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The official dairy alternative review! (to be updated)

Add your reviews to the thread (all brands welcome!), and I will add them to the compilation. The non-dairy ice cream review is separate, and can be found here:

Cheezly-"Bacon" added
makes fabulous panini!  I love it! (willwolf)
I've been wanting to try this for a very long time. I tried a piece plain, and was pretty disappointed (flavor is ok, but texture was grainy and weird), but I melted some pieces on a roll in the microwave, and it's amazing! Melted in 45 seconds, taste is cheezy and good ways. I can't wait to try it some other way. I'm going to try other cheezlys at some point. I wish it was a little bit better to have with crackers or something. (AC)
Love it! Made mac and cheese with it. So delicious. (eldsjal)
Cheezly-Cheddar slices

Cheezly-Cheddar mature red
Really good cheddar. (eldsjal)
Cheezly-Cheddar mature white
I bought this yesterday from one of the local supermarkets.  It melted quite well for Cheez on toast and worked well on pizza.  My omni boyfriend was also quite impressed with it.  I liked it and I think it's one of the meltiest cheezes I have found. (shelloid)
fine, but a little rough/gritty in texture, probably from all the potato starch in it. It's definitely a better cheese-and-crackers cheez. (fb)
Can't really tell any difference between this and the mature red. But it's delicious. (eldsjal)
I've never had dairy Edam, but this was delicious. It was smooth and not grainy. The flavor was mild and cheese-like, with no grossness. Enjoyed! (AC)
Cheezly-English white cheddar

Cheezly-Garlic and herb
I bought a round of this at Food Fight on my trip to Portland.  Upon bringing it home and trying it I found the texture to be a bit grainy.  It crumbles quite a bit as well.  But overall the flavor is good, creamy and rich without being overpowering or chemical tasting. (cali)
I'm pretty sure this is my favorite store-bought cheese. I can't tell if it tastes like real gouda, because I've never had the original, but it's still pretty damn tasty. (eldsjal)
I think this may be my favorite vegan mozzarella.  It melts well and tastes great. (willwolf)
It didn't melt for me. Turned into a kind of grainy mush. Pretty damn tasty, but not texturally amazing. (Narcissus)
My favorite cheese to use on pizza. (eldsjal)
Cheezly-Mozzarella slices


Cheezly-Pepper jack

Cheezly-Smoked cheddar

Cheezly-Soy free

It melts and stretches. I had it in a grilled cheese sandwich and it was the most amazing thing!! It melted, got gooey and stretchy and tasted just like cheese. Weirdest thing, it's made with Cassava!? So it's soy free too. I swear, I don't work for them but this is the closest thing I've had to real cheese EVER (w.m laura)
Okay so it's only availabe in Canada right now (where it's made!) and at some pizza places in Los Angeles BUT you can buy it online at Pangea Vegan Store...check it out: cheddar is the best. Making grilled cheeses in my george foreman grill is my new raison d'etre! Okay and it's expensive with the shipping but I didn't get the super fast shipping, I just got it with a freezer pack and crossed my fingers. It arrived via UPS ground 5 days later and was totally fine. I've been eating it at pretty much ever meal. (w.m. laura)
I made broccoli beer cheese soup tonight using Daiya, and it was freakin' GOOD. I was a little nervous about the flavor since most vegan cheeses are only good when baked - but Daiya was amazing & added to the flavor, thickness, and creaminess. (jessacita)
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U guys... it's finally here!!! Vegan cheese that melts like cheese, has the same texture as melted cheese, tastes almost just like melted cheese! U need to by it i swear i can't stop eating it. It does smell a little off... i don't think i could eat it raw. both were good i thought the cheddar was a bit better (amymylove)
I've tried this in quesadilla format and by itself so far. It's pretty good, and though it's stretchy, it's not stretchy in the same way cheese it. It's, how do I say, a softer stretch? It's interesting - I didn't expect the stretchiness to help along its "cheesiness" a lot, but it does, it gives it a lot better "authenticity." The taste is pretty much like processed cheddar. It's nothing "complex" or fancy, just like stuff kids would eat. I like it enough to get it at my local WF when it arrives, but not enough to order online again (it nearly melted in 2-day transit with cold packs, but then again, it was triple digits here). My non-vegetarian boyfriend, on the other hand, was much more enthusiastic: Initially, he wanted to make sure with me it wasn't cheese, and suggested the company was faking us vegans out just like those Emes gel people. Then he said he'd never know the difference. THEN he called up his MOM to tell her about how amazing this cheese was and how if she was ever considering trying fake cheese (this was all out of the blue), that she should try this one because she wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I guess now I can stop spelling imitation cheese with a cheez or chz or chiz or whatever. (fb)
This cheese is AMAZING guys!!!  There is a chain around here called zpizza that has it as a topping option.  It's hands down the best veg cheese I've ever tasted, with absolutely no "odd" soy aftertaste. Consistency is right on too.  It would be PERFECT for grilled cheese!! (GreenT)
it's so weird, it seems like the non-vegans are digging the stuff more so than vegans are! but I'm pretty into it myself... I think it's super delicious.  I don't really think it actually tastes like cheese, but it's good anyway! (tweedle)'s good...........I dunno? We had it on quesadillas, and it's definitely tasty, but I'm just not into it for some reason. It melts wonderfully, it's very similar to a processed type of dairy cheese, but....? It was just too heavy, or there was something weird about it. I really don't know! Maybe I'm finally done looking for new vegan cheeses? I do not know. (AC)
Pretty good, but I definitely have to melt it completely otherwise I don't like the taste.  It reminds me of the processed cheese from my pre-veg days! (icephrosty)
YES! I've only tried the yellow so far (all the others went right into the freezer out of fear) but it's really good in a dilla. I had one tonight with a whole roasted green chili & some sliced red onion. It was like I was transported back 25 years to the days when I ate cheap nachos at the skating rink! (But in a good way--very yummy!) (quintess)
Both flavors are good, but best of all is using both together... on pizza, mac n cheese, quesadillas, enchiladas... the possibilities are endless.  I prefer the italian flavor over the cheddar, but when used together they are beyond awesome. This cheese is what made my vegetarian-on-the-brink-of-going-vegan fiance finally make the leap.  And he LOVED dairy cheese.  So yay Daiya!  Both the Whole Foods stores near me sell the shreds in plastic containers by weight, and we've never had any of it go bad on us... though I think the longest one container has lasted was about a week and a half. (1stdrop)
It is more like american cheese then cheddar but is not bad.  The texture tastes processed to me. It melts nicely and is stretchy.  Next time I order I want to get the italian for some pizza.  That would be cool if Whole foods has it when I go sunday.  Also, I tried it plain/unheated and it is not bad.  It reminded me of cheeze it crackers.  (monkey7)
It's good, it melts and does all the things it's supposed to, but I realized that I really don't miss cheese after all. I doubt that I'm going to order it again. (texans4tofu)
I melted some of the "cheddar" on some whole wheat crackers the other night with some seasonings... zomg.  I am still amazed by how stretchy and melty it gets.  it gets me all excited! (tweedle)
best of the non-dairy cheeses. I am pretty sure I've tried them all and there are some other good ones out there, for sure (I love Teese's nacho cheese too much). Some dishes I've made with Daiya are better than others, though. I'm so used to just not using cheese in a lot of recipes that I don't really bother with alternatives anymore, but I do use Daiya on grilled sandwiches and pizzas and am very happy with the results (although I can't get it to be as melty and delicious on pizza at home as Whole Foods seems to be able to get theirs - it's sort of pissing me off). (jendiggity)
it was awful straight out of the package - tasted like playdoh or something, but it was good on the enchiladas....much better than FYH yellow cheese! I'd like to try it on a panini or quesadilla next.... (erinmonster)
I love it.  I probably will not buy it everytime but  I like knowing its there.  The white is equal in taste to FYH for me, (which I've realized I like when i shread it,) but the cheddar Daiya is the ONLY store-vegan cheese I like at all! (The FYH cheddar and teese nacho one make me wanna puke...) (babysgotsauce)
i made some mac and cheese and it was sooooooooooooo good!!!!! even my little sister (NOT vegan) said it was good. yayyy. yum yum yummmm i'm sold (veganhippie)
FUCKING AMAZING!! my whole foods started carrying it and i made mac and cheese that tasted JUST LIKE the kfc mac and cheese that used to be my absolute favorite. i also put it on some broccoli. yumm. i plan on making pizza, quesadillas and grilled cheese with it too. woooo (veganhippie)
We made grilled cheez for lunch using both. It melted well and tasted real to me. DH liked it after a few bites, but it took him a minute. We then ordered pizza tonight...half baked (the pie), no cheez and then added the daiya mozz when we got home. cooked it for 15 min more at 400. it was awesome! Dh loved it, and Noah did too (usually doesn't like vegan cheez). I totally agree with FB on this....I really have outgrown cheese. While I enjoyed it and can see what all the hype is about, I think i am better off making my nooches and ordering cheeseless pizza. We will probably treat ourselves to this once every couple of months, although DH might disagree and buy it every week. (L2A)
has grown on me.....I used what I had left on some roasted potatoes last night and it was awesome! (erinmonster)
I love it! I wouldn't eat it every day, but I didn't eat dairy cheese every day either even as a vegetarian or omni. I will definitely use it when I'm cooking for things like church potlucks so that there's something my son and I can eat but that likely will go over well with omnis too. (ascwing)
I think I'm in love.....  the best tasting vegan cheese I've had (vege143)
Put it over some leftover veggie fajitas and it was pretty rockin'. I also ate a big handful of it when I was drunk and it was the closest thing to real cheese I can remember. I don't think I'll buy it often, but it'll be fun to play with every now and then. (sb)
I made a mac and cheese casserole with brocoli,tomatoes and soysage.  It was really good, I'll buy it occasionally. (lubi)
love it! I buy this big daddy (VE 5lb), then put it in several smaller bags to freeze. That's so much more economical than buying the smaller bags. (quintess)
This was good--the melty factor was amazing. It tasted a bit like I remember Velveeta tasting like--kind of processed, but salty and good. We had it on quesadillas to really savor it, and I wasn't disappointed. It kept my black beans and peppers from falling out, and it was gooey when I cut it. I don't know if I'll get it too often, as it's $5 a bag, and although it's good I'm not sure it's THAT good! Definitely a special occasion food, but I certainly liked it. (veganrun)
I thought this has a really odd texture.  I didn't like it at all--when it was melted, it stuck to my teeth and just felt really gummy. The texture when it was cold seemed about right, though.  I tried it on a pizza, sprinkled on a baked potato, and on nachos.  It didn't seem to matter how much or little I used, the texture was really off-putting.  The cheddar also had a strange flavor that I didn't entirely like, but it wasn't terrible. (vegrunski)
I'm so glad I tried the other Daiya cheese before this one because this sure was a let down. It was SO strong tasting and rather disgusting. It reminds me of that cheese that comes in a spray can.. Not worth the $5 I spent on it, but I'm glad I gave it a shot anyways. (taintedlove)
Good news! I had this sitting in my freezer after I tried this on a quesadilla and hated it- I decided to give it another try on grilled cheese and holy shit, it's so much better. I guess it just depends what other flavors it's with. Yay!! (taintedlove)
My favourite vegan cheddar cheese. I never really cared much for vegan cheeses, but these daiya products have changed my mind. I love using this in mac and cheeses, and even on top of pizza. (dannibazaar)
I guess I never came back in here after my initial review? I don't know what happened then (used too much?), but we absolutely love Daiya now. We buy it every week, mainly for quesadillas, sometimes sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. I like the cheddar more than mozz. (AC)
Daiya-Cheddar style wedge
Very sharp flavor, and salty. These melt much more easily than regular daiya, and have a little bit of a softer texture unmelted than regular daiya. If you don't like the gooey texture of melted daiya, this is no different. This one was, surprisingly, my least favorite - I found it too sharp/salty. It's pretty similar to the cheddar shreds, but stronger. If you use it, slice it very thinly (so it's actually kind of nice that it's so strongly flavored, because it'll last longer). The overall shape of the wedges seem to be so you can slice them and have perfect slices for bread; however, you have to be pretty good with a knife to do this well for the whole block. A wide enough mandolin slicer or the like would make it a lot easier. I generally have just been slicing off the edge and doing it that way rather than making neat slices. It'd be cool if they could package this pre-sliced, though that would probably mean more packaging and less shelf life once opened. The container is supposed to be resealable, but works just ok; I put it in a zipper bag anyway. I can't comment on the shelf life of these since we've eaten them pretty fast once opened... I probably won't get the cheddar again, as I like the other flavors better as slices, and for other uses I can use the cheddar shreds. (fb)
I tasted this at Vegfest, so I didn't have a huge sample to try, but I thought it was good. I wasn't blown away by it or that surprised, but it was tasty. Something I'll want to buy at some point, but I don't feel urgency. (AC)
Daiya-Havarti style jalapeno garlic wedge
Absolute favorite. A milder flavor with a teeny bit of a kick of jalapeno (just a little!), and a little garlic flavor - not a ton - but it's there. The texture is a little softer than the other wedges, in that it's still sliceable, but could be spread (even though firm). Goes best by itself on bread or crackers, or with some tofurky slices. Similar sodium content here, but less noticeable to me, maybe because of the other flavors going on. Even though it's a little softer, it's as easy to slice as the other flavors. Of the wedges, I'd definitely get this again. I like it just about the same as the pepperjack shreds, but as a different use. (fb)
Just a small taste of this, but I found the garlic pretty strong. I wouldn't call it mildly flavored with the garlic and jalapeno, but it wasn't very spicy. Texture and taste good overall. The cheese flavor is mild. (AC)
Okay so it's only availabe in Canada right now (where it's made!) and at some pizza places in Los Angeles BUT you can buy it online at Pangea Vegan Store...check it out: reallllllly good . Making grilled cheeses in my george foreman grill is my new raison d'etre! Okay and it's expensive with the shipping but I didn't get the super fast shipping, I just got it with a freezer pack and crossed my fingers. It arrived via UPS ground 5 days later and was totally fine. I've been eating it at pretty much ever meal. (w.m. laura)
Wow!  It is amazing.  It's a little more like American cheese than mozzarella but, still, it was a fabulous pizza experience.  I ate the whole thing.  My omni husband was duly impressed and even said that he would eat it instead of real cheese next time!  (veggydog)
I got to try the Italian blend on pizza at a WF in Vegas - amazing!  It really does get all melty like dairy cheese, but it has it's own great taste. (icephrosty)
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U guys... it's finally here!!! Vegan cheese that melts like cheese, has the same texture as melted cheese, tastes almost just like melted cheese! U need to by it i swear i can't stop eating it. It does smell a little off... i don't think i could eat it raw (amymylove)
I made a pizza and calzone last night w/ italian blend and it was really yummy! I was a little nervous when it got here because it was room temp, but I went for it, (not givin any to the kiddo just to be safe,) and neither my BF or I got sick, so it must have just had a "cheesey" smell to it.... (babysgotsauce)
I've tried the Italian Daiya twice now on pizza, and I have to admit that I feel conflicted. The texture is thicker and stretchier than any other vegan cheese I've tried, but it's also sticky. The flavor is so, so, so much like a processed American cheese food slice. Kinda gooey/salty/not occurring in nature type of consistency and taste. I'm planning to order some and try it in my own kitchen to figure out a more appetizing way to prepare it, but to me that kind of flavor does nothing to enhance the quality of my food. I'm bummed.  (mamaanna)
i tried some daiya at a restaurant yesterday on pizza and it is definitely stretchy and more mozzarella-looking than other vegan cheeses ive tried.  the mouthfeel is different though - it's more creamy and thick feeling than chewy like mozzarella.  it was good and my omni friend even liked it on her pizza but it's not something that i would really spend tons of money for. (ppc)
So far we've had this on pizza and in a quesadilla. It melts well, and it sure enough does burn just like cheese when it's on the bare crust or pan (and it tastes EXACTLY like burnt cheese, which sounds weird, but it's true). It's more mild than the cheddar. Also, though it does burn like dairy cheese, it doesn't have that burning pattern dairy cheese does on pizza (with little splotches of slight burntness), it's just uniform. It does stretch, but not as far as dairy cheese (but whatever!). So far, I think I like the cheddar better as it's "shaper" and it works better in the quesadillas, but this is probably best for pizza. Next pizza will be a Italian/cheddar blend! FYI, it takes about a half of a half pound package for a pizza. (fb)
I didn't like it at all. I keep telling myself just give up trying vegan cheese because I'm always disappointed. This time it was the texture. It is a very weird texture, and it really gave me the willies. It reminded me of snot! Hahaha, sorry to gross anyone out, but I'm being completely honest. I wish I had asked for the pizza with no cheese at all. However, my husband (who eats real cheese) really enjoyed it. (nightbloomers)
the best vegan cheese I've ever had, and I've been a tough critic of vegan cheeses, likening it's texture to soft plastic. I stopped by Whole Foods after work and was excited to find "Daiya Vegan Cheese Italian Shredded" in those clear plastic containers, pre-weighed with a sticker sealed across it, you know like when you buy deli salads by weight. It was in the same section where you find Follow Your Heart and other vegan cheeses. Mine was $2.30 for .23 lb and provided way more than I needed for the pita pizza I made for dinner. I sprinkled Daiya on a pita pocket and put it in my toaster oven. In less than 5 minutes it was already melted. Not soft, but melted! Hallelujah! I added fresh basil and tomato slices to complete my pizza. It was delicious, with a buttery flavor that complemented the basil quite nicely. This is one vegan cheese that I would actually serve to an omnivore. It was that good. (saskia)
i like the white better on pizza. The yellow to me has a better flavor, but that's probably because it's more like cheddar. (fb)
I tried the white kind today & it was really good too! I keep using it in a quesadilla with green chilis & sliced onion. SO good! The best cheese I've had since going vegan! (quintess)
great, I made about 3-4 pizzas while I had mine, and sprinkled the white with olive oil before baking, it was very yummy!  I also froze mine from fear immediately and it was fine.  (babysgotsauce)
I'm sorry to say that I really didn't like it. The texture was more creamy than anything & I just didn't enjoy the taste. The pizza would have been better without it. Maybe the texture was creamy due to the moisture in all the veggies.  It might work better if it was just a cheese pizza.  I'm glad I finally got to try it & I think I would buy it and experiment with it - that is, if it becomes available in a local store at a reasonable price. (purpledancer)
And I must admit, it didn't quite live up to the hype.  Yes, it was good, and I will most likely buy it from now on, but FYH monterey jack will always hold a special place in my heart....but back to the Daiya - it didn't exactly melt on my pizza, but the taste was good - different from FYH more seasonings maybe....and it stuck to my teeth/lips/chin like dairy cheese used to, which was a little weird....but all in all, I liked it - I wouldn't kill for it like some people, but it's decent.... (erinmonster)
I'm not that impressed with it.  It tastes too processed for me.  I don't think I will buy it again. (monkey7)
It melted well when I made it on pizza but it kept sticking to the back of my teeth from biting into it which kinda creeps me out (amymylove)
the texture is a bit sticky... but OMG, just tried this stuff for the first time, and it TOTALLY made me happy!  I made flatbread pizza with roasted tomato sauce & Daiya mozzarella... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I accidentally ate the whole thing in one sitting! (hotcooknmama)
made a quesadilla.  I'm not much of a fan of animal analogues, but man that's good stuff. (hh)
I had the same texture problem with this as I did with the cheddar--gummy and sticking to my teeth when melted.  I did like the flavor of the mozzarella a lot better than the cheddar, but most of the things I would want to eat it on would be hot, so the texture would be an issue.  Oh well! (vegrunski)
(squeal of excitement) This is amazing! If cheese was holding you back from being vegan, this will change your mind like it did mine. It smells a bit like bleu cheese, which I never liked, but it tastes different. It doesn't really taste like mozzarella, but it has that tangy flavor that cheese does and takes care of those cravings! It can be expensive, but for me, it was so worth it! (taintedlove)
This was the first of the daiya brand cheeses that I ever tried. At first I was like "ehhh" upon trying it uncooked, but when I had it all melty on pizza, I was lovin' it. I love this in pasta bakes and on pizza. So so good. (dannibazaar)
I would always buy cheddar over mozzarella, but I do still like the mozz. I even prefer cheddar on pizza for some reason, but this makes a good pizza as well. The mozz seems to be a bit stronger than cheddar, so I would use even less. Still great, though. (AC)
Daiya-Jack style wedge
More mild, pretty good. It's still pretty salty though, even though these all have about the same sodium content as regular shreds. I'm not sure if it's something else about the flavoring that does it, or that it's harder to use less when un-shredded or something. Anyway, I like this one. It's got more flavor than the mozzarella shreds, and is pretty much like the (surprise) pepperjack without the peppery flavor. I'll probably get this again. (fb)
Also small taste of this, but not very memorable. I think it was good, but quite mild. I would prefer this over the Daiya mozz, and wouldn't be against purchasing it. (AC)
I just tried this on some crackers--it was delish! The consistency was definitely hard enough that it slices without crumbling or mushing but I could spread it on a cracker easily. It was slightly less smooth than cream cheese and had a mild cheesey flavor that is not at all like plastic or soy (which is what I think alot of fake cheeses taste like). I think if you are a fan of the daiya mozzarella then this flavor would appeal to you--although I hate the daiya shreds cold but this was excellent. (aggplanta)
Daiya-Pepper jack
At first I was all "meh" but then I was all "YEAH!". At first it tastes milder than any other cheese, but then as you continue to eat your giant greasy quesadilla, you're like "holy sh*t it's cheese!" and then you finish the bag and you cry. The peppery flavor also becomes more pronounced as you eat it. It would be interesting on pizza, especially mixed with the cheddar. I hope these dudes come out with more flavors! (fb)
I was expecting it to be more peppery based on the appearance/smell, but it really does come out more as you eat! It's kinda like a peppery aftertaste. It's really good like the other flavors..almost a cross between the cheddar and mozz. The mozz is too strong for me, so this is more mild...but with that extra flavor. I had it on a grilled cheese, but would use it for anything. I won't be able to get it as often since I have to order this flavor, but I think it's my favorite. My shreds were larger, but I think that might have been because it got a bit melty during shipping..then re-chilled. It made it fine, though! (AC)
Blech!  I concern friends with the mass quantity of salt I put on oily/greasy food.  Daiya is quite oily, so I should find the heavy salt treatment satisfying, but it's way too salty.  Wow!  My mouth hurts from the saltiness, and the flavor is only meh.  I like Daiya Mozzarella a lot (it's salty, too), so I know it's the variety, not the brand. If I wanted something approximate to pepper jack, I'd go with Follow Your Heart Nacho. (hh)
This is disappointing. I don't want to spend $5 for a small bag of this shit ever again. It's not spicy, it tastes weird, and isn't anything like the pepperjack I used to know and love. Sad. (sb)
I can now get this at the store, so I usually get it when I buy Daiya. It's mild, but I do enjoy the flavor. (AC)
Dixie diner-Cheese (not) sauce mix

