, but it isn't fortified with calcium or many vitamins/minerals, so I rarely buy it.

Rice dream-Enriched vanilla: This is really good to use in smoothies or drink plain by the glass because it's sweet and has a mild taste.  I find it a little too sweet for cereal, and it's not thick enough for coffee.

Has anyone else seen the So Delicious agave sweetened yogurts?  I tried the vanilla one and thought it was really good - not nearly as sweet as the regular vanilla.


Rice Dream Horchata:
Reeeeeeally sweet with a yummy hint of cinnamon. It's thin but I guess it's supposed to be like that because it's rice milk? I like it, but at 160 calories per 8 oz, I don't think I'll get it again.


Yogurt - So delicious made with coconut milk-Pina Colada

Pretty good!  It's kind of a stereotypical pina colada flavoring, but I like it fine.  I would have expected the ACTUAL coconut flavor to come through in these yogurts, but it doesn't, really!  They taste like typical yogurt.  I'm not sure if I could tell they were made from coconut milk if no one told me.  Which is bad for me because I love coconut.


Everyone stop posting about the coconut milk yogurts!! I saw them yesterday and reeeally wanted the chocolate one but they were two dollars EACH for a teeny container. It made me  :'(


Everyone stop posting about the coconut milk yogurts!! I saw them yesterday and reeeally wanted the chocolate one but they were two dollars EACH for a teeny container. It made me  :'(

Those things are super expensive, aren't they?  I didn't like the chocolate one anyway, it was really disappointing. 

I'm really sad because both of my local WF stores stopped carrying So Delicious soy they only have the coconut and agave sweetened varities that cost twice as much!


Everyone stop posting about the coconut milk yogurts!! I saw them yesterday and reeeally wanted the chocolate one but they were two dollars EACH for a teeny container. It made me  :'(

Awww.  i can't remember how much mine were.  Somewhere in the dollar and change range.  I only bought two cartons, and I used half of one each time I had a portion of the fruit salad I made.  I probably won't buy them again.  Honestly, they are good, but not AWESOME.  You're not missing TOO too much. 

I wanted to try the chocolate one too, but all the chocolate ones at my store had chocolate on the edge as if they hadn't been sealed properly.  Meh.


Cheezly-Garlic and herb
I bought a round of this at Food Fight on my trip to Portland.  Upon bringing it home and trying it I found the texture to be a bit grainy.  It crumbles quite a bit as well.  But overall the flavor is good, creamy and rich without being overpowering or chemical tasting.

Sheese-Cheddar with chives
I bought a round of this at Food Fight on my trip to Portland.  Upon bringing it home and trying it I found it to be a very lush and rich cheese.  The flavor is quite good with just the right amount of herbs to give it depth.  The texture is great and it is best sliced very thinly, like with a peeler.  If you wish to melt it use a very fine grate so it has a chance to melt down better.


I found and bought this baby over the weekend:

I haven't tried it yet, but I was soooooooooo psyched to find CHOCOLATE hazelnut milk!!  ;)b Pacific foods also has hemp milk now too.

Also, the So Delicious coconut milk Kefir is really good.  I bought the strawberry flavor and it is yum! The consistency is great, it's nice and thick and perfect to add to smoothies. They have original and vanilla as well.


Thanks, icephrosty!


below are 2  reviews of sour cream alternatives:

Tofutti(nonhydrogenated): this is a good sub. I like it with mex dishes, mixed with enchilada sauce to make a "cream sauce", and also as a yogurt replacement in Indian style dishes, to provide a cool element. Still, like Ponycakes said it is cheaper and easy to makeyour own with silken tofu,vinegar,oil,lemon juice and s&P. But for convenience I like this one.

Vegan Gourmet Sour cream alternative:I am a little upset I bought this instead of Tofutti, It's edible, but still not very good, esp on its own. But who eats sour cream on its own ?? :( :-[
It has a chalky aftertaste that I frown upon.
I believe this is a NEW product, as there is a sticker on the tub that says:"new product!" . I do not recommend.



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