Dr cow-Aged cashew nut cheese
Now this stuff is interesting. I want to say it's mild and at the same time I want to say it's strong... Let's put it this way: it's cheesey, but it's not sour like some sharp cheeses. It's pleasant (I would definitely say it's not one of those "acquired taste" or love/hate things, like nutritional yeast seems to be). At first I thought it was kind of boring, but after savoring it, it's got a sort of a "complex" taste I guess you could say (like some cheese!). I'm glad I tried it, and it's too bad it's so expensive. However, it lasted me longer than I thought it would. Also, I would recommend just eating it straight, without crackers/bread/etc, because I think those things take over the flavor (hence me calling it mild). I want to try the other varieties now! These are small (think a quarter cup measure plus a little), so if you order it over the internet or something, just keep in mind you're treating yourself to a $7 delicacy. (fb)
I don't think this is worth the hefty pricetag.  It's not bad but it isn't great either. The block is TINY and I'm still trying to use it all up after a few weeks.  I don't like it plain, so I've been grating it over Italian dishes. (icephrosty)
Dr cow-Aged cashew and brazil nut cheese

Dr cow-Aged cashew and crystal algae cheese

Dr cow-Aged cashew and dulse cheese
I'm not sure if it was supposed to taste like it did, but to me it tasted spoiled. There was mold on it. I don't know what raw aged cheese is supposed to be like, but I ended up throwing this out. (quintess)
Dr cow-Aged cashew and hemp seeds cheese

Dr cow-Aged cashew and kale

Dr cow-Aged macadamia nut cheese

Dr cow-Aged macadamia and hemp cheese

Dr cow-Cashew nut cream cheese

Field Roast-Herbed chao cheese

Follow your heart-Cheddar
smells really gross, but not that bad in a mac and cheese stuff. (ponycakes)
pretty good, and seems to be lower in fat than the mozzerella. I've tried to use it on nachos, though, and it solidifies waaaay too quickly... oh well. (fb)
We really don't like this...I was expecting so much more from this, and the mozzarella. The cheddar is actually kind of gross..the mozarella is ok. The cheddar one has an odd taste..and the texture doesn't really help much. I don't understand why so many people like this! I'm sticking with my Tofutti. (AC)
really off-putting to me when I am handling it, but once it has (finally) melted, it's always fine.  Also, they get moldy relatively quickly so you better have plans for that whole block. (veganfilmjunkie)
weird (ponycakes).
kinda weird.  And I always melt it in a saucepan before I put it on anything....otherwise it won't melt....ever.... (erinmonster)
lacks taste... and at almost $5 a block I want taste. (hotchef84)
Thank goodness for this!  I was really bummed that I didn't like Daiya, but I'm so glad I decided to give vegan cheese another try.  I tried some shredded on nachos.  This shreds really nicely, which I didn't expect given the somewhat soft texture of the cold cheese.  I melted it in the microwave - it melted more in some spots than others, but that happens often with real cheese too.  The flavor and texture are great when melted - it is actually pretty convincing! It doesn't have the stringiness factor which Daiya is better at imitating, but I've decided I don't really like that about real cheese.  I only wish that the flavor were a bit more sharp - this is more of a mild cheddar, but I really prefer a sharp cheddar flavor. It was not very good cold.  I can't wait to try the mozzarella or monterey jack flavors, which seem to have better reviews. (vegrunski)
Update on this - I really don't like the flavor (smell) of this unless it's melted.  And it's really difficult to melt, say if you put it in a burrito or something.  Once it melts, it's good, but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. (vegrunski)
I used to like this, only because I couldn't get Daiya in stores. It had a weird texture that I didn't like very much. (dannibazaar)
My least favorite of the FYH cheeses. Again, not as good as the Daiya. (sb)
Follow your heart-Cream cheese
This tastes exactly like Tofutti to me, but it's a *lot* more expensive at my HFS. (Sharway)
I used it to make cream cheese icing for carrot cake and it came out great!  I sampled a little before adding in the icing sugar and it was "just ok".  I would never use this plain on a bagel. (icephrosty)
This was my first vegan cream cheese, and it was ok. I had it on a bagel with some cranberries. It was pretty good overall, but not great on its own. I might buy it for something specific, but it's not spectacular. (AC)
I like Tofutti way better, this was sour to me. (amymylove)
Follow your heart-Monterey jack
This is my favorite of the FYH vegan cheese line.  It works well for everything. (willwolf)
Definitely needs to be melted to be enjoyed. Probably the mildest of all the FYH cheeses and is fine. Satisfactory, but fake cheese still has ways to go... (fb)
didn't like it (veganfilmjunkie)
I only like this  melted. It does smell pretty nasty (sometimes I try to get someone else to grate it for me heh) but the smell goes away after it gets yummy and melty in the oven. Like it. (ponycakes)
shredded on pizza with a little olive oil brushed on top of it is pretty great! (lubi)
only kind of cheese I like....I think the mozzarella and monterrey jack are pretty much the same thing,  And I always melt it in a saucepan before I put it on anything....otherwise it won't melt....ever.... (erinmonster)
This is our favorite vegan cheese! We've tried quite a few (yes, including Daiya), but this is nice and mild. The flavor is even pretty good on its own. It does have a bit of a monterey jack flavor, and the texture isn't too weird. The texture could be better (still too soft and grainy), but it's the best. It definitely does need to be completely melted first (if you're wanting it to melt) before preparing it (i.e melt in microwave before using in quesadilla), but it did melt very well in the microwave. Yay for this one. I didn't feel weird after eating it. (the FYH cheddar was like the first vegan cheese we tried, and it was that time at least)  (AC)
This stuff is really good melted on a chick-un sandwich. Other than that, it's not really worth a damn. (sb)
Follow your heart-Mozzarella
amazing. if i make a pizza, this is on it. mm. also tasty on pasta casserole dishes. (ponycakes)
great. i use it in vegan calzones; it's the best "cheese" for pizza-type stuffs. a lot of fat though! (fb)
I was slightly disappointed, but it might have been b/c of my preparation. I put it on a grilled it wasn't quite melted all the way. It had a weird texture-kind of mealy/grainy...I'm probably going to make a pizza at some point, so I'll report back. (AC)
I love this but don't buy it much...I think most cheese products are too expensive and there are too many yummy alternatives that I could create. (thhf)
really off-putting to me when I am handling it, but once it has (finally) melted, it's always fine.  I tried the monterey jack and didn't like it.  Also, they get moldy relatively quickly so you better have plans for that whole block. (veganfilmjunkie)
only kind of cheese I like....I think the mozzarella and monterrey jack are pretty much the same thing, And I always melt it in a saucepan before I put it on anything....otherwise it won't melt....ever.... (erinmonster)
love it (hotchef84)
I really love this.  I cut it into bits and put it on a pizza.  It melted perfectly (at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes) and was really smooth.  I can't wait to use up the rest of the block! (KMK)
Yum! This really took me back to pregan days. We ate it on pizza, and we were really hungry and scarfing it down, and my boyfriend had taken a couple of bites and goes "Oh! I totally forgot this wasn't real cheese for a couple of seconds!" which I think is about the rest review there is! I honestly think I could fool most omnis with this on a pizza. It melted really nicely, and it got that brown crispy top that cow cheese does on pizza. It had that nice salty flavor that I look for in cheese, and I thought the texture was good--not quite as stringy as cow mozzarella, but it's not waxy or greasy. Really good stuff! (veganrun)
Hmm.  Not so sure about this one.  The flavor is really bland.  I know mozzarella is not a strong cheese, but I feel like this should at least be a little saltier.  I might give it a try on some lasagna.  I do like the texture of FYH, but it does take a lot to get it to melt. (vegrunski)
This stuff is good if you can get it to melt completely. Not as good as the Daiya mozz, but still good. (sb)
Follow your heart-Nacho
I like this flavor the best. (mdv)
pretty good.  I like it on top of veggie burgers or shredded over tortilla chips. (icephrosty)
Hmm. On the one hand, it's got a fairly cheddary flavor with some spices. On the other hand, it has that FYH problem where it can melt (but at 500 degrees) and then quickly solidifies at room temp. I like it fine, but there are better cheeses these days. Teese nacho cheese is definitely preferable to this for me, for both texture and flavor. (fb)
This stuff is awesome! It's so much better than the pepperjack daiya, it's actually kinda spicey. Makes great nachos too. (sb)
Food for lovers queso
This is a good nutritional yeast-based queso sauce, but I like the teese nacho sauce better. This is tangy and smooth, but teese has that extra cheese-like factor somewhere that this doesn't have. I'd definitely get this again if teese wasn't available, though. (fb)
Also disappointed with this. I prefer this over Nacho Mom's, but not over my own. I've even made the recipe for this before, and I think I preferred that! This has more spice than NM, but still not spicy. It's pretty good, but not anything special for me. (AC)

"Cheese" Cont.
Free and Easy-Dairy free cheese flavor sauce mix

Galaxy nutritional foods-Block cheddar
I don't really know why I bought was just there.  I'm not really impressed, not much flavor.  In fact I am trying to think of ways to sneak it in foods so I won't waste it. (Jane M)
Blah. Bland... I'd much rather have FYH cheddar. (fb)
Galaxy nutritional foods-Block mozzarella

Galaxy nutritional foods-Block rice cheddar

Galaxy nutritional foods-Block rice mozzarella

Galaxy nutritional foods-Parmesan topping
It's ok... I don't think much of any of the parm subs out there, but this is the best imho... definitely can taste nutritional yeast in it, but it works in recipes that don't require too too much parm. (fb)
Amazing. i use it on pasta, pasta salad, caesar salad, pizza, etc. my tastebuds think its real parmesan! (brooke)
Very good. Tastes like the powdered parmesan that I remember. We don't even buy non-vegan has universal appeal in our household. Even with the omnis! (dannibazaar)
Galaxy nutritional foods-Rice slices American

Galaxy nutritional foods-Rice slices cheddar
Pretty good I guess. It very much reminds me of the non-vegan processed cheese that I never liked in the first place. It works when you are in need of an emergency grilled "cheese" sandwich. (dannibazaar)
These were great and very convenient for grilled cheese.  They melted pretty nicely.  The flavor is really more American cheese than cheddar, but I was pleasantly surprised that there was no weird rice aftertaste.  I tried melting them in the microwave on top of some crackers, but they didn't really melt - they just sort of got dry and wrinkly.  Definitely a "Kraft singles"-like experience. (vegrunski)
Galaxy nutritional foods-Rice slices pepper jack
This is my favorite packaged vegan cheez to put on sandwiches.  It is really good, and a bit spicy but not too bad. The only thing that sucks about it is the price, also sometimes the slices break apart when I'm trying to get the plastic off. Still, they're good for an occasional treat, not really a staple on my budget. (berryraw)
I usually buy Daiya, but was in the mood for something new. I feel just about the same way as I did about the American. They did melt ok, didn't smell bad, and the slight flavor is fine. They just don't have much flavor at all. I just tasted a tiny tiny bit of flavor, but no spice at all really. I wouldn't buy them again, but worth a try (AC)
This is my go-to "cheese" for cold sandwiches -- I like it with faux turkey slices.  Slightly spicy, but not too much. (vegrunski)
Galaxy nutritional foods-Shreds Mexican style

Galaxy nutritional foods-Shreds Mozzarella

Galaxy nutritional foods-Slices American
they smell awful but are decent for vegan cheese. though they dont compare to tofutti. (brooke)
These are ok. They melt nicely, and have an ok texture. I didn't even think they smelled that bad. They don't have much flavor,, they are just meh. (AC)
Galaxy nutritional foods-Slices mozzarella

Galaxy nutritional foods-Spreadable cream cheese chive and garlic

Galaxy nutritional foods-Spreadable cream cheese plain

Heidi ho organics-Chipotle cheddar
Very very similar to the Gouda variety, but perhaps sharper. All these cheeses are pretty similar. (fb)
Heidi ho organics-Feta
It's like super firm tofu crumbles in brine. Herby/vinegary, but maybe not worth the price ($6 at Whole Foods) (fb)
Heidi ho organics-Monterey jack
Similar to the gouda, but less sharp and not smoky. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of variation in flavor, yet I like this a little better for undetermined reasons. (fb)
Heidi ho organics-Smoked gouda
I'm not sure I remember how gouda tastes, but I'm pretty sure this isn't it. It's a little smokey, definitely peppery (mostly in the bell pepper sense), and has an agar kind of texture - sorta gelatinous solid. It does melt pretty well though, and I like it better that way. It's very sharp, and the texture's not totally smooth. Based on the ingredients, this actually seems pretty similar to the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook's molded cheeses. But made with hazelnuts. Seems similar to something you could probably make at home, but then you'd need hazelnuts and agar and a food processor, so maybe worth it. Still, in general I think I like Sheese and Daiya better. Melted, I used it as a dip. (fb)
Leahey gardens-Broccoli cheese soup

Leahey gardens-Vegan cheese sauce mix

Leahey gardens-Vegan macaroni and cheese
still my favorite of the packaged stuff, though! (jendiggity)
This smells kind of weird at first, not sure why. It makes pretty good max n cheese. The texture is good, and it's cheesy in a nooch kind of way, but not the vitamin-having nooch but the unfortified type, like NZ bark nooch. Anyway. J liked it a lot. After this I got their larger thing of cheese sauce mix. Easy to prepare. I used half water and half soymilk (it says you can use either, so I played it safe - worked out!) (fb)
Nacheez nacho sauce-Mild

Nacheez nach sauce-Spicy

Nacho Mom's-Fire roasted vegan queso
I tried the spicy variety.  I think it is a newer product of theirs.  It is gluten free and has a nice spicy flavor to it.  The texture was a little weird but it did not stop me from eating the whole jar.  I like the chunks of tomatoes and peppers in it.  It was not very cheesy but is still good throw into  a meal. Mostly, I ate it with tortilla chips and veggies. (monkey7)
Nacho Mom's-Ultimate vegan queso
the best stuff ever! I won 3 jars in the gieaway and I'm totally addicted to it now!!! I mostly warm it up and dip tortilla chips into it, but it's also awsome on veggie burgers, tacos, and even in casseroles, but it's a little spicy so if you don't like any spice you might not like it. (lisaanddini)
Wasn't impressed with this. P and I agreed that I can make better queso. I like the tomatoes in there, but they were gloppy, and the flavor was not that different. I didn't think it was spicy at all. Would not get again. (AC)
Parma (eat in the raw)-Chipotle cayenne
This is just as good as the original Parma, but with just a bit of kick from the added spices. (willwolf)
Tasty, but I rarely buy it because the original flavor is more versatile.  Still, this was great sprinkled over chili and tomato soup. (icephrosty)
Parma (eat in the raw)-Garlicky green

Parma (eat in the raw)-Original
This is really tasty and great to sprinkle on just about everything.  It's just a simple mixture of nutritional yeast, raw organic walnuts, and Celtic sea salt, but it's nice to have it already made up and in a shaker container. (willwolf)
This stuff is seriously addicting!  I love it on salads, pizza, sprinkled over veggies and just about anything else.  It's a really versatile ingredient  The main problem is that it's too good and I can't afford to buy it all the time. (icephrosty)
Parmazano- Imported vegan parmesan
It's ok... it's pure powder, no crumbles, and is like soy flour + salt. It's kind of cheesy, but... idk. I never usually prefer the Galaxy Brands stuff over anything, but here I think their parmesan is better. (fb)
Comes in a fancy glass shaker. It has a pretty good flavor, though different from parmesan. It's a little more moist and has bigger crumbles like other nut-based parm subs, versus soy-based ones that tend to be powdery. The container has the regular sprinkle/scoop section on top, but the sprinkle section doesn't work too well because the lid only lifts so much, and some crumbles are too big to fit through, AND they tend to stick. Anyway. pretty good. (fb)
Pure soya-Slices
quite cheap - cheaper than the toffuti slices - and 10 in a pack BUT really lack flavour.  I think they're quite bland.  They also didn't melt on my pizza, whereas the toffuti ones did.  The bonus of the pure slices are that the supermarkets stock them so they are easier to get hold of than other vegan cheeses.  The inly reason I would get them again is if I didn't have chance to get to a healthfood shop for the toffuti ones. (Shelloid)
Road's end-123'z and chreeze
this product is so good! the sauce is neon-orange and its full of garlic and ny flavor. i don't eat it very often because i like making my own, but its worth trying when you are not in the mood to cook! (Brooke)
This is my favorite Road's end pasta mix, and it's all right. The packet really doesn't make a whole lot of sauce, and I made the mistake of adding extra soymilk the first time to yield more sauce - it made it really bland. If you want more sauce out of it, add more EB or even water! (fb)
not impressed.  The only thing it has in common with traditional boxed mac & cheese is the box.  The colors pretty close too.  Otherwise the pasta itself is way too small so i felt like i was barely even chewing it & the sauce flavor is pretty blah.  it doesnt taste bad but it's not worth the price especially when theres so many super easy recipes out there that have flavor with so much more depth.  i ended up adding a bunch more salt, some miso, rice wine vinegar and white wine vinegar to spruce it up.  waste - o - money. (propinecone)
We tried this kind a while back and its so gross......neither one of us could eat more than a few bites....and its pretty hard to gross me out! (erinmonster)
Road's end-Mac and chreese

Road's end-Mac and chreese (gluten free)

Road's end-Mix cheddar style chreese
I have made better mac n cheeses at home. I would never spend $2.49 for this ever again. (sb)
Road's end-Mix mozzarella style chreese

Road's end-Mix kidz chreese

Road's end-Mix cheddar style chreese gluten free

Road's end-Mix alfredo style chreese gluten free
Ugh. Does not taste like alfredo/cheese. It doesn't taste bad, mind you, it's just that it's only similarity to alfredo, for me, is that it's pale. (fb)
Road's end-Nacho chreese dip (mild)
Egh. I should have noticed before purchasing that this stuff has more tomatoes in it than anything else - it tastes very tomato-y and is kind of sour... not too cheesy at all. Make a cheese sauce recipe from vegweb rather than buying this... However, if I had bought it as salsa and 'cheese' pureed together, I might have liked it more. (fb)
Road's end-Nacho chreese dip (spicy)

Road's end-Penne and chreese (gluten free)

Road's end-Shells and chreese
Meh. I dunno why I expected this to be any good, but it's not. I need to give up on these things. It's bland, and slightly gross. Don't expect it to be like any kind of boxed mac and cheese. (AC)
Good blue cheese flavor, but smells like play-doh (mdv)
I tried this for the first time today and really liked it.  This surprised me as I've previously tried the smoked style and thought it tasted plastic-y.  The blue style had a nice tang to it, but I'm not really sure it tasted much like I remember stilton and such like tasting.  I think it's my favourite 'cheeze' I've tried and I'll probably buy it again. (shelloid)
doesn't taste like bleu cheese, but good enough. it has more of a play-dough smell than the smoked cheddar... which is weird. like the cheddar it's very firm and flavorful, so it goes a long way. (fb)
Sheese-Cheddar with chives
I bought a round of this at Food Fight on my trip to Portland.  Upon bringing it home and trying it I found it to be a very lush and rich cheese.  The flavor is quite good with just the right amount of herbs to give it depth. The texture is great and it is best sliced very thinly, like with a peeler.  If you wish to melt it use a very fine grate so it has a chance to melt down better. (cali)

Sheese-Creamy cheddar
This was the first non-tofutti cheeze spread I've tried and it was not good.  It had a weird plastic aftertaste and I didn't think it tastes of cheese from what I remember. (Shelloid)
Now this was yummy. It had a faint cheddar color, which probably helped me mentally.  It also surprisingly smelled like cheddar to me as well. And once I spread it on a slice of bread I was ecstatic. It had that perfect almost cheddary taste and unlike some brands was not too salty. (wassernixe)
I love this! It really tastes like cheddar. (eldsjal)
Sheese-Creamy chives

Sheese-Creamy garlic and herb
This too was super delicious. To me it tasted just like those Alloutte bread spreads. It tastes a little bit cream cheesy but is full of herby goodness. I really enjoyed this one the most. I think it will be perfect on my morning roll or toast. (wassernixe)
SUPER STRONG. It's not like 'cream cheese,' it really is like creamy cheese, if that makes sense. I had some as a sandwich spread, and discovered I used way too much. As always with Sheese, a little goes a long way... The 'cheese' flavor is stronger than the herb flavor, but the herb flavor is definitely still there. (fb)
Very good. (eldsjal)
Sheese-Creamy Mexican

Sheese-Creamy original
I bought a tub of this on impulse today and I kind of wish I hadn't.  It had the familiar plastic-y aftertaste.  Don't think I'll bother with it again. (Shelloid)

This isn't very good. It's ok, and it's not gross..but it doesn't have much flavor. The texture is fine (and I would guess the same texture as the other sheeses?), but there's just not any taste...except maybe an odd taste. (AC)
Sheese-Medium cheddar
Favorite. All the Sheese are pretty similar, but this tastes a little more like cheddar of ole times to me, and it's also that lovely probably-unnatural orange. I always eat these things with crackers, never bother with melting. It's great with crackers and lasts a while because it's so solid/rich. (fb)
Good, much like other Sheese. It has a sort of mozzarella scent, but it pretty much tastes like the other Sheese. (fb)
Sheese-Smoked cheddar
This is the only flavor of the Sheese line that I've tried.  I like this straight up with crackers (It's so nice having crackers and cheese again!).  I've never cooked with it.  Unfortunately, I've only been able to purchase this online, so I don't get it often and only when ordering other things. (willwolf)
Again had a weird plastic aftertaste.  It was too smokey for my liking, but I guess that's my own fault for buying the smoked style.  It melted quite well on a toasted sandwich, but not melty enough for my liking on pizza. (Shelloid)
We like this! It has a nice flavor. I think there is a bit of an off flavor, but that's to be expected. I mean, it's obviously not exactly like smoked cheddar cheese, but it is enjoyable just to eat (with crackers, and what not). I'm glad we tried it. (AC)
we liked it. the texture is very, very firm. when i try to slice some off with a knife, some pieces sliver off. tart, and i can almost tell that they use vinegar, but it's good. goes well with crackers. (fb)
Sheese-Strong cheddar
I actually don't mind it. It smells like cheddar cheese. The texture is very good. The taste is a good approximation, though not perfect. I like eating it on crackers and with apples. Not bad, not bad at al (in grilled cheese)l. I wish the cheese was a bit more melty, but it did get nice and soft and smooth in the heated pan. I have a feeling that if I could cook it longer, it would melt more, but my bread would have burned in another minute so I had to take it off the stove. Overall, I'm not disgusted....this is the first vegan cheese where I'm not (the Follow Your Heart cheddar ended up in the compost, at least the ants that found it seemed to like it)...and actually quite pleased. Won't fool cheese-lovers, but an acceptable substitute. (hopfrog)
This was pretty darn good, but for something I expected to taste like the bright orange sharp cheddar of old it fell a bit before the mark. But it was still tasty if I did not compare it to my mental memory of real cheddar. (wassernixe)
Wow. It's actually more like a mild cheddar, but I can forgive that. I LOVE the fact that I can slice it and eat it raw on crackers or apples. It's the ultimate comfort food. The taste is salty and tangy, and the texture is firm without being crumbly or slimy at all. I haven't tried to melt it, but I don't think I will. This is a good cheeze to eat raw, and want to savour it raw. (lolkrys)
Love this stuff!!  I randomly found it at WF when I was visiting family, so I bought the block.  I used it for sandwiches, eating plain, and crumbled into salads - I liked every variation! (icephrosty)
Yeah, super strong. Sheese kind of has this after taste of vinegar though... I like it, it's very strong, and a little goes a long way, but that end taste kinds of bothers me and is almost vomitous because of the acidity (yeah I said it). I baked some on top of another dish and it heightened that flavor, agh. I'm sticking to crackers & sheese from here on out. (fb)
I don't get overly excited when a new vegan cheese comes out because they're all so disappointing, but this one rocks the roof off.  The hardness is off on Follow Your Heart and Daiya is waaay too salty.  Sheese is like cheese you cut.  From what I can remember of real cheddar, it tastes even better than the dairy version. (hh)
Ste Martaen-Colby

Ste Martaen-Muenster

Ste Martaen-Olive

Ste Martaen-Pepper jack

Ste Martaen-Smoked gouda
This was disappointingly not pleasant. The texture was very soft, like tofu, and the taste was not at all like gouda. It was more like an onion or herb flavor. It didn't taste bad, and it was fine to eat on crackers, but not good. I don't know if I would try other flavors. (AC)
Sunergia-Soy bleu
Potent stuff! It tastes good and very cheesy, but I don't remember bleu cheese well enough to tell whether it tastes like that particular kind. It's a pretty small block, but it's strong enough to last. (fb)
Sunergia-Soy feta lemon oregano
I think all of the flavors are okay.  I use it to make a Greek dish with tomatoes, chickpeas, kalamata olives, and lots of garlic.  I think the texture is a little off - sort of like thawed and frozen tofu? (mdv)
Sunergia-Soy feta Mediterranean herb
I think all of the flavors are okay.  I use it to make a Greek dish with tomatoes, chickpeas, kalamata olives, and lots of garlic.  I think the texture is a little off - sort of like thawed and frozen tofu? (mdv)
Also strong. I don't recall feta tasting/smelling this strong. It's pretty good, but pretty dry and a teency bit crumbly. I'd buy it again, and I'm planning on trying the other flavors. My boyfriend thought it smelled like bad feet - which is good for "cheese"! (fb)
Sunergia-Soy feta tomato garlic
think all of the flavors are okay.  I use it to make a Greek dish with tomatoes, chickpeas, kalamata olives, and lots of garlic.  I think the texture is a little off - sort of like thawed and frozen tofu? (mdv)
Teese-Breaded mozzarella sticks
I was pretty sure these would be good, and they are! I was a bit surprised that there are no directions to bake them. It's either deep or shallow pan fry. I don't know if they can be baked, but I did the shallow fry, and they crisped up well. I was also expecting them to be stretchy, but the cheese doesn't stretch at all inside. It's melted and gooey (and good), but not stretchy. The breading is delicious and crispy. Much better in marinara. I wasn't amazed like-oh-my-gosh-I-must-have-more-now, but they were good cheese sticks. I'd get them again if I had a craving. (AC)
Hmm. I deep-fried these (YEAH), which resulted in spots of prolapsed cheese in every stick. That's cool though, because the cheese itself fries and crustifies and stuff. Anyway. The cooking time for deep frying was too long imo (they were quite dark in the first batch, after which I cut off two minutes and they were still reasonably dark). The cheese inside resolidifies pretty readily, so I never got that awesome melty stretchy thing, since I didn't want to eat these immediately and burn my mouth (my mistake). Good with marinara sauce, but kinda plain by itself. Like the cheese itself is not so great, but it's fine. (fb)
This is pretty good on a sandwich and really good in mac 'n cheeze.  I haven't tried it plain because it feels a little too slimy!  I used it a lot for grilled cheeze sandwiches.  I would definitely recommend this variety. (icephrosty)
I tried this in shells and cheeze, and it was all right. However, I did make it with roasted poblanos (really good), and some field roast "sausage" that I wasn't a big fan that might have ruined it a bit. I haven't really been all too impressed with the teese. Weird texture, weird smell..I dunno. I'll try some on a sandwich, though. (AC)
Tried a teeny piece cold. Ppc and I agreed that it was more like Kraft Singles in taste and texture. Didn't try it melted though.. (ponycakes)
I put cheddar and mozzarella on a small pizza.  The cheddar didn't melt as readily as the mozzarella.  It also smells bad cold or warm and doesn't taste all that great.  I'll try it for a grilled cheese.  I don't feel like this was worth nearly five bucks.  If I was going to melt cheese, I'd make Dragonfly's Bulk, Dry Uncheese Mix. (hh)
I'm kind of ambivalent about this. It smells really gross, like sweaty socks (a bit yeasty and sour...), but if you can get past that it tastes pretty good. Not like cheddar, though imo. (eldsjal)
Teese-Creamy cheddar
like the softer cheddar they make for mac and cheese. Kinda gross when I opened the package. A lot of "juice" came out and it had that icky smell, but I put a few blobs into my mac and cheese with some Earth Balance (shoulda left that out and added soymilk instead..made it a little too greasy) and hot dogs and WOW! I didn't even have to turn the burner back on for it to melt! The taste was a lot like a cross between Velveeta and the boxed Kraft stuff. Really really amazing. My little brother is pretty open to trying my food, so I called him out to try some and he loved it, as did my mom. My dad thought it smelled bad though :\ I guess it was a little strong smelling, though the taste was mild. If you have a chance to buy this, doooo iiiiiit!  (ponycakes)
This at first looks like the nacho stuff, but without the nacho-ness, but it wasn't as good. It didn't have as strong of a flavor, and despite making mac n cheese with it, it was not so awesome to eat. It stayed somewhat starchy and grainy. :\ (fb)
Nope, did not like. I can make 1000000x times tastier cheese sauce at home. Which is cheaper too. (eldsjal)
This cheese melts easier than the FYH.  Teese has a soft, almost fresh mozzarella-like texture, and smells really close to dairy cheese.  I think this cheese is pretty tasty, but I can only purchase it online (I get it at Vegan Essentials), so I only get it when placing an order for other goodies every few months.  I don't think this cheese is so much better than FYH mozzarella that it's worth the shipping cost unless you're already ordering other things.  The main thing I like about Teese vs FYH is that Teese lasts much longer in the refrigerator.  I've had unopened packages of Teese in my refrigerator for several months.  Opened packages of Teese also last much longer than FYH, generally for a month or so. (willwolf)
I had Teese vegan cheese for the first time when I ordered pizza from Purgatory Pizza in Los Angeles. While it doesn't have the same stringy, melty properties of dairy mozzarella cheese on pizza, it still tasted very, very good. Teese ( melts better than the other vegan cheeses I have tried. Yes, it actually melted and didn't just look like soft white plastic blanketing my triangle of pizza. Teese also didn't have a weird aftertaste and is way better than the non-dairy cheese they use to make the vegan pizzas at Whole Foods. Having tried Teese, I think I actually might buy it now buy it and to try it on a panini or pizza at home. (Saskia)
Melts better than FYH.  Slippery texture, slightly saltier than FYH, too.  I prefer it. (mdv)
Much softer and slimier than FYH.  A little saltier and needs to be pre-melted just like FYH.  Would not eat it plain.  For a full dollar more, not worth it.  Not impressed. (erinmonster)
I put cheddar and mozzarella on a small pizza.  Relative to other fake cheese, the mozzarella smells and tastes (cold or warm) pretty good.  I didn't get a stringy effect, but maybe I didn't heat it for long enough.  I'd buy this cheese again, but not regularly - and I wouldn't pay shipping and handling for it. (hh)
We didn't like this. I used it for a pizza, finely grated. It melted well, but it left a waxy residue on the roof of my mouth, and the taste wasn't great (but i guess I'm generally less of a fan of "mozzarella"s). Daiya > FYH > Teese in this department. (fb)
We had this on pizza, and thought it was super delicious. It melted really well, and was actually kind of gooey. I don't know if I would like the texture as well on something other than pizza. I didn't think it was as salty as FYH, but it still hit the cheesey spot. My boyfriend liked this a little better than FYH, but I'm not as convinced. I agree with fb, I think it left a tiny bit of a waxy residue on my teeth--barely noticeable, and not enough to discourage me from eating it again. Teese is slightly more expensive than FYH here, so that might be my deciding factor. I will definitely try the other flavors. (veganrun)
It doesn't taste very much at all... I used it on pizza but could just as well have skipped it altogether. (eldsjal)
This is..all right. I think it's a bit weird. I might not have prepared it correctly..because I just melted it in the microwave, and used it on baked potatoes, but it had a slightly weird texture, and the flavor was lacking/weird. It might be better with other things. (AC)
Ok, so. I found this, and hesitated buying it because I didn't like their mozzarella. But I did anyway. I emptied it into a bowl, heated it in the microwave, proceeded to eat it with chips. I thought it was pretty good, cheesy flavor, kind of like movie theater nacho cheese or something. J usually doesn't like these pre-made cheeses because they often have bell pepper for color or flavor, which he hates. But he LOVES this, also relating it to that crappy nacho cheese you get at events (which is delicious crap). It's the best nacho cheese thingy I've had, and it has the benefit of not solidifying like FYH. But one caveat: It's thickened with cornstarch, which basically means that if heated, it takes on the texture of box pudding. So it's like cheese pudding. That aspect of the texture is kind of weird, but forgivable. (fb)
really good, and they melt nice too (at least the first time).  (cococo)
these are fabulous. they make a perfect, comforting grilled cheese sandwich. i love these x's 1000! (brooke)
We tried some kind of vegan cheese (might have been rice cheese) when we first went vegan...but it was completely disgusting, and I threw it out. This is the first "cheese" that I've bought since then (my store just started carrying it), and it is SOSOSO good! We had grilled cheeses..and they were so very yummy! I'll probably have to try really hard to not buy this every week! Mmmm.  (AC)
good taste - just like the crappy american cheese slices that i have fond memories of. pretty good on pizza, but the oil does tend to separate out. (fb)
Good. I like the Galaxy a little more purely for the calorie count. It melts well, which is nice. (dannibazaar)
These taste exactly like I remember american chz slices. Sure, they taste processed, but that's what American chz is! (sb)
Tofutti-Better than ricotta

Tofutti cream cheese-Cheddar
My discount health food store had Tofutti Cream Cheese for 99 Cents so I bought a bunch. Didn't realize till I got home that it was orange and "cheddar" flavor! I have never seen this before! Its actually really good. I made a patty melt with it (veg burger with the cheese and grilled bread with pickles!) I also think it will make a good spinach artichoke dip. Usually when things end up at this store, it means its being discontinued or not selling well. Did anyone else ever see this product? If you do, try it! (L2A)
I thought this was gonna be so freaking awesome...but I wasn't that impressed. I used it to make mac and cheese and it was awful. It was my fault, though. I let the color deceive me. It looked so orange and creamy I thought it would be scrumptious but i barely ate it....I haven't seem it since then, so maybe it was like a trial run or, me cuz I paid full price. (VeganSapien)
Tofutti cream cheese-French onion
My friend recommended I try this and it is so yummy! Wonderful on bagels or as a spread for crackers. Try it! (amymylove)
mmm has a sort of caramelized onion thing going for it. i would seek this out more often, except i usually buy tofutti for desserty things as well. for bagels, it's a toss up between this and the herb variety. (fb)
Love the onion taste! Would buy this more often if it was available. (eldsjal)
Tofutti cream cheese-Garden vegetable

Tofutti cream cheese-Garlic and herb
Tastes like... slighly artificial nothing. Pretty boring. The alleged garlic and herbs are present more as an occasional fleck of green than any real taste. I don't think it's worth the expenditure. (Narcissus)
Tofutti cream cheese-Herbs and chives
It's nothing terribly special but it's good on a bagel. Not too herby or chivey tasting, to be honest. But it does have hydrogenated oils. I'd rather buy the unhydrogenated kind and chop in my own chives. (Sharway)
pretty good, though milder in flavor than the french onion one. however, that one has no herbs going for it, so it's a toss up between these. i'm never sure exactly how 'chive' is supposed to taste but i can't taste it here, so oh well. (fb)
Good. (eldsjal)
I used to LOVE the sour cream and chive cream cheese as an omni, so I thought this would fill that void--NOPE. I barely detected the herb/chive flavor. Kind of disappointing. I'll just stick to regular Tofutti. (veganrun)
Tofutti cream cheese-Non-hydrogenated
so amazing. i prefer this kind over the original plain. it actually tastes like real cream cheese. i love it on toasted bagels or english muffins, crackers, grilled sandwiches, etc. its so versatile. (brooke)
pretty good, but i actually think the hydrogenated one tastes better! somehow, i find this one more pasty. (fb)
A good basic... and this from a former cream-cheese-addict! Not too beany or strange tasting, IMO (Sharway)
What can I say Yummy! (thhf)
I don't eat this stuff plain, but I use it for baking or making frosting all the time.  Omni's can't tell the difference! (icephrosty)
This is our favorite vegan cream cheese. We love bagels and were so happy to find something so delicious. At $4 a pop it's a splurge, but I think it's worth it. (veganrun)
I haven't really been a fan of any vegan cream cheese. It's pretty good on a little sandwich with roasted red peppers and veggies, but I don't like much of it. There's not much flavor to me, and it's kind of chalky. I don't buy any unless it's for something very specific. (AC)
Love it! This stuff is the stuff. I use it in mashed potatoes, on toast, on homemade bagels, with homemade pretzels, with crackers...I used to be a cream cheese addict, so this does it for me. (dannibazaar)
This is the best vegan cream chz I've found to date. It does have an aftertaste, but overall, it works well! (sb)
Tofutti cream cheese-Plain
mmm. if you thin it with some soymilk, add onion, horseradish and veg Worcestershire , it makes a tasty chip dip. i love this stuff. (ponycakes)
From my not-too-distant memories of cream cheese, this stuff is pretty much spot-on! the taste and texture are both great, and it works SO well for spreads and "cheesecake." (CW)
really good, I usually put it on bagels.  It has no after taste and is smooth and creamy.  (cococo)
It does taste like cream cheese! but if you have the option, go for the non-hydrogenated for an even more authentic taste. (brooke)
This is another one of those things that I really want to like.  I’ve tried it on a bagel & I really dislike the flavor. Some day I would like to try making a cheesecake or icing out of it to see if I like it that way. (purpledancer)
love this stuff. it was one of the first "fake" things i tried when i went vegan, and i didn't think it tasted too too much like real cream cheese; it's sweeter and less tangy (but that makes me like it even more). i thin it with some water for "sour cream" for nachos. (fb)
good but I like the new "non" better. (thhf)
I like the non-hydrogenated a helluva lot more. This stuff tastes different, has a weird texture, and makes me feel like my lips are oil-y. Weird. Not a fan. (dannibazaar)
I liked this better than the non-hydrog. At least it worked really well in jalapeno poppers. I thought the texture was fine. I didn't taste it on its own, but I wouldn't want to do that anyway. It worked well for the purpose, and I'd get it again for something specific. (AC)
This is exactly like the non-hydro version, but has the gnarly hydrogenated oils in it. I don't know why they still make this stuff if the other one tastes exactly the same! (sb)
really good, and they melt nice too (at least the first time).  The mozzerella is a bit blander than I like it but I am used to using provolone instead of mozzerella.  If it had a bit more of a bite or a hint of a smoky flavor then it would be perfection. (cococo)
good taste, but i prefer the FYH for pizza. (fb)
This is really good! It melts wonderfully, it has a great taste, and it even has a bit of a bite. It's good! (AC)
these are my new favorite! they do taste a bit similar to the american slices, but it doesn't matter. they melt and work perfectly as a cheese substitute. love!!! (Brooke)
I absolutely adore these. I think they're so delicious, they melt, and they're great on pizza and veggie burgers. They're the only Tofutti slices I can get around here, thus they're my favorite! (veganrun)
Good, just like the cheddar. I sometimes put slices of this on pizza rather than daiya for that NY style pizza effect. I wouldn't ever have it in a sandwich or anything like that though :p (dannibazaar)
Tofutti-Pan crust pizza pizzaz
It tastes EXACTLY like the frozen Ellio's pizzas from my childhood, and I guess it was good and what I wanted at the time, but now that grosses me out and I refuse to buy them. If they were cheap I'd recommend them to broke vegan college kids who can't afford to eat healthy, but with the money you pay for them, I'm sure you could afford to buy something healthier in its place. (veganfilmjunkie)
Trader Joe's-This is not a tub of cream cheese
I'm 99% certain this is actually the Galaxy Foods brand Vegan cream cheese (comparing ingredients and nutritional info). This, to me, is not as tasty as tofutti, hydrogenated or no. It's a little bit more spreadable straight out of the fridge, but the flavor isn't as good. I think that if I'm making a cheesecake (that calls for fake cream cheese), I'd make the extra trip to another HFS just to get tofutti.  (fb)
I was super excited because this smells a lot like cheese.  The texture is very soft and more spreadable than sliceable. On the plus side, it melts really easily and has a creamy texture when melted.  On the minus side, it has a very strong rice aftertaste.  I tend to like the first couple of bites, but then the aftertaste gets to me.  Sad! (vegrunski)
It melts nicely, but it's kind of sticky and I can taste the.....rice......Isn't my favorite really. (fufu)
This melts nicely, but it has a slightly weird texture and is REALLY salty tasting. I much prefer daiya. (dannibazaar)
Vegetarian express-Parma zaan sprinkles parmesan alternative

Wayfare foods-We can't say it's cheese cheddar style dip
Another good one. This is pretty similar to the mexi style, actually. It's just a little less spiced. Good! (AC)
I thought it was really salty, but good. Very similar to a cheez whizzy type dip. Yum. (nmpixie)
Wayfare foods-We can't say it's cheese cheddar style spread
I was slightly disappointed with this flavor. The hickory style set my expectations way high. It's ok, but there's something about the flavor that's off for me. (AC)
I reeeaally liked this stuff. I have to say, I would never suspect it was oatmeal-based without knowing. My boyfriend hated it, because he said it tasted like bell pepper (one of the ingredients, haha. I didn't think that flavor was so strong). Tangy, cheesy. (fb)
Wayfare foods-We can't say it's cheese hickory smoked cheddar style spread
Yummy!!! I think this is our favorite cheese spread, ever. Out of all cheeses (dairy, and otherwise). It's a creamy spread that's cheezy, and smoky. It's also soyfree, made mostly from organic oatmeal! Plusssssssssss, it's made in Bozeman, MT! I think they are trying to stock the product in different locations, so I don't know if it's anywhere else, yet, and I don't know that it's available for order, but it's really good. (AC)
Everything I like about the cheddar spread, with the added bonus of smoke flavor (which makes everything better). (fb)
This is still our favorite. I think it's my absolute favorite cheese thing! (AC)
Love it. (mdv)
Wayfare foods-We can't say it's cheese mexi cheddar style dip
Amazing! I might even like this better than the hickory spread. It's sooooooooooo good on nachos. A great dip! Love it. (AC)
This is REALLY good.  I put it in some spaghetti noodles and let it melt.  It has a nice nacho flavor but is not spicy at all. The texture was a little weird at first but it is fine once you get used to it.  I'm glad I bought this and would buy it again. (monkey7)


365 (Whole Foods)-Almond milk
This is now my favorite almond milk.  It has a nice thickness and flavor.  Both the sweetened and unsweetened are good. (monkey7)
Agree! I love this almond milk and I buy both the unsweetened and original every other week.  Both are very creamy and taste great. (icephrosty)
Really good! We don't have regular access to this, but it was one of our favorites. Original was perfect for cereal. (AC)
365 (Whole Foods)-Flax milk vanilla
Pretty sweet, and thin (thinner than ricemilk, def not solid white-ish). Has a flaxy flavor that's noticeable, but not bad. I figured this would be made with flax seeds, but taking a second look at the ingredients, it's only flax oil! I know "milk" is already used loosely, but doesn't really seem like milk if you only emulsify some oil with water. I wonder if it can't be made with the whole seed? Anyway, not really my thing. (fb)
365 (Whole Foods)-Soy milk original
I like this a lot.  Not too thick, not too watery.  It has a nice unadultered soybean taste, which I like.  Good mellow sweetness. (KMK)
365 (Whole Foods)-Soy milk vanilla
Tastes a little like liquid Play-Doh. (saskia)
8th Continent soymilk-Chocolate

8th Continent soymilk-Original
I don't have any complaints with this. The flavor is good, and almost a little vanilla-ey, and the consistency is just right. It still gets thick at the bottom, but I haven't met a soymilk that doesn't. I like the vanilla better, but this is good. It's probably a bit sweeter than other plain soymilks. (AC)
8th Continent soymilk-Vanilla
I didn't think I would like this, but I really do.  The vanilla flavor is strong, and I can actually drink it straight from a glass (or the carton, hehe).  I've gone through two half-gallons in about a week!! (icephrosty)
I don't mind this at all. I don't really have any complaints about it. We don't usually like vanilla soymilk, but this is pretty good. (AC)
8th Continent light soymilk-Chocolate

8th Continent light soymilk-Original
My husband loves this for drinking or cereal. (thhf)
Good, but thin. I generally just have it with cereal, but it isn't the stuff to use if you're cooking with it in like a soup or something that needs some thickness.  It's just a bit watery. (berryraw)
Yummy.  Good on cereal and in oatmeal but probably not great for savory applications because it's pretty sweet on its own. (icephrosty)
8th Continent light soymilk-Vanilla
A girl in Wal-mart recommended this brand to me when I was standing sadly in front of the shelf of soymilk stacked with brands I don't like. It's in the refrigerated section by the Silk and stuff. Yummy on cereal. I'm not too sure how I feel about it out of the glass. It is sweet and thicker than I'm used to. This might be my imagination, but it tastes a little bit I think I like it.. (ponycakes)
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! WTF is this crap? Really do not like Soy mylk at all anymore (uzbekjoe)
I like this.  It is thin like the original flavor, but the vanilla is nice and sweet and is pleasant drunk straight or with a banana:) (berryraw)
I actually like this, too! It's the first light soymilk that I've liked (not too thin). The flavor is very similar to regular vanilla, and I can't even tell that big of a difference in the consistency. (AC)
I really like this stuff.  I tend to drink light soymilk because of the milder flavor, and this one is my fav. (icephrosty)
8th Continent fat free soymilk-Original

8th Continent fat free soymilk-Vanilla

Almond breeze-AlmondCoconut original

Almond breeze-AlmondCoconut original unsweetened

Almond breeze-AlmondCoconut vanilla

Almond breeze-AlmondCoconut vanilla unsweetened

Almond breeze-Chocolate
yum, i always make sure to have a little carton in the fridge/pantry. very creamy and it has a great chocolate flavor. (brooke)
very chocolatey! but there's a bit of wateriness to it (as i find all almond milks). that can be forgiven, though (chocolate!!) (fb)
I like all kinds. (Laura)
Hmmm. This was my first time trying almond milk, and I was not impressed at all. I was actually quite disappointed! It seems that everyone loves almond milk. P had regular almond milk before, but hated this chocolate! The chocolate soymilks we've had are SO much better. This was a bit bitter, watery, and barely chocolaty. Oh well! I tried it. (AC)
terrific as a snack (blackrabbit)
Sooo delicious, but a bit too sweet. I like to thin it out with the unsweetened. This is amazing as hot chocolate, and the first thing I used to try and lure my bf away from cow milk. (veganrun)
This stuff is good, but not as good as the silk chocolate. (sb)
Almond breeze-Chocolate unsweetened

Almond breeze-Original
Love it. (malevolence)
I like all kinds. (Laura)
my absolutely favorite milk, vanilla and plain are both fine, and it's nice and thick (veganfilmjunkie)
This is the almond nondairy beverage my local Trader Joe's sells. I haven't tried cooking with it, since I'm on a raw kick, but I use it in my smoothies. Very good! It has a light, creamy texture that doesn't taste overwhelmingly of almonds. It's a good complement for sweet fruit, especially peaches. (Peaches + almond milk + maple syrup = ULTIMATE DELICIOUSNESS). However, when I put it in my morning coffee, this milk seemed thin and watery. Even though I shook the carton there were little white flakes floating around, which was unappetizing. And it didn't really change the taste of the drink overall. So the verdict: for hot beverages, I'll stick to soy milk. But for smoothies: absolutely.   (blackrabbit)
I use it in cereal, in cooking...its really good, and Publix(grocery store here) always has it on sale 2 for $5.00 (potatohead)
I'm trying to cut back on soy, so I've been enjoying almond milk a lot lately.  This is very good and just a a tad sweet. I usually buy the 1/2 gallon container to save $$. (icephrosty)
I like this better then the Silk Purely Almond.  It is great in both hot and cold cereals.  A nice almond flavor. (monkey7)
This stuff has thickeners added to give it more body. It's pretty good, though. (sb)
Almond breeze-Unsweetened chocolate
Tastes so decadent, but still only 45 calories a cup. I like to use it for baking chocolate goods, or for thinning out the too sweet chocolate flavor. (veganrun)
Love this!  It makes great hot chocolate if you heat it up.  I like to add agave syrup or stevia and dandies, yum! (icephrosty)
Very good! I love how low it is in calories. Plus, just add a little bit of sweetener (I use stevia...) and is a sweet, delicious, low cal drink, which is great over ice (a little instant espresso powder never hurts either...low cal mocha!!!) (dannibazaar)
Almond breeze-Unsweetened original
My fave! Couldn't live without that. (crsymes)
I like this for savory or sweet dishes. (thhf)
There is a special place in my heart and my hot beverages for this wondrously lovely substance. (narcissus)
Pretty good, awesome for cooking. (veganrun)
I always buy Almond Breeze, but mainly because I like to buy the unsweetened variations for baking since it cuts out calories and you're already getting enough of them when you're baking (and you're usually using a sweetener anyway) (tweedle)
Love this as much as the vanilla. I use it all the time in any sort of recipe, sweet or savoury. It's amazing. I never drink anything like this plain though. In fact, the only type of vegan "milk" that I ever drink straight is chocolate almond milk...but I digress. (dannibazaar)
This is my go-to almond milk. (sb)
Almond breeze-Unsweetened vanilla
My favorite non dairy milk, hands down. This stuff is so delicious, I can't believe it's only 40 calories. Great to drink, on cereal, or for baking. (veganrun)
This is the only unsweetened non dairy milk the store has, and I didn't even notice it was vanilla. I find that odd! I want to buy unsweetened for cooking needs, so vanilla seems strange. I haven't had any problems with it in cooking or baking, though. andddd I just drank some to test it, and I like it! I haven't liked almond milk in the past, but I do like this. Not too thick, unsweetened doesn't bother me, maybe a slight vanilla. I guess I'll buy this more often! (AC)
Also very good! I get this interchangeably with the original flavour. It is great in cereal (duh). Still, love the calorie count. (dannibazaar)
Almond breeze-Vanilla
creamy, sweet, and goes well in dry breakfast cereal. (brooke)
(unsweetened) I love this stuff! It's a shame it's so expensive. (mdv)
I use this on my cereal – very tasty.  Good for baking. (purpledancer)
thinner than soymilk, maybe even sweeter, but it'll do. (fb)
I like all kinds. (Laura)
my absolutely favorite milk, vanilla and plain are both fine, and it's nice and thick (veganfilmjunkie)
Very yummy, great over cereal and just to drink straight. Love Almond Breeze, all of them! (veganrun)
Almond dream-Original

Almond dream-Unsweetened
I bought a huge container of this thinking it would be as good as Almond Breeze.  Not so.  I absolutely hate it!!  It might be ok for baking, but it tastes disgusting on it's own. (icephrosty)
Almond fresh-Original
I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this. I had it with granola, and the color/consistency is slightly off putting (but not as bad as rice milk), and it just seemed really sweet. It wasn't horrible (AC)
Almond fresh-Vanilla

Alpro soya-Chocolate

Alpro soya-Cream

Alpro soya-Light
A little thinner. Sweet. Tastes slightly... not wrong, per se, but different. (narcissus)
Like. It has a slight vanilla sweetness. Pretty thin. (eldsjal)
Alpro soya-Original
Similar to Silk, perhaps slightly sweeter. Nutty taste. Not particularly creamy, but not thin like almond or rice milk. (narcissus)
Not much different from the light kind. Except it's creamier and tastes a little "nuttier". I like it enough to drink half a package every day. (eldsjal)
Alpro soya-Plus

Alpro soya-Strawberry

Alpro soya-Unsweetened
Soy taste more pronounced, similar texture. (narcissus)
Would not drink this plain, but it works well in cooking. (eldsjal)
Alpro soya-Vanilla

Archer farms-Chocolate
really good.  I like them better than rice dream's comparable products, and they are cheaper too. (cococo)
Archer farms-Plain
really good.  I like them better than rice dream's comparable products, and they are cheaper too. (cococo)
it's fine. it's maybe thinner than silk soymilk, but it works. pretty sweet. (fb)
Archer farms-Vanilla
We like this. Good amount of sweetness, and doesn't curdle as easily as some other "milk"s.  (fb)
Better than milk-Plus soy

Better than milk-Rice powder original enriched

Better than milk-Rice powder vanilla enriched

Better than milk-Soy powder light

Better than milk-Soy powder original
I dislike this. It’s too granuar and doesn’t work very well in recipes that call for it (it doesn’t dissolve), and it’s super beany if you drink it as soymilk (more like fresh soymilk than the stuff you get at the store). You might think it would be cost-effective, but it really comes out to about the same price as buying cartons. (fb)
I bought this from bulk once, because I thought I would need it for all these special recipes. I never really needed it that much, and I didn't notice a difference in any of the things that I did make (mac and cheeze, cocoa). (AC)
I've used it in my bread recipes before and it adds a nice texture.  I also tried it as "milk" and didn't mind the taste, though it was definitely strong. (icephrosty)
Better than milk-Soy powder vanilla

Better than milk-Soy ready to drink original

CalNaturale-Svelte cappuccino
One thing first - what's weird is this brand makes two things: wine in cartons, and these things. Huh? Anyway. It's sweetened with a mix of brown rice syrup, cane syrup, erythritol, and stevia. The coffee flavor is fairly strong but not overwhelming, and even though this is a "protein drink," it has no protein added. Instead it's just a high-protein flavored soymilk (though a little bit more viscous than regular soymilk). While the coffee flavor is tasty, I find it too sweet altogether. I always find this to be the case when a low-calorie sweetener is involved... like they overcompensate, or maybe I'm just sensitive to it. I dunno. But it's quite saccharin, and the sweetness lingers. Overall I don't like it for that reason. Also, it's not the cheapest thing (cost me 2.33, but on amazon it's a little more expensive) considering it's really just like drinking two cups of soymilk, so it's not really worth it (it has 16g protein total, which is not much more than 2 c of silk would have). PLUS, it is not as fortified (though I don't necessarily need it, it just doesn't seem worth it as a "nutrient" type food) - it has a total 35% calcium, vs 2 cups of fortified soymilk/etc would have 60-80%. Hm. The only thing this has on regular soymilk, it seems, is some extra added fiber (inulin).  (fb)
CalNaturale-Svelte chocolate

CalNaturale-Svelte French vanilla

CalNaturale-Svelte spiced chai
While I liked the coffee flavor but it was too sweet, this was both too sweet and the chai flavor sucked. I admit I'm picky with chai - i like chai with more cardamom & ginger, versus almost all cinnamon - so I usually check the list of spices in the ingredients to see what the deal is there. This only lists "organic spices"(bah!), so the flavor was a surprise... almost entirely an anise/fennel flavor. Blegh (i should have picked up on the star anise all over the package, though, hehe). Even though it's more expensive but not necessarily more nutritionally dense tha soymilk, I'd go for it if it had a really good chai flavor or other flavors, but in the end the flavor isn't good and it's too too sweet. (fb)
Cedar lake-Insta soy milk

More watery than soymilk, more on par with rice milk or hemp milk. It makes a better chocolate milk than just plain soymilk + chocolate syrup, pretty chocolatey and everything. It kind of has a significant amount of salt though (5% or something), so I'd prefer it without that. Now I'm curious to try the original... not bad for "potato milk". It also has a lot more fortification than standard milk alternatives, which doesn't seem to affect the flavor. The trial size makes 8 oz, but it looks like the full size containers call a "serving" 1.5 cups, just a note. You can get 6 trial size things with free shipping from the manufacturer's website, though the full sized container would probably be cheaper from VE with an order. (fb)
Earth balance-Soy chocolate
Eh. I saw the EB label and expected deliciousness, but this stuff is kinda watery. It's got the regular thickening/stabilizing agents in it, but it seems extra thick, versus its lack of creaminess. The chocolate isn't too strong, but is stronger than the soymilk taste. Maybe the vanilla or original would have a more clear soymilk taste, but not this one. Oh well. (fb)
Earth balance-Soy nog

Earth balance-Soy original

Earth balance-Soy unsweetened

Earth balance-Soy vanilla

Edensoy-Organic carob

Edensoy-Organic chocolate

Edensoy-Organic edenblend

Edensoy-Organic extra original

Edensoy-Organic extra vanilla

Edensoy-Organic light original

Edensoy-Organic light vanilla

Edensoy-Organic original
I can't remember what kind I had but this was gross and the only way I can describe it is "liquid cardboard" (veganfilmjunkie)
I remember really disliking this stuff by itself (it tasted like liquid dirt or something... blah), but my fiance really liked it. It went well with granola, if I remember correctly.  (orangecreme)
Edensoy-Organic unsweetened

Edensoy-Organic vanilla

Good karma-Creamer French vanilla

Good karma-Creamer hazelnut

Good karma-Creamer original

Good karma-Flax milk original

Good karma-Flax milk unsweetened
Tastes like flax seeds.  It has a nice texture.  It is almost as creamy as almond milk.  I don't think I would buy it again though.  (monkey7)
Good karma-Flax milk vanilla

Good karma/Rice divine-Whole grain rice milk chocolate
Very sweet, kind of thin. Good for baking, not that good for hot chocolate.  (veganrun)
Good karma/Rice divine-Whole grain rice milk original

Good karma/Rice divine-Whole grain rice milk unsweetened

Good karma/Rice divine-Whole grain rice milk vanilla

Kikkoman pearl-Chocolate
A little too watery for my taste (fb)
Kikkoman pearl-Coffee
Pretty good coffee flavor, but Silk coffee soymilk is better. (fb)
I think this could have more coffee flavor, but it's surprisingly really good. I haven't been much of a fan of the flavored "milks," but this one hits the spot. It's not overly sweet (are you hearing me, Rice Dream?), and it has no aftertaste. I like it! (veganrun)
This is one of our very favorites. It's nice and creamy with a great coffee flavor and really yummy iced. It's a mainstay for my daughter, who LOVES it! We always have one in the fridge. It's also a good price for us at Winco. I usually pay about $1.28 a carton. (abrimmer)
Kikkoman pearl-Green tea
could have more of a green tea flavor, but it passes. (fb)
Kikkoman pearl-Original

Kikkoman pearl-Tropical

Kikkoman pearl-Vanilla

Living harvest Tempt hempmilk-Chocolate
This stuff was pretty pleasant. Its taste and consistency was somewhere between soy and rice milk. This was the first flavor I got in case I needed chocolate to cover up the flavor, which worked. I still prefer soy, though, and probably won't get this again unless it goes on mega sale. (fb)
runny and weird and I only used it in smoothies (veganfilmjunkie)
Living harvest Tempt hempmilk-Original
to me, it had a really neutral taste and the consistency was exactly the same as soy milk, so if you can afford it, I'd really get this as your "normal" milk to cut back on soy and to support hemp farming (veganfilmjunkie)
Living harvest Tempt hempmilk-Unsweetened original
This is just as good as the vanilla version!  I thought it might be bland, but it's definitely not.  Just an not use it in coffee (hot or iced) because it separates and looks pretty gross! (icephrosty)
Living harvest Tempt hempmilk-Unsweetened vanilla
I absolutely love this stuff.  It's really creamy and tastes great on my morning cereal. (icephrosty)
Living harvest Tempt hempmilk-Vanilla
At the first sip, I had that "wtf IS this?" moment (memories of my first time trying soy...), but I adjusted. It definitely tastes nutty and it isn't overly sweet. I wouldn't drink it on its own but used it for cereal. Also, I tried it in hot chai and it curdled. I heard it does that in coffee too. Still drinkable, but not attractive. (fb)
Tasty, but pretty sweet and kind of expensive. Not worth the price, to me. Not all that high in protein, either.  (veganrun)
This was my first time trying hempmilk, and I was expecting to love it, since most people do. It's really sweet! I realize it's vanilla, but it was sweeter than almost any soymilk I've had. I didn't even like it anymore than most soymilks. It's pretty nutty. I drank some on its own. I bought it on sale to try. I might try another flavor if it's on sale, but I wasn't at all wowed. (AC)
Manitoba harvest hemp bliss-Chocolate

Manitoba harvest hemp bliss-Original
Creamy texture, lightly sweetened  with a nutty, earthy hemp taste. Good source of calcium and Omega-3s and Omega-6s. In your cereal, the hemp taste can be overpowering. I didn't care for it in my cocoa Koala Crisp cereal. But in bakery, especially the muffins, cookies and biscotti I baked, the hemp milk complements oaty, nutty, and spicy flavors nicely. (saskia)
Manitoba harvest hemp bliss-Vanilla

Mogami soymilk-Chocolate
Pretty similar to the Earth Balance chocolate soymilk, in that it's thinner than Silk (less creamy and such), but still decent. Added a wee bit of peppermint extract to get mint chocolate soymilk, which was magical. (fb)
This is the only Natura flavour that I actually like. Not as good as other chocolate kinds, but still pretty yummy. (Laura)
(I think only available in Canada): ICK. Disgusting. Don't even bother. (Laura)
this is my FAVOURITE soymilk for cereal, in hot drinks like tea & hot chocolate, hot cereal, baking, etc. I find some soy milks too 'strong' (very soy-tasting, like So Good, especially when heated) Natur-a is not like this so much so I find it's more versatile. Not to mention it's organic, & somehow cheaper than most other soymilks available to me. I have tried So Good, Silk, So Nice, Sensational Soy (also pretty good, organic and cheap! but not vegan), and various no-name soymilks, and this one remains my favourite. (tino)
without a doubt it is the best soymilk I have ever light tasting and no strong "soy" taste.  I also like that it can be bought in smaller tetra packs as I don't always finish a carton of soymilk before it goes bad. (happypanda)
Natura-Light original

Natura-Light vanilla

Natura-Rice original

Natura-Rice vanilla

I wish it was good, but it isn't. (Laura)

A little better than original, but not worth it. (Laura)
Nature's promise-Chocolate

Nature's promise-Plain

Nature's promise-Vanilla

Nature's promise-Organic chocolate

Nature's promise-Organic original
Giant Foods' organic store-brand soymilk.  Not only do I love supporting them for the fact that they have a store-brand soymilk, but it's way cheaper than Silk.  Unfortunately, they do not have an unsweetened kind, and the plain is pretty sweet (sweeter than plain Silk) so you can't cook with it. It is a great deal though and whenever I go to Giant I try to get one and use it in cereal, smoothies, desserts, etc. (veganfilmjunkie)
Nature's promise-Organic vanilla

Organic valley-Chocolate

Organic valley-Creamer French vanilla
I think this is thinner than other creamers, such as TJs or Wildwood - in fact I think it takes more of this to lighten coffee than regular Silk soymilk. However, it ends up with a strong (and sweet) vanilla flavor... but that might be because I had to use so much. While I like it overall, I'm not sure it's worth it considering I have to use more.  (fb)
Organic valley-Creamer original

Organic valley-Original
We've enjoyed all soy milks, and this is probably in the middle of So nice (best) and Silk (not best). (AC)
Organic valley-Unsweetened
This is actually my favorite soymilk ever. Perfect consistency and flavor. (sb)
Organic valley-Vanilla


"Milk" Cont.
Pacific natural foods-All natural hazelnut chocolate
I haven't tried it yet, but I was soooooooooo psyched to find CHOCOLATE hazelnut milk!!  (icephrosty)
The taste is almost like drinking Nutella (in a good way, not in an overwhelming way). This was sooo tasty. My roommate bought a 4-pack (each at 8 ounces each) and they were great. I shook mine beforehand because she said that hers got "creamy" at the bottom, which is her way of saying stuff had settled. One caveat... if you're looking for a plain chocolate "milk" flavor, this is not it. You can definitely taste the hazelnuts. I love hazelnuts, so I'm fine with this. I'll definitely be having this again. (misa)
Pacific natural foods-All natural rice plain

Pacific natural foods-All natural rice vanilla

Pacific natural foods-All natural soy plain

Pacific natural foods-All natural soy vanilla

Pacific natural foods-All natural ultra soy plain

Pacific natural foods-All natural ultra soy vanilla

Pacific natural foods-Almond
Gross. It's grainy and watery... Almond Breeze is way better. (fb)
Pacific natural foods-Almond vanilla
I like the flavor of this a lot, but it isn't fortified with calcium or many vitamins/minerals, so I rarely buy it. (icephrosty)
Pacific natural foods-Chocolate
Eh. At first I really liked it, but it kind of just tastes like plain soymilk with cheap chocolate syrup added in. (fb)
Pacific natural foods-Hazelnut
I like this stuff. It's subtley hazelnut-y (I thought it might be overpowering), but is a little thin like almond milk is. Still, I like it better than almond milk, and it makes excellent hot chocolate. It's too bad this isn't a more popular milk sub, since I don't really like Pacific's almond milk/milk subs in general, and some other brand could probably make an excellent version of this. My only complaint is it's a tad... greasy? I guess it's hard to emulsify a nut milk, but I only noticed it when I used it to lighten my tea. Nothing disturbing, but it's noticeable. (fb)
gross, runny, and brown; but my non-veg friend really liked it, so it was probably just me.  If you have the money, it's probably a good fresh alternative for coffee creamer. (veganfilmjunkie)
I really enjoyed this the first time I had it, but I recently bought it again and thought it was way too sweet!  It's also a little "thin" for my liking.  I do think it's pretty omni-friendly because some of my friends tried it and thought it was good. (icephrosty)
this was ok, not as exciting as i thought it would be.  i didnt really enjoy drinking it, i thought it had more grainy sediment than other 'milks' ive tried, but i used it in baking and it was just fine. (ppc)
I previously used some of this in the tres leches cake, and then forgot about it. We just had some in cereal, and it's more hazelnutty than I expected! Not really a good or bad thing, but..hazelnut. It is thin and an off color, but it wasn't too off putting. I would get this again for a special type cake or something. (AC)
Pacific natural foods-Hemp original

Pacific natural foods-Hemp vanilla

Pacific natural foods-Organic almond
I tried this and did not like it.  It is ok on cereal or may be for baking/cooking.  There is a weird after taste to it.  I will not buy it again. (monkey7)
Pacific natural foods-Organic almond chocolate

Pacific natural foods-Organic almond vanilla
Really disappointing. Watery and tasteless. Stick to Almond Breeze. (veganrun)
Pacific natural foods-Organic almond unsweetened

Pacific natural foods-Organic almond unsweetened vanilla

Pacific natural foods-Organic oat original
one of my favorite milks, especially for dipping cookies in - especially oatmeal cookies! Expensive though, and probably easily made at home with a Vita-Mix (veganfilmjunkie)
Pacific natural foods-Organic oat vanilla

Pacific natural foods-Organic soy unsweetened

Rice dream-Carob
I usually dislike rice milk and a few of the carob things I've had, but this flavor is pretty good. It doesn't seem as watery as other ricemilks. (fb)
Rice dream-Enriched chocolate

Rice dream-Enriched original

Rice dream-Enriched vanilla
This is really good to use in smoothies or drink plain by the glass because it's sweet and has a mild taste.  I find it a little too sweet for cereal, and it's not thick enough for coffee. (icephrosty)
Rice dream-Heartwise original

Rice dream-Heartwise vanilla

Rice dream-Horchata
Reeeeeeally sweet with a yummy hint of cinnamon. It's thin but I guess it's supposed to be like that because it's rice milk? I like it, but at 160 calories per 8 oz, I don't think I'll get it again. (ponycakes)
WAY too sweet. Had to thin this down with unsweetened milk. Kind of tasty. I used it up little by little by adding to smoothies. (veganrun)
Very sweet, mild cinnamon flavor. I'd rather just make horchata, honestly. It seems more watery than regular rice milk. (fb)
Kind of watery but with a subtle hint of cinnamon.. I doubt I'll buy it often, but it's nice to switch things up occasionally. (taintedlove)
Rice dream-Nog
I normally dislike rice milk, but I was able to drink this one. Extra thick, extra sweet. I'd still choose a soy nog over this if available, though. (fb)
Rice dream-Original
kind of runny, and the taste was mediocre.  Good for blending with soymilk though to get more than one kind of milk. (veganfilmjunkie)
Rice dream-Supreme chocolate chai
it tastes divine, even though the combination sounds weird. Maybe a bit too sweet, but that's what I was in the mood for. (aziz)
This is wayyy too sweet. It's been sitting in our fridge for over a week now, and that never happens with our "milks." My boyfriend has had some luck thinning it out with unsweetened chocolate almond milk. The chai flavor is fantastic, but it's just too sugary to really enjoy. (veganrun)
do not want. it had some weird metallic flavor going on. i have no idea what that is, maybe a spice in there. it's tough for me to say i don't like something with the words "chocolate" and "chai" in it, but that's what happened.  (fb)
Rice dream-Supreme vanilla hazelnut
it's ok. it could definitely have more hazelnut flavor, and even so it's still rice milk... which usually isn't my cup of tea. i want hazelnut soymilk! (fb)
Rice dream-Vanilla
Gross. Thin and weird.  (AC)

I decided to try this for something different, and the appearance was immediately off-putting (I forgot our first rice milk experience...). It's so thin! Plus, it just looks weird...thin, and like transparent, but yellowish. The flavor isn't THAT bad..but I think that's just because I got the vanilla. I won't get it again. (AC)
MY FAVORITE! The best "chai" flavored anything. I swear this is because cardamom, not cinnamon, is high up on the ingredients list. Unfortunately it seems to be more expensive than the other quarts. (fb)
YUMMY! I dilute them with soy milk if we are just going to drink them because they are pretty sweet...but use them straight in baking. (thhf)
Good, but sweeeeeeeeet. (sb)
This is good, but not really worth buying a whole different soy milk. Tasted like good chocolate milk.  (AC)
I think this tastes good.  Make sure you shake well.  I don’t buy it very often, cause I don’t really drink glasses of soy milk.  It’s nice for making chocolate soy shakes though. (purpledancer)
The chocolate flavor is excellent. (fb)
YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sb)
Silk-Chocolate mint
Pretty tasty, though not as good as the Vitasoy Peppermint Chocolate (which I think they may have quit making last year). I think this Silk Mint Chocolate is new this holiday season, as I don't recall seeing it before.  It is lighter in calories than their regular chocolate soymilk at only 90 calories per cup, probably more akin to their light chocolate soymilk, though I haven't tried it.  I just noticed this Silk Mint Chocolate uses stevia as a sweetener, in addition to evaporated cane juice, which I believe is responsible for the lower calories.  This milk comes in the quart boxes, like the rest of their holiday milks, in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. (willwolf)
Hmm. It's pretty thin, and has a strong mint flavor (it reminded me of mint chip ice cream). I didn't really like the thinness though, because even though that means less calories, as a seasonal drink that comes by the quart, I don't mind drinking only 1/2 cup at a time like the Silk Nog. It's dark, but is more noticeably minty than chocolatey. As a comparison, this has 90 cals/cup whereas the Silk Chocolate has 140 cals/cup. (fb)
insanely gross... vitasoy all the way times infinity! (amymylove)
Yum! I wish this were available year round. I anticipate the winter season just to buy this. It is so so so so good. And at only 90 calories, I feel good about drinking it. (dannibazaar)
I'm not a huge chocolate mint fan in general, but don't hate this. P likes it. I think it tastes like a generic chocolate dinner mint. Not too overly chemically, but not special. It's definitely not rich. I prefer pumpkin spice. (AC)
The coffee flavor is pretty good, but could be stronger.  (fb)
Silk creamer-French vanilla
I really like this stuff. It's pretty sweet, so use sparingly, but I think it tastes just like dairy creamers I remember. I don't get any soy flavor at all. (veganrun)
Good, but totally too sweet. (sb)
Silk creamer-Hazelnut
Very good, adds a nice flavor to my coffee. (purpledancer)
much like the So Delicious coconut milk hazelnut creamer, this is like BAM! Hazelnut. But not quite as strong. A pleasant creamer. (fb)
Silk creamer-Original
This stuff is OK. I don’t find the flavor or thickness to be much different from regular soy milk. (purpledancer)
I tried this once, but decided, if I want something in my tea/coffee beverage, I'll just use soymilk. (Laura)
whoah - tastes like creamer! I bought it for use in recipes that called for it, but otherwise I agree, I'd rather use soymilk in hot beverages or otherwise get a flavored variety. (fb)
for my me its the nearest thing to half and half I can find. (potatohead)
My stepmother has been known to buy this when she's trying to limit her half-and-half addiction. (narcissus)
I like this, but not as well as the French Vanilla flavor. It is certainly creamy, but I think it has just the slightest tinge of soy flavor. That's fine for me, but I don't think I'd serve it to an omni.  (veganrun)
Good, but totally too sweet. I don't use creamer in my coffee, so I only buy this stuff for dessert recipes that call for cream. (sb)
Silk-Fruit and protein mango peach

Silk-Fruit and protein mixed berry

Silk-Fruit and protein strawberry banana

Silk-Light chocolate
Couldn't really tell a difference between this and regular Silk chocolate. Pretty good. (AC)
I very very rarely get the chocolate kind and when I do I get light - I can't taste a difference but they are both really sweet and I don't like consuming it more than a few times a year. (veganfilmjunkie)
Tastes very similar to the regular chocolate. I might not even know the difference. But, I don't find this as often as the non-light varieties, so I tend to stick with regular chocolate. (fb)
Very good. Thick, but good. It almost tastes like a think shake... (dannibazaar)
Silk-Light plain
I bought this because it was the only one on sale...and something about it grosses me out. It tastes fine, but it's really thin, and the color looks weird. (AC)
This is the first soy milk that I have tried, and in pursuit of more vegan alternatives, I'm pretty pleased. I only used regular milk for my cereal anyways, so I can't really tell much of a difference from cow's milk. Easy switch, and commonly available. (taintedlove)
Actually, now that I tried it again without scarfing it down, the flavor kind of covers up the wonderful taste of my Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Shredded Wheat..  (taintedlove)
My mother really likes the light kind and I can't taste a difference between that and the regular. (veganfilmjunkie)
hated this. It was way too sweet and way too thick. I NEVER buy it. Ew. (dannibazaar)
Silk-Light vanilla
this is good, but i prefer 8th continent SOO much more. the vanilla taste is sort of "eh", tastes like a watery regular silk vanilla. (jeffykite)
I didn't like this much. I guess I should have read the label better before buying, but I was expecting the "light" part to be more about the sweetener (like, a little sugar, the rest stevia, or something). Instead it has the same amount of sugar, but the soymilk part itself is watered down... so it's thin, watery, and kind of yellow (?). Because of that, if I want my coffee to be as pale as usual, it winds up really sweet! Anyway, I think if I really want a "lighter" soymilk I'll either do unsweetened or Vitasoy light. (fb)
Meh....grossed me out a little. Too thick and too sweet. (dannibazaar)
This doesn't taste much different than the coffee flavor... I expected more chocolatey-ness to it, but I can barely taste it. Meh. (fb)
Great for fall/winter baking.  Adds a little 'something extra' to pumpkin pies.  I think it is way to sweet to drink plain. (mdv)
Great, but too thick and sweet to drink a whole cup at once. I guess that's why the serving size is 1/2 cup! (fb)
I just miss the stuff.  I loved it around the holidays for my lattes.  The espresso just cuts the overly sweet and thickness, and made it perfect. (tulipchick)
YUMMY! I dilute them with soy milk if we are just going to drink them because they are pretty sweet...but use them straight in baking. (thhf)
LOVE this stuff during the holidays! However, I like to do about a 70 nog, 30 unsweetened milk to thin it out. It's just a bit too rich as is. (veganrun)
My dad bought this because it was the only egg nog the store had at the time.  It was pretty good.  I never liked real egg nog but this had a nice spice to it.  My dad said it was good and tasted like egg nog just thinner. (monkey7)
MIL had some of this, so we tried it. Not a huge fan. Granted, we didn't add anything, and didn't use it for baking..but didn't really like just drinking it. It was fine, but meh. (AC)
REPULSIVE SNOT. (amymylove)
Silk is fine, but it doesn't measure up to the smooth goodness of So nice! (AC)
This to me is kind of standard soymilk - not supersweet, has a kind of "beany" flavor that I don't mind. I use it in baking and maybe for cereal, but not just drinking by itself. (fb)
This brings back bad memories, so I don't buy it. It was the only soymilk available in the cafeteria at school (during my first year of university). It's not bad, but I just can't drink it. (Laura)
I use plain for cereal and desserts and things - it is plenty sweet. (veganfilmjunkie)
My father prefers this to dairy milk in his lattes, and my stepmother overcame her aversion to soya milks to use this on her cereal. I find it a little too sweet, but I have no sweet tooth. (narcissus)
Silk-Plus fiber

Silk-Plus for bone health
drink this daily because it has extra calicum (40%) and i think it tastes just a little bit better than regular vanilla silk. (brooke)
Silk-Plus omega-3 DHA
This seemed kinda weird. (AC)
use it when I am making a frozen dessert or a gravy or something that will benefit from the extra fat. (veganfilmjunkie)
I think it tastes pretty much just like the plain, except maybe sweeter. (fb)
Silk-Pumpkin spice
mmm, very sweet and full of spice. the pumpkin is lacking, but i still love it! (Brooke)
I can definitely taste the spices, but the pumpkin flavor isn't very strong.  It's also super sweet, almost too much for me!  Still, it's pretty good and a nice treat...I might try cutting it with regular soymilk! (icephrosty)
Delicious and spiced perfectly. (sb)
I have been looking for this ever since fall started and I can't find it anywhere around here. I normally find it at the HFS's around here. I don't know if the release date is getting pushed back or what, but I am getting anxious. I want to drink it so bad! It's so yummy! (krista)
Pleasantly surprised! We didn't like the nog much, but this is very good. Not too thick, not tootoo sweet, good flavor. The pumpkin is mild, but still good. (AC)
Silk-Purealmond dark chocolate
i discovered this and was like OMG and bought it. i actually like the vanilla better. it sure is dark and chocolatey, but there's some kinda... saltiness? to it. looking at the label, there in fact is significant sodium in it. why? does this enhance the chocolate flavor? it's not that bad, but i notice it because i'm in the habit of not adding salt to anything, so... yeah. maybe this isn't as noticeable as i think. (fb)
It's rich and creamy and I almost want to cut it with plain almond milk. (courth)
I love this stuff. It's so much richer and chocolate-ey-er than regular chocolate milk, or even chocolate soymilk. Love to use it when I'm making brownies. (orangecreme)
SO GOOD and decadent. I love to heat it up and drink it as hot chocolate. It's pretty rich, but it doesn't feel overly sweet--you know what I mean? You really taste the chocolate over the sweetness. Love it. (veganrun)
We both love it! It was mmmmmmmmmm good kinda thing. I randomly bought it, and it didn't disappoint. I agree that it's really chocolatey (reminds me of cocoa krispies), but not too sweet or rich. Rich enough, though. Would buy again. (AC)
Silk-Purealmond original
Quite similar to Almond Breeze. I actually prefer it to soymilk. (Courth)
So good!  I like this slightly better than almond breeze and it is cheaper.  I'm obsessed with it right now, so it's all I'm using! (icephrosty)
This is really good, and my bf says it closely resembles cow milk to him. Just the right texture and sweetness. (veganrun)
I am really liking this stuff.  It seems pretty thick to me, but it's great for cooking with and isn't at all sweet to me. It costs about the same as the other stuff I buy too. (berryraw)
This is really good.  It is not overly sweet.  It is smooth and and not too thick.  This may be my favorite almond milk. (monkey7)
my new favorite nondairy milk.  I takes exactly like I remember milk tasting, which I guess doesn't say much.  I wish it was as available as the Slik Light Plain that I typically buy.  (lbarte)
it doesn't have the magic cookie factor like the vanilla one, but is still good, even for drinking alone. it doesn't whiten coffee well, but the coffee tastes mellower. as in, if you try to whiten your coffee to the normal degree of paleness with this, it will turn out that you diluted the coffee flavor way more than intended. looks can be deceiving. (fb)
I don't like silk almond milk in any flavor, too thick for my tastes... almond breeze cannot be beat! (amymylove)
I like this with chocolate chip cookies and other sweet things, but on its own it's a little too thick for me. I don't think I've had this on cereal yet, but I'd imagine it'd be really good.  (orangecreme)
I think we now prefer this over the Almond Breeze. I'd purchase either, depending on price. I like the original over the vanilla, but no complaints. (AC)
Silk-Purealmond unsweetened
I get this all the time! I love it. It is rich, creamy, delicious, and only 35 calories a cup! Love!!! (sorry almond breeze, I have a new regular!) (dannibazaar)
It's nicely thick without feeling like it's coating my mouth too much.  The flavor, though, is awful.  It has an initial taste of wateriness, followed by the main flavor of the milk, and then a weird aftertaste.  It kind of reminds me of soy milk <- blech.  I wouldn't buy this again. (hh)
I don't have a problem with this. I buy it intermittently with Almond Breeze. I think the texture is fine, and it works in baking and cereal. (AC)
Silk-Purealmond unsweetened vanilla

Silk-Purealmond vanilla
really like it. It is a bit thick, but the flavor is really good. I haven't been a fan of any almond milks, so this is good. It's .50 more than my regular soy milk, but a good change. I'm going to try a small glass of it. It's a bit too sweet. (AC)
Good texture, very smooth. However, it's pretty sweet.  (veganrun)
This is just as good as the original flavor, though it seems a bit thinner in consistency.  I'm really really digging these Silk Almond milks namely because I use them to cook my hot breakfast cereals and they don't seem to scald and stick to the pan like soymilks tend to even with lots of stirring - easier pan clean-up for me (berryraw)
like drinking a cookie. an almond-vanilla cookie. it's smoother and thicker (probably from the thickeners) than almond breeze, and a bit sweeter (but i like that). i never drink "milk"s by themselves (instead i put them in coffee, with cereal, recipes, etc), but this one is different. i almost *don't* want to use it for those things because of its om nom nom flavor. (fb)
I agree that this stuff seems a lot thicker... I usually drink mine plain so I like AB more... It still has my heart, well unless I get another free coupon for Silk. (amymylove)
This one is a bit too sweet for me. I prefer the other flavors. (AC)
Silk-Purecoconut original
It's pretty watery. I don't like it on cereal. It's not too remarkable on its own, but I like the nutritional benefits it has, so I add it to pretty much anything I can when I have it in the house. (orangecreme)
Not a ton of flavor here. Good for cooking, but I didn't enjoy it straight or on cereal. I used it up by putting it in smoothies. My bf wouldn't drink it, and he is not usually that discerning in his nondairy milk preferences. Also, at 80 calories, I want some tastiness!  (veganrun)
I was not a fan of this at all when I drank it straight. It doesn't really have any sweetness, and it is slightly watery (not too bad). However, P loved it when he had it (straight and on cereal), so I tried it on cereal and it's not bad. I think it's P's favorite now (he likes that it's thinner, and not as rich), but I dunno about it. And I love coconut. (AC)
Silk-Purecoconut vanilla
I love this stuff, especially on its own (Which is saying a lot, I usually hate stuff like this by itself). It literally tastes like So Delicious vanilla coconut milk ice cream in liquid form. Also, I like adding this to non-chocolate baked goods. (orangecreme)
A little better than the original, but still lacking some flavor. I feel like all I can taste is "sweet," and not a whole lot of anything else. Pretty high in calories for how little flavor there is.  (veganrun)
Eh. Watery, much like other coconut "milks" (fb)
I thought this would have more of a pumpkin element to it... instead it's supersweet with a tiny bit of cinnamon. Not worth it to me. (fb)
I always have a bottle of this handy for all my cooking & baking needs.  Good on cereal. (purpledancer)
This is my favorite for baking, but I can't drink it straight from a glass. (icephrosty)
I love that they sell an unsweetened milk so I can cook with it (veganfilmjunkie)
According to my father, this tastes eerily like cow milk. I don't really know - I find the smell of milk rather off-putting, but quite like this. (narcissus)
I like that this exists. It works well for any savory recipes calling for a milk substitute (versus "original," which is sweet). However, it's kind of hard to find. I would buy it more if I could. (fb)
Its a classic! not overly sweet, but sweet enough to enjoy in cereal or with cookies. (brooke)
I always used to buy this.  I think it tastes good.  Now, I buy the Unsweetened soy milk because it has more uses. (purpledancer)
Standard stuff... not too sweet, but it's too sweet to put in savory recipes. (fb)
I'm a fan. (malevolence)
It's fine if you're not just straight using it for something where it's prevalent. It's meh. (AC)
Silk-Very vanilla
Too sweet! Ok for tea. (AC)
I love this stuff! Perfect for eating with chocolate chip cookies. Extra vanilla and extra sugar (fb)
I loved it, very sweet and full of vanilla flavor. today i packed the juicebox size (8.25 oz) for my snack in class and it was the perfect portable drink to go alone with my s'mores zbar (which are delicious). i will continue to buy the 3-pack 8.25 oz very vanilla because its more enjoyable to drink but i will stick to the refridgerated plain vanilla. (brooke)
I think people who buy the vanilla kind must have a sweet tooth, so I don't understand the Very Vanilla and would only buy it if you have a kid who is transitioning to a vegan diet from a diet of Lunchables and soda.  (veganfilmjunkie)
So delicious almond plus-Original

So delicious almond plus-Unsweetened

So delicious almond plus-Vanilla

So delicious coconut milk beverage-Original
This is good to drink and for cereal, but I loved it for cooking. (veganrun)
I don't remember there being a lot of flavor with this, but I did cook with it and liked those results. Very average taste. (veganrun)
So delicious coconut milk beverage-Unsweetened
totally neutral taste, i couldnt taste any coconut at all which was good for me since im not a fan of coconut.  it only has 50 calories a cup, but 5 gms of fat and only 1 gm of protein.  i didnt it notice it thicken very well when i added apple cider vinegar to it to make 'buttermilk' even though i added a bit extra acv, although the recipe turned out fine anyway.  it is also the purest white ive ever seen in a non-dairy milk, so maybe if you're trying to switch your family from dairy milk this would be visually pleasing to them.  it also isnt as thin as unsweetened soymilks i've used. (propinecone)
It's okay. It didn't taste like much. That could be good if I was using it in a recipe.  For general drinking and adding to beverages, I like Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla more.  It has a subtle taste/flavor, too, but it's more readily apparent.  If I'm going to be drinking calories, I want to taste them.  At some point I would like to try the flavored varieties.  If the unsweetened doesn't taste like anything, then the flavored kind probably won't taste "vegan" at all and could be a good choice for when omnis and vegans eat together. (hh)
I agree with the neutral and not a lot of flavor. This is fine for savory cooking, but doesn't do much for anything else. Wouldn't bother with it again. (AC)
So delicious coconut milk beverage-Vanilla
"just ok".  I thought it was too watery and the coconut flavor was kinda weird with the vanilla -- it was overpowering instead of complimentary.  Overall, I was disappointed and it's not worth the $4.59 I have to pay at Whole Foods.  It might be interesting to use for making ice cream but I won't be drinking it plain! (icephrosty)
Good texture and smooth taste, great for baking. (veganrun)
Not a strong coconut taste, and kind of watery. I think they were trying to balance the coconut flavor/insane coconut milk calories with being closer to milk, and bland/low cal won. I think it makes a better sub as non-fat milk. It seemed to bake like every other milk sub. (fb)
So delicious coconut milk creamer-French vanilla
It is awesome! I don't drink coffee much or use creamer in coffee when I do drink it, but I have been using it to make Thai Tea and Chai Teas, and wow! In Thai Restaurants they use evaporated milk which is thick and sweet. This pretty much tastes the same as I remember it being in restaurants. So good! It was sort of expensive (2.50 ish) but I really like it! (L2A)
love it! so good in chai.  (veganheart)
This stuff is amazing, makes drinking coffee a very enjoyable experience (it's not something I often do, but if I'm going to make coffee, you better believe I've got some of this in the fridge.) (orangecreme)
I was expecting to love this, but it didn't work for me. I'm thinking I might have used to much, and not in the right tea. It was just too strong and sweet. I still have hope! Ok, tried it again using less in a bit of a stronger tea. I still prefer just vanilla almond milk, but maybe this is just better in coffee. It's just really strong and sweet for me. I think it would be good for a dessert needing a rich cream. (AC)
So delicious coconut milk creamer-Hazelnut
Yum!! Love the Hazelnut. My mom bought it for me to have when I come home. I don't even drink coffee ever, and I'm running to the coffee pot to have something as yummy as this to put in it. (thelovelyjessie)
This is like POW! Hazelnut! It also has a coconut flavor, but hazelnut takes over. It lightens the coffee well, but it always seemed to leave a greasy/waxy residue on the spoon and bottom of the cup. Weird. (fb)
This definitely has a prominent coconut flavor--not that there's anything wrong with that. I just don't typically associate coffee and coconut together, however, it's not bad. There is also a strong hazelnut flavor, so I feel like I just need to use less than I would of the Silk creamers. All in all, quite good, but perhaps not for everyone? (veganrun)
I like this even better than the French Vanilla. Vary tasty! (orangecreme)
So delicious coconut milk creamer-Original
This is really great as a half and half sub for coffee or cooking/baking.  I used it to make mashed potatoes and they came out super fluffy and creamy.  I couldn't detect a coconut taste at all. (icephrosty)
This stuff makes AWESOME mashed potatoes.  I used the plain flavor and couldn't detect a coconut flavor at all. The potatoes were super fluffy and creamy...yum!! (icephrosty)
I seriously cannot say enough good things about the coconut milk creamer (it's from So Delicious, btw, not Soy Delicious).  It's thick enough to do that whitening thing to my coffee that I like, but it doesn't taste like much of anything, especially when it's in the coffee.  It doesn't leave that nasty residue in my mouth like dairy creamer does, and it doesn't taste of nuts like soy creamer does. Basically it's changed my life and made me a happy coffee addict. (joeydagger)
So delicious coconut milk kefir-Chocolate

So delicious coconut milk kefir-Original

So delicious coconut milk kefir-Strawberry
um! The consistency is great, it's nice and thick and perfect to add to smoothies. (icephrosty)
This stuff is somehow both thick and watery. Its after taste is watery (? I'm not sure how that's possible, but it is). It's mildly tangy and sweet, but that flavor disappears quickly. (fb)
So good-Chocolate

So good-Decadent chocolate

So good-DHA omega

So good-DHA omega vanilla

So good-Original
So Good we have in Canada is also kind of gross. I used to buy it all the time, before I discovered better ones. The beany taste you described is also a problem in ours...especially if you heat it up. And it is really sweet! :/ On cereal it's ok since the cereal is kind of the main flavour, but for drinking on its own or heating for hot chocolate or oatmeal, it's a no go. unfortunately. (tino)
So good-Original fat free

So good-Strawberry

So good-Trim

So good-Unsweetened original

So good-Vanilla

So good-Vanilla fat free

So good(UK)-Chilled original

So good(UK)-Chilled unsweetened light

So good(UK)-Chocolate

So good(UK)-Original
The name is a LIE. It is not 'So Good.' It has a very strong beany taste, which they seem to be attempting to cover with tons of sugar. It doesn't work. (narcissus)
So good(UK)-Unsweetened original

So nice-Chai
I picked this up the other day - it's being sold as limited edition, and only in little single-serve tetra paks. That said, it's DELICIOUS. Totally hits chai cravings. It's really vanilla-ey and it has a pretty good balance in the spices. Just to be redundant, it's really good in tea. (narcissus)
So nice-Chocolate
Yummm! Creamy, smooth, and tasty. (AC)
this is my FAVOURITE form of chocolate soymilk! It is also organic, and tastes amazing. I hardly ever buy it anymore due to limited funds, but when I do the whole 1.9 L carton is gone in about 2 days. DELICIOUS. (tino)
So nice-Chocolate passion

So nice-Mocha
This comes in little drinking cartons. I was hesitant to try it, unsure about the coffee-ness, but it's great! Not too strong of a flavour, but enough to hit the coffee/chocolate craving. (Laura)
So nice-Natural

So nice-Nog
(See Vitasoy nog comments) Hard to say which one is better, vitasoy or so nice... I think I might like So Nice more. (Laura)
So nice-Original
This is our favorite soy milk. (AC)
THE BEST EVAH! Of all dairy alternatives, any kind, this is the ultimate. It's my staple "vegan" purchase - I gotta have my soymilk every week. Creamy, not too sweet but not plain and chalky. Wonderful. (Laura)
So nice-Original delight

So nice-Plus original

So nice-Plus vanilla

So nice-Unsweetened

So nice-Vanilla bliss

So nice-Vanilla chai
good, but... a little disappointing. Not enough chai kick, not spicy enough. Reminds me of soy nog and Christmas, actually. It's tasty, and I think best heated, but I'll look for an alternative to get my chai fix. (Laura)
So nice-Vanilla
I don't mind it, but P's not a fan of vanilla soymilk. I thought it was pretty good with granola; just a bit sweeter than original. (AC)


"Milk" Cont.
Soy dream-Original

Soy dream-Vanilla



ain't no magic happening here!  Disgusting, waaaaaay too much vanilla; vile even with cornflakes! (kikilola)
Sunrise cafe expert (UK)-Original
Been buying this milk for coupla months now from my local s/market (Tescos) here in the UK.  It's formulated not to curdle in coffee (not a big coffee drinker so cannot attest to this!). Good on cereals, in shakes and with Tea.  I like it and there's no vanilla taste to it, no aftertaste either.  (kikilola)
The bridge-Bio avena cuisine

The bridge-Bio rice cuisine

The bridge-Bio avena drink

The bridge-Bio avena drink with calcium

The bridge-Bio farro drink

The bridge-Bio kamut drink

The bridge-Bio rice cream natural

The bridge-Bio rice cream vanilla and roasted barley

The bridge-Bio rice cream with chocolate

The bridge-Bio rice cream with strawberry and wild forest fruits

The bridge-Bio rice drink chocolate

The bridge-Bio rice drink natural

The bridge-Bio rice drink with almond

The bridge-Bio rice drink with calcium

The bridge-Bio rice drink with roasted barley

The bridge-Bio rice drink with vanilla

The bridge-Bio soya drink

Trader Joe's-Rice drink

Trader Joe's-Soy chocolate
best stuff on earth! i drank this when i was omni, and my brothers drink it too. it is soooo creamy and tasty and there isnt a lot of that yucky soy aftertaste. mmm (ponycakes)
I didn't like this at all.  I bought a few containers because it was cheap and I've been trying to get rid of them ever since!  It just didn't taste right to me, and I couldn't even finish one whole glass. (icephrosty)
it's fine. we once accidentally froze some of this, and broke up the icy soymilk and at it as 'ice cream.' it was actually better like that than as a beverage. as a beverage it seems kind of gritty, like i'd expect there to be sediment at the bottom of the container. egh. (fb)
Trader Joe's-Soy essential

Trader Joe's-Soy original
This is my standard plain soymilk for drinking, baking, whatever.  I sometimes try other brands, but I've always come back to TJ's for soymilk. (willwolf)
Trader Joe's-Soy unsweetened
Pretty much all I'll drink when I'm stateside. My favourite soymilk that side of the border/Atlantic. (narcissus)
Vitasoy-All natural light plus chocolate

Vitasoy-All natural light plus plain

Vitasoy-All natural light plus vanilla
This is my new favorite!  The vanilla flavor is so clean and it has a subtle sweetness.  The plus version also has some fiber and more vitamins/minerals. (icephrosty)
Also rivals Silk chocolate... a treat! (fb)
Vitasoy-Chocolate banana
I looove this one. It's every thing I love about chocolate and bananas together. Of course, it's not something I'd use in coffee or regular baking, but it's great to drink on its own. (fb)
tasted ok not the best. Made some crap cereal I had at least edible. (uzbekjoe)
Vitasoy-Coconut soy drink
whew! it has a huge coconut flavor! I like that it's got really coconut milk in it and not just some sort of artificial flavoring. (fb)
Vitasoy-Holiday nog
I bought this on sale once and was worried it'd be gross. But nope.  I don't know what regular egg nog tastes like (and I don't plan to find out), but this is a good holiday flavour. (Laura)
I love this one too (Silk nog).  I don't know which one I like better because I haven't had either in a long time...calls for some research I guess. (thhf)
very good, i was waiting a while for it to be sold at my local stop and shop, and when it finally came i was excited. its very thick, which i like. (jeffykite)
I love this stuff. Insanely sweet, thick, but I can't really say if this is better or Silk is better. I just buy whatever's available. (fb)
I remember what egg nog tastes like because I absolutely loved it before I went vegan.  With that being said, this holiday nog tastes so close to egg nog!   It is much, much lower in calories than egg nog and the flavor is so damn close ... I wish these reasons combined would be powerful enough to convince some dairy-drinkers to try this product out instead.  I find this nog very sweet and thus dilute it with unsweetened soy milk before drinking a tall glass laced with nutmeg (dalveg)
Vitasoy-Light chocolate
It's not noticeably more watery than the regular chocolate, it just has slightly less of the chocolatey flavor. Still good stuff! (fb)
Yum! Smooth and sweet. A nice chocolate treat. (Laura)
Vitasoy-Light original
This is a little funny tasty, but not in a bad way. It's not my go-to soymilk, but I've bought it when on sale and it's nice to have around when I run out of So Nice and don't have time to take the bus to the grocery store. (Laura)
Vitasoy-Light vanilla
I didn't even notice the "lighter"ness of it when using it in cereal. (fb)
I like this one too. Again, not my favourite, but it's smooth enough and a little sweet. Good on cereal. (Laura)
Vitasoy-Malt soy drink
This isn't soy milk strictly speaking, but soy "drink." It's not super malty - I'd be able to stand it if I hated malt. I wish it were offered as an actual soymilk, because it's a bit too watery for my taste. (fb)
Definitely rivals Silk plain. I think I could actually just drink this on its own... a rarity. (fb)
It tastes like semen. (Saskia)
Vitasoy-Peppermint chocolate
This is my favorite flavored soymilk.  It's so nice during the winter and holiday season, and it makes wonderful hot chocolate.  If you love the mint/chocolate combo, you need to run out and find some ASAP. (willwolf)
MY FAVOURITE FLAVOURED SOYMILK! It's sooooo divine. Wonderful hot and cold. (Laura)
I'm sorry, I had some yesterday (I saved a carton from Christmas and this thread reminded me of it, so I opened it up). I just LOVE IT SO MUCH! (Laura)
amazingly good!!! (lubi)
I agree (with lubi)!  I drank a lot of this over Christmas.  So good. (Jane M)
I am not normally a mint combined with chocolate kind of girl, but this drink is really yummy.  It's chocolate milk with a holiday twist! (dalveg)
vitasoy>>everything else  (fb)
all the way! (amymylove)
Vitasoy-Strawberry banana
Pretty good. Honestly, I was looking for more of an artificial strawberry soymilk, but this stuff is real strawberry. I didn't feel unhealthy drinking it... how unfortunate. (fb)

Good; seems to have more sugar than the original. (fb)
Wegmans-Rice milk
My son loves it. (malevolence)
Westsoy-Chocolate peppermint stick
Tastes just like the name, like you've dunked a peppermint stick in a thick chocolate milk and swirled it some to blend the flavors. A mug of peppermint hot chocolate is wonderful on those chilly nights. It's also great chilled, or blended in a shake. (saskia)
Westsoy-Lite plain

Westsoy-Lite vanilla

Westsoy-Longevity plain

Westsoy-Longevity vanilla

Westsoy-Low fat plain
Mostly for baking and smoothie-ing.  It tastes just OK.  It's fine for those two purposes.  I would sometimes drink it warmed up with vanilla.  It's thin, but that's how I prefer my soymilk. (KMK)
This milk, so far, comes closest to the milk I remember from my pre-vegan days. It's not thick. It doesn't have an overpowering soy taste. It tastes great with my cereal, and serves my baking needs well. One omni, who dislikes SilkSoy's stronger soy taste, said he couldn't tell the difference from cow milk when he had WestSoy with his Cheerios. (Saskia)
Westsoy-Low fat vanilla

Westsoy-Non fat plain
Mostly for baking and smoothie-ing.  It tastes just OK.  It's fine for those two purposes.  I would sometimes drink it warmed up with vanilla.  It's thin, but that's how I prefer my soymilk. (KMK)
Westsoy-Non fat vanilla
My usual soymilk. Really thin, not too sweet. I'm a fan, but that's probably because I get freaked out by thicker soymilks like Silk. (ponycakes)
Westsoy-Organic original

Westsoy-Plus plain

Westsoy-Plus vanilla

Westsoy-Rice drink plain

Westsoy-Rice drink vanilla

Westsoy-Soyshake chocolate

Westsoy-Soyshake vanilla

Westsoy-Soyslender cappuccino
this stuff is AWESOME. my favorite soy milk so far.  i heated it up and it really does taste like coffee, really good coffee. (jeffykite)
it's ok. i usually don't like artificial sweetener too much, but this was ok. i kind of wish there were more flavored-but-unsweetened things out there, like Almond Breeze's almond milks. Anyway, the coffee flavor isn't too strong and the soymilk itself is a bit watery. (fb)
Westsoy-Soyslender chocolate
this was on sale so that is the reason i bought it. but i thought it was actually pretty good. it is definitely thinner (im assuming because it is soy slender) than regular chocolate soy milk but the chocolate taste was not artificial like i expected it to be. i love it warmed up in a mug - easy and inexspensive hot chocolate! (Brooke)
Westsoy-Soyslender plain

Westsoy-Soyslender vanilla

Westsoy-Unsweetened almond
I'd never drink this, but I like to cook with it for savory dishes, such as mashed potatoes. It gets clumpy at the bottom, although I swear I shake it every time. (veganrun)
Westsoy-Unsweetened chocolate

Westsoy-Unsweetened original
is my absolute favorite. It is the only soymilk I will buy. It only contains two ingredients, water and soybeans and so it tastes really clean. I am not big on how sweet most soymilks are. Some people might find this one to be too plain, but that's what I like about it. (stillflat)
I like this for savory dishes. (thhf)
This is awful awful awful. It tastes like medicine or chalk, I can't decide. This was the first thing we've ever considered throwing out, however we eventually used it up in tiny amounts in our smoothies. Yuck! (veganrun)
Westsoy-Unsweetened vanilla
I never buy vanilla flavored soymilk because I like to have the option of cooking savory dishes. My parents picked up a carton of this stuff though and it was not bad. I know it says unsweetened, but I still expected it to be somewhat sweet. It's not. It tastes just like the Westsoy Organic Unsweetened that I usually get, but with a hint of vanilla flavor. It was really very mild. I liked it. (stillflat)




Yeo's soyfruit soymilk-Honeydew
They have a line of "soyfruit" which is fruit-flavored soymilk (I think there is also a peach and strawberry, but I went for the weirdest one of course). I'm not huge on melon, but this was nice and refreshing. It is sweet, but surprisingly less sweet than their original soymilk. (fb)
Yeo's soymilk-Black soymilk
YEAHHH. They seem to have two types of black soymilk, one in a bottle, and one in little cartons. The bottled one is vegan, the carton one has D3 (too bad. also the case of their black sesame soymilk). Black soymilk tastes "nuttier" than regular soymilk in a delicious sort of way. It's kind of similar to black sesame, actually. I love this stuff, and wish I could find it in larger containers. (fb)
Yeo's soymilk-Original
Very sweet, but good. It tastes beanier than other soymilks, but I don't mind because it's so sweet. I think it's thicker, too, but not sure. It's a nice treat once and a while, since the sweetness makes it feel more like a dessert. (fb)
"Sour cream"
Follow your heart-Plain
superb. It actually sorta tasted like sour cream and it had a lovely creamy consistency that stood the test of time in my fridge. I will definitely make the extra trip to the other grocery store across town for this next time. (wassernixe)
I thought it was gross and bland.  Shawn thought it was okay as long as it was mixed/blended with stuff.  We both prefer tofutti. (mdv)
I am a little upset I bought this instead of Tofutti, It's edible, but still not very good, esp on its own. But who eats sour cream on its own ??It has a chalky aftertaste that I frown upon. I believe this is a NEW product, as there is a sticker on the tub that says:"new product!" . I do not recommend. (animalg)

DH is addicted to this stuff.  I like it on burritos. (mdv)
Meh, nothing too special, but I don't use much sour cream anyway. It tastes exactly like the Tofutti cream cheese. I dislike how it separates/weeps a little after a couple days. It is good mixed with Soyogurt for raita though. (Sharway)
I like this one better than the plain; it has a thinner consistency (more like sour cream) (fb)
We both really liked this. I'm used to occasionally making my own, and wasn't expecting much from this, but I think I might like it better? It doesn't really have much flavor, but I still like it. I think it has great texture, too. (AC)
This wasn't half bad.  I had it on tacos.  It did the trick.  The flavor is decent and so is the consistency.  It was my first experience with vegan cream cheese and I was pretty pleased. (KMK)
this is a good sub. I like it with mex dishes, mixed with enchilada sauce to make a "cream sauce", and also as a yogurt replacement in Indian style dishes, to provide a cool element. Still, like Ponycakes said it is cheaper and easy to makeyour own with silken tofu,vinegar,oil,lemon juice and s&P. But for convenience I like this one. (animalg)
meh. i can make my own for cheaper.. (ponycakes)
I’ve tried this stuff on numerous occasions over the years & I’ve disliked it each time.  Has a strong beany flavor that doesn’t lessen even when mixed in a stroganoff with lots of other flavors.  I really want to like it, but I think it is gross. (purpledancer)
Love it! (crsymes)
Too thick for sour cream... I always have to dilute it or it's too pasty. (fb)
I tried this for a dip recipe. I don't like Tofutti anyways because their products tend to be fattier than they need to be. I opened the container and it was all separated and clumpy. And if I hadn't mixed it in with other things the taste would have been unbearable. Ugh. (wassernixe)
I have never had non-vegan sour cream. I guess this tasted pretty okay. I wouldn't use it all the time, though. (dannibazaar)
We like it a lot! I don't remember enough about the non hydrog. to compare, but I liked both flavor and texture. I thought the texture was very similar to sour cream, not too thick. I didn't taste it on its own, but it was good with a bean and cheese quesadilla. Creamy and smooth. (AC)
I agree that this is too thick for a sour cream, but it tastes good. It's very expensive though so I almost never buy it. (eldsjal)
Wayfare foods-We can't say it's sour cream original
Not like sour cream at all. It's starchy. It's like blended lima beans (it is) with some lemon juice/vinegar. It doesn't cut spicy things well or strong flavors or anything. I would like it more if it weren't marketed as a sour cream sub... (fb)
Yoso-Sour cream


Alpro soya-Fruit flavors
They are very very good-tasting. In fact, no word in any language can possibly describe how good-tasting they are. So I must make one up. A word like sexyfine. But even this potent word cannot truly describe how good-tasting they are. (narcissus)
Super good, all of them. (eldsjal)
Alpro Soya Yogurt-Plain
Ditto, with the addition of it actually tasting like plain yogurt. It's. Not. Sweet. It's sour, and yogurty, and creamy, and delicious, and SO. GOOD. (narcissus)
Thinner than dairy yoghurt and not as sour. Works well in cooking but I wouldn't eat it as it is. (eldsjal)
Amande cultured almond milk-Blueberry
I thought this was pretty good. Decent blueberry flavor, pretty sweet, and the texture is less starchy than some other yogurts i've had. I think it's because it has pectin in it? I don't think this is quite as tart as other yogurts, which doesn't bother me but may be a downside for others, idk. I think it's thinner in consistency versus soy yogurt, but it doesn't bother me. (fb)
Good but are not the way I like yogurt (tangy). (monkey7)
Sweet and tasty.  Not a lot of yogurty tang, but I liked the texture.  These are a bit high in fat for me to be eating on a regular basis. (vegrunski)
I don't eat yogurt much but when I do I usually choose soy yogurt or very rarely coconut milk based yogurt.  I wasnt crazy about this yogurt, didnt think it was as creamy or thick as the others, no tang.  But it was ok as far as yogurt goes.  Not thin or terrible or anything.  Just...boring.  It also has 0% calcium and less protein than soy (coconut based has even less protein but at least has some calcium).  Not a whole lot of nutritional value compared to the others.  I like that they offer plain which I have not been able to find on the shelves for the other yogurts where I live.  I am not crazy about all the sugar in vegan yogurts.  But they make a nice treat or snack.  I will probably stick with soy or coconut based, although I would like to try the plain almond milk yogurt. (naturebound)
Amande cultured almond milk-Cherry
Good but are not the way I like yogurt (tangy). (monkey7)
Sweet and tasty.  Not a lot of yogurty tang, but I liked the texture.  These are a bit high in fat for me to be eating on a regular basis. (vegrunski)
This is the first vegan yogurt I've really liked (no aftertaste like with soy- and coconut-milk alternatives).  There's no tang to it, but I don't mind that in my sweetened/flavored yogurts, as I consider them to be more of an occasional dessert-type treat. (hh)
pretty much the same texture issue as with the Strawberry flavor. The flavor is good, definitely cherry but not in a cough-syrup way. I'd like it better with a smoother texture. (fb)
Amande cultured almond milk-Coconut

Amande cultured almond milk-Peach
Also good, pretty much the same story as the blueberry. For the most part there are no fruit chunks - there may be little bits here and there, but nothing that disrupts the texture. I like a more intense peach flavor, but this is still good. (fb)
Amande cultured almond milk-Plain
It's good, but not really everything I'm looking for in a plain yogurt.  It is very sweet, and because it is sweetened with fruit juice, it has a fruity flavor.  It would not be suitable for savory applications (sour cream substitute, etc). (vegrunski)
Amande cultured almond milk-Raspberry
Sweet and tasty.  Not a lot of yogurty tang, but I liked the texture.  These are a bit high in fat for me to be eating on a regular basis. (vegrunski)
Amande cultured almond milk-Strawberry
Very pleasant. The strawberry flavor is good (tho it could be stronger). The texture was pretty uneven for mine - it had some 'water' on the top that i mixed back in, so maybe that's it, i dunno. But otherwise pretty good. (fb)
Ricera (organic)-Blueberry

Ricera (organic)-Peach
tasted good, but was runny and gritty, and not worth it (veganfilmjunkie)
Not enjoyable. Thin, lacks flavors, kinda gritty texture, generally non-awesome. (fb)
Ricera (organic)-Strawberry

Ricera (organic)-Vanilla

Silk-Banana strawberry

Silk-Black cherry

Good texture. Flavor is sort of weird. (blueberry)
Has a real blueberry flavor, but has a sort of starchy aftertaste (there's rice starch in it; maybe that's why?) (fb)
Silk-Key lime
I had hope, but it was awful. very runny and tart! i had to throw it away. (brooke)
This was pretty strange, and not good. It was runny...and just didn't have a good taste. P REALLY HATED it. I finished it though. (AC)
I thought this had a pretty mild lime flavor. I don't prefer the Silk brand for soy yogurts in general, but this one was pretty good. It was kind of a runny texture for yogurt, but it wasn't disturbing or anything. (fb)
my first non-dairy yogurt...not awful, but I'm not sure I would get it again.  It had a very strange background flavor, almost bitter.  I liked that it was smooth though, no chunks. (erinmonster)
Good texture.  Nice flavor.  (purpledancer)
I like this. This is good. Good little peach pieces. (AC)
Too sweet for raita or savory things, but not bad. The texture is a little jiggly, but it's not bad for a parfait or something with fruit. (Sharway)
Too tart for me. better for recipes than eating.  (fb)
At first I thought this was too tart, but by the third time I tried it I liked it. I've missed yogurt since going vegan! It is a bit better with some blueberries and granola mixed in. (veganrun)
Good? I am not a fan of yogurt, but this is tolerable. I almost can say that I like it. It is good when you mix jam into it XD I especially like it mixed with marmalade on top on a slice of toasted bread, lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Mmmm. (dannibazaar)
Kind surprised with how well this worked. It seemed pretty liquidy, but we just used a bit to swirl in some soup. It had a nice tartness, and wasn't too sweet. (AC)
Good, but also has the starchy aftertaste. (fb)
I liked this! It was still pretty runny, but the flavor was good-raspberry and yogurty. Probably could use more raspberry. (AC)
I used to buy this a lot, but I hadn’t purchased in a long time until recently.  I think the flavor has greatly improved.  It’s very good. (purpledancer)
Decent... not crazy about it, but I'd eat it if it were around.  (fb)
this is the first silk flavor that i've liked. it still has a tang but i think this is how yogurt is supposed to taste? i can't eat it plain so i always add different mix-ins. it works well. (Brooke)
This is awesome! This is what I remember dairy yogurt tasting like. It's pretty sweet, but it has great flavor. My bf and I just eat it straight, no additions. (veganrun)
So delicious-Blueberry
this was alright.  It tastes ok, but not really like's a little too creamy and not really any yogurt-y bite. There's a specific thing that it reminded me of, but I can't put my finger on it.  I'd eat it if someone gave it to me, but I prefer Silk. (Schmiggle)
I like this. I'm not crazy about it, but it's a good, tasty soy yogurt and I'd buy it again. (fb)
So delicious-Cherry vanilla
Pretty good! I did not have high hopes for this (I'm not a huge fan of most cherry flavors), but it was pretty well balanced - the cherry flavor wasn't over the top and the vanilla was still noticeable. (fb)
So delicious-Cinnamon bun
Their best flavor! Like cinnamon and cream cheese! I like having a flavored soy yogurt that isn't fruit flavored. (fb)
I heart this flavor, it is sooo good!  It's pretty sweet, but I like it that way. (icephrosty)
So delicious-Key lime
Their best flavour. Not runny at all, and sweet but not too sweet, tart but not too tart. Tastes just how I remember key lime to be. The only downside is it's a bit lumpy, but they add bursts of flavour. (lolkrys)
Its... limey (fb)
I like this one a lot too, it's my second fav.  It's tangy and sweet and kinda has a more firm texture. (icephrosty)
So delicious-Peach
pretty good, but I dislike bits of fruit in yogurt. I can deal, though, because the yogurt part is tasty. (fb)
So delicious-Raspberry
This is probably my least favorite. It's fine, just doesn't stand out as a flavor. (fb)
So delicious-Vanilla
This is some really thick stuff. It's not identical to dairy yogurt for sure, but it's delicious in its own right. (fb)
So delicious agave sweetened-Vanilla
really good - not nearly as sweet as the regular vanilla. (icephrosty)
So delicious cultured coconut milk Greek-Blueberry

So delicious cultured coconut milk Greek-Chocolate

So delicious cultured coconut milk Greek-Plain
I was disappointed with this.  It was gritty and not tangy at all.  There is less sugar then the regular yogurt but it would have been better with less.  It is not worth the $2. (monkey7)
So delicious cultured coconut milk Greek-Raspberry

So delicious cultured coconut milk Greek-Strawberry

So delicious cultured coconut milk Greek-Vanilla

So delicious made with coconut milk-Blueberry
I was hoping for some powerful blueberry flavor, but the coconut flavor seems to drown it out. I think I would have liked it better if that's what I was expecting. (fb)
So delicious made with coconut milk-Chocolate
really disappointing (icephrosty)
chocolate + tanginess = kind of strange. It's like eating fruit with chocolate (something winds up tasting sour). But otherwise, it's fine. I think it has a generous helping of chocolate. I couldn't taste the coconut. (fb)
I expected this to be super awesome, and we ate it one night we were craving ice cream. Mistake! It definitely did not hit the spot. It didn't really taste that chocolate-y, and for the amount of calories it has, it's not really that sweet. I'd take the vanilla over the chocolate any day. (veganrun)
chocolate yogurt was a hard concept for me to looks like pudding, but tastes like something very different.  It was alarming to say the least, but I kept eating the time I was 3/4ths of the way through it, I had gotten used to the tang, and it wasn't that bad, but I would never get it again. (erinmonster)
So delicious made with coconut milk-Passionate mango
Pretty good! I'm not even a big fan of mango, but this was an enjoyable treat, and the coconut flavor wasn't too strong. (fb)
I like this.  It doesn't really taste coconutty, and it's not sweet.  It's more tangy.  The mango flavor is nice.  I had it over a fruit salad and it was very nice. (KMK)
So delicious made with coconut milk-Pina colada
Pretty good!  It's kind of a stereotypical pina colada flavoring, but I like it fine.  I would have expected the ACTUAL coconut flavor to come through in these yogurts, but it doesn't, really!  They taste like typical yogurt.  I'm not sure if I could tell they were made from coconut milk if no one told me.  Which is bad for me because I love coconut. (KMK)
I liked this. pineapple + coconut + vanilla? There are a couple of small, soft chunks of pineapple (not as rough in texture as fresh or canned pineapple). Not very tart, which is cool with me. This is probably my favorite of the coconut variety. The pineapple flavor is fairly strong. (fb)
So delicious made with coconut milk-Plain

So delicious made with coconut milk-Raspberry
I thought this was very good, it was my first non dairy yogurt, so i have nothing to compare it to, but it was splendid! Coconuts and raspberries, yum! (undersarah)
great flavor, but it had seeds and chunks, which I cannot handle. (erinmonster)
So delicious made with coconut milk-Strawberry
more like a dessert than a flavored yogurt.  I could have eaten a gallon of it.  And if it were cheaper, I'd gladly eat this instead of ice cream or whatever other dessert. (veganfilmjunkie)
That is the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten (I tried it on a dare from one of my friends). I got my sis to taste it too... and I got screamed at for bringing it into the house (which was funny, but basically she didn't like it either) (lynb)
eh. this one doesn't have much flavor. not much strawberry, not much coconut. (fb)
I thought it was ok. It was kinda typical strawberry yogurt to me. I didn't taste the coconut, but I thought it was good. Not something I'd need to get again. (AC)
So delicious made with coconut milk-Strawberry banana

So delicious made with coconut milk-Vanilla
I LOVE this stuff--my favorite yogurt so far. It's sweet, but not overly, tangy but not too much, and just perfect all around. So delicious! (veganrun)
the only yogurt so far that I actually like.  It tastes like yogurt, nothing weird. (erinmonster)
I totally agree with above reviews. I had no idea I would love this so much! I also had no idea that it's completely soy free. I think this is perfect yogurt. I will purchase this again despite the high price tag. (AC)
I got this based on the glowing reviews, and it was indeed delightful. Sweet and great vanilla flavor, kind of like a sugar cookie or something. Would get again. (fb)
So nice-Peach

So nice-Plain

So nice-Strawberry

So nice-Vanilla

Sol cuisine-Low fat blueberry

Sol cuisine-Low fat strawberry

Sol cuisine-Unsweetened natural

Sol cuisine-Blueberry

Trader joe's-Peach
The BEST! This stuff would sell out all the time when I worked at TJs. Has an intense peachy flavor. (fb)
Trader joe's-Raspberry
eh.  I don't really like any of Trader Joe's yogurt.  They all taste way too much like cornstarch for my liking. (Schmiggle)
Not great. There's no bad taste or anything - it just lacks that "OMG FRESH RASPBERRIES"/late summer appeal. I'd totally eat it for an upset stomach though. (fb)
Trader joe's-Strawberry
Very mild tasting, very neutral. I used some of it in a chocolate waffle recipe and couldn't detect any strawberry in the end at all. (fb)
Whole soy-Apricot mango

Whole soy-Blueberry
This is my favorite flavor. in my opinion, whole soy makes the best soy yogurt. (brooke)
Pretty good, but I actually like the Silk blueberry better (fb)
Ok has a bit of a weird flavor at the end. Pretty good, though. (AC)
Whole soy-Cherry
sweet and tart... but have to be in the mood for cherry. (fb)
Intense cherry flavor, and there are so many more cherry pieces than I'd ever expect from a yogurt. I think it tastes good, but it is INCREDIBLY sweet. I think I'd like it mixed half and half with something unsweetened. (veganrun)
Whole soy-Lemon
Best yogurt I’ve ever had.  Tastes like dessert! (purpledancer)
Sweet and lemony. One of the best! (fb)
his was good. (my first vegan yogurt) I was never a huge fan of yogurt anyway..but this tasted good. I was expecting more for some reason. (AC)
Whole soy-Mixed berry
Very fruity tasting; my favorite one. (fb)
Whole soy-Peach
very creamy and full of peach chunks. i also tried freezing it once and it was delicious! (brooke)
good, but i'm not a fan of chunks of fruit in yogurt. (fb)
DELICIOUS!  Much better than Silk!  It's thick and creamy and has a great flavor! (closeyoureyestosee)
Whole soy-Plain

Whole soy-Raspberry
This was pretty disappointing. Well, very. There wasn't much flavor at all, and very few little, raspberry seed pieces. There was also a weird flavor that did not belong in yogurt. I dunno what it was, but not fruit, and not yogurt-like. Most definitely not worth .80! : \ (AC)
Whole soy-Strawberry
Really good, although on the sweet side. Lots of strawberry pieces. (veganrun)
Whole soy-Strawberry banana
I think this is the most mild tasting one (because of the banana?). closer to pudding. (fb)
my favorite brand of soy yogurt and I am pissed off that they stopped carrying it at Giant.  I like every flavor I've ever tried, especially strawberry-banana. (veganfilmjunkie)
Whole soy-Vanilla
This, to me, is the closest to dairy yogurt I've had. The texture, the taste - spot on. I'm more likely to get the So Delicious as a treat though. (fb)
At first I wasn't sure about this, because I had it with some maple/pecan granola, and it tasted a bit strange, but I've tasted it alone, and it's good! I also had it again with the granola, and enjoyed it. I think the texture/color is a little different, but it doesn't really matter, and the texture wasn't off-putting or anything. A bit runnier, maybe? I'm not sure..I never ate much yogurt. I think it's good, though. (AC)
Good lord this is good yogurt. (closeyoureyestosee)

Intensely peachy. It reminds me a lot of the TJ's peach yogurt, which makes me suspicious... (fb)


Wildwood-Unsweetened plain
THE BEST plain yogurt! I love it in Indian food and other savory dishes. Not sweet at all, which makes it great for cooking. My favorite! (Sharway)
I like to use this for baking but not eating plain.  I didn't like it even after adding maple syrup, and that's saying something! (icephrosty)
After many months of being afraid to try this I finally bought some.  It is good.  The first couple of bites I was not into it but as I kept eating it, I liked it.  It reminds of a little of greek yogurt but is not as tangy.  Another think I like about it is there is no added sugars.  I'm not a big fan of eating processed sugar and most vegan yogurt has some type of sugar in it.  My favorite way to eat it is with cereal and berries. (monkey7)


this stuff is quite good, nice flavour & no fruit chunks! (I hate yogurt with fruit chunks...) It's also local(!) to me, made in a city about half an hour from here. woo. (tino)


Belsoy-Cappuccino flavored dessert
All the flavours are good, but chocolate is absolutely the best! (Laura)
Belsoy-Caramel flavored dessert
All the flavours are good, but chocolate is absolutely the best! (Laura)
Belsoy-Chocolate flavored dessert
Absolutely the best! (Laura)
Belsoy-Vanilla flavored dessert
All the flavours are good, but chocolate is absolutely the best! (Laura)
Earth balance-Buttery spread made with olive oil
If I remember correctly this costs more than the original, and there is no difference that I could detect. I like the green packaging though. I guess if you're hell bent on consuming more olive oil, this would be a good investment, otherwise, I'd just stick with regular EB. (orangecreme)
Agree with orangecreme--didn't really taste different than original. I usually just buy whatever Earth Balance is on sale. (veganrun)
Earth balance-Buttery spread original
This is the only vegan butter we've ever used. No complaints! Tastes great, works well for everything. (AC)
I really like this stuff. I tried to cut back on calories so I tried Smart Balance Light (I think the only vegan one), and it just made me miss my Earth Balance. It's the right balance of saltiness. I've used this to cook for countless omnis, and they absolutely cannot tell a difference. (veganrun)
Earth balance-Buttery spread soy free
I bought it because it was on sale and regular EB wasn't. I didn't really notice a difference between the two. (courth)
it tastes awesome.  Its softer and easier to spread right out of the fridge.  I've used it to make frosting too, and the end results is a little "looser" (not runny, but it doesn't hold its shape as well) than the reg EB. (icephrosty)
I like this a lot. We use it for everything we'd use butter for, and I have no complaints. I haven't actually tried it on rolls yet though. (orangecreme)
This didn't really taste different than original. I usually just buy whatever Earth Balance is on sale. (veganrun)
I think this is better than original! I'm so excited to have it. We did a blind test with 2 pieces of toast, and I liked this better. It doesn't have that weird off taste that regular has some times (garlic..onion?), and it's just slightly sweeter. It's way easier to spread. Will only get this as long as they carry it. (AC)
Earth balance-Buttery spread soy garden

Earth balance-Buttery spread whipped
This tastes just like the original, but just spreads differently. It feels like you're getting a bit less than the original (because of the inclusion of air), but it's nice that it's organic. I've heard that you need to make adjustments when baking with it (due to whipping), but I've used it 1:1 and have had no issues baking. (veganrun)
A little bit more spreadable, but I don't really care about that because if I'm spreading EB it's usually on hot toast or something anyway. It has fewer ounces (11 vs 15), and at TJ's it's more expensive. In other words, not worth it. The flavor is the same as regular EB. I haven't had to adjust recipes when baking with it due to the air content, though. (fb)
Earth balance-Butter sticks original
I liked these, they work well and taste just like the spread. I don't remember why I bought them in place of the spread though... Maybe just to try something new. No complaints. (orangecreme)
Very convenient for cooking. Tastes just like the spread in the tub. (veganrun)
I used this stuff for making pastries (laminated dough stuff). It works great. Higher saturated fat than tub EB, which makes it easier to work with for pastry doughs. I'm not sure if the flavor is the same (I never used it by itself on toast or anything). It's also nice that it's easier to measure than tub EB, but I'll probably buy tub EB for non-laminated stuff on account of price. (fb)
Earth balance-Coconut spread

Earth balance-Mindful mayo made with olive oil

Earth balance-Mindful mayo original
I like vegenaise better, however, this reminds me more of non-vegan mayonnaise. So while vegenaise is rich deliciousness, maybe this is a better alternative for someone who misses mayo or omnis or whatnot. (fb)
Earth balance-Mindful mayo organic

Earth balance-Shortening sticks

Follow your heart-Vegenaise barbecue sauce

Follow your heart-Vegenaise grapeseed oil
I don't really know that I can tell a difference between this and original! It has a slightly off color, but that's about it. I think the taste and texture is about the same. Reduced fat is gloopy, but this is creamy like original. I'd get this again. (AC)
Follow your heart-Vegenaise high omega 3
I love this so much.  I have never tried vegenaise before (though I have probably eaten it in prepared dishes), and I don't know a thing about non-vegan mayo, but I think this is awesome.  I could eat it by the spoon.  I make rice cakes with hummus and veganaise and it's wonderful. It has a very slight flax-y flavor that I don't mind at all. (KMK)
Follow your heart-Vegenaise horseradish sauce

Follow your heart-Vegenaise organic

Follow your heart-Vegenaise original
Love it! Fabulous. Perfect. Praise, praise, praise. (AC)
I don’t know if I’ve tried any other “mayonnaise”.  But this stuff is awesome, so I’m sticking with it. (purpledancer)
The best. Creamy and full o fat. (fb)
ROCKS! I love it much more than regular mayo now! There is no comparison. (malevolence)
I love Vegenaise!  I think I have a true addiction to this stuff.  It tastes just like I remember mayonnaise tasting. (This is for mayonnaise lovers, not Miracle Whip lovers.) (willwolf)
delicious (thhf)
wonderful - I normally use organic or expeller-pressed but I've tried the grapeseed kind too and couldn't taste a difference. My old roommate said it tasted more like Miracle Whip than mayonnaise but I think the only people who will be able to make a distinction are the ones who actually put mayonnaise on everything, but if you are like me and only use it in "tuna" or potato salad, you will probably not even realize it's not the real thing. (veganfilmjunkie)
WOW. I just got this for the first time, since I finally found it in the refrigerated section of my supermarket (hadn't thought to look there before). Now I know what all the fuss is about... it tastes like mayonnaise and doesn't have the strange aftertastes that nayonnaise has. (I just hope to find the reduced fat stuff because it does have a lot of fat in it.) I definitely agree with those who say that mayonnaise : vegennaise :: miracle whip : nayonnaise. (caroleena)
As if the entire world didn't know it already, but Veganaise is ridiculously good. I was such a mayo freak before being vegan.  I really do think I would prefer this over real mayo!  Is it totally weird that I love how white it is?! Creamy goodness. (eoberhauser)
Follow your heart-Vegenaise pesto sauce

Follow your heart-Vegenaise reduced fat
I love it! That's mainly what I use now... the texture is a bit different but it's not that noticeable (amymylove)
I think it's awesome that there's a tasty reduced fat version. I do notice a bit of difference in both taste and texture (texture is just slightly more gloppy than creamy, and taste is just a tad bit less real mayonnaisey), but it's not off putting at all. It's still the best. I would probably choose this over original every time. (AC)
Agreed on all counts! ^  It's a little gloopier, but still effin amazing! (erinmonster)
It's practically the same as the original type. Pretty magical. (fb)
Follow your heart-Vegenaise roasted garlic sauce

Follow your heart-Vegenaise soy free

Follow your heart-Vegenaise tartar sauce

Granovita Gluten-Free Vegan Salad Cream

Granovita Mayola Vegan Mayonnaise

Kozy shack-Soy pudding chocolate
i just found this at Super Target today and i though it was interesting. its very, very thick and not overly sweet. i still enjoyed it (i topped it with annies chocolate graham bunnies for the inner child in me) but my next pudding purchase is zen soy pudding! i do appreciate the availability at target and other grocery stores, of all places. (brooke)
Also very thick and smooth. It seems slightly less sweet than the vanilla, but not so much that the cocoa is bitter. Seems to have a lot of cocoa.  At first I wished it was sweeter, but I've adapted to it - not sugary like ZenSoy! (fb)
Kozy shack-Soy pudding vanilla
very thick and smooth. Not too sweet; kind of like if you thickened regular vanilla soymilk with a wee bit of extra sugar. Good vanilla flavor. At first I wished it was sweeter, but I've adapted to it - not sugary like ZenSoy! (fb)
MimicCreme non dairy creme-Sugar free sweetened

MimicCreme non dairy creme-Sweetened
(from mother) The container broke when it was opened the first time, and we would have saved the product if it were any good, but it curdled in the coffee. (courth)
MimicCreme non dairy creme-Unsweetened
thought it was disgusting.  It says to shake well but even after some serious shaking it still wasn't smooth. The taste and gritty, grainy texture were nasty. I don't think I would bother to spend the money (not cheap) to try the sweetened. (thhf)
Well, I used a whole (small?) container to make some alfredo sauce, so I didn't use it for anything else. I really liked it for the sauce! I did see a couple pieces that weren't processed, but that didn't matter in this case. It sure made making the sauce extremely easy. P really enjoyed it. I don't know that I would get it again, because of the price, non healthy factors, but it was definitely thick and rich. (AC)
Mori-nu mates chocolate pudding mix
Mmmmm. This is close to the pudding I had as a child. At first, I thought it was going to be weird..but it's not. It comes together really well. You just use a Mori-nu silken firm tofu, and blend, and add the mix. It's tasty, with perfect pudding texture. No weird flavor. (AC)
Mori-nu mates lemon creme pudding mix

Mori-nu mates vanilla pudding mix
the end product was sweet buy tofu-y. it would probably work fine as a cupcake topping, but not so much eaten by itself. (fb)
Nasoya-Dijon style nayonaise

I don't really mind this (it was the first vegan mayo I had), but it doesn't measure up to veganaise. (AC)
It's ok. It's more sour than vegenaise... not a huge fan. (fb)
I agree with ac's review of this (thhf)
one of the nastiest things I have ever put in my mouth and left an awful aftertaste that took more than just a drink to get rid of.  It was expensive, and normally I ALWAYS ALWAYS try to think of a way to use up something I paid for, even if I have to hide it one tablespoon at a time in several smoothies - but I threw the entire brand-new jar away.  This is a huge deal for me, especially in my current financial situation. (veganfilmjunkie)
I started using this even before I went vegetarian. I really like it. I do not like vegenaise, which I find tastes more like Miracle Whip (ewwww!). Nayonaise is more tangy and I like that it is low calorie and such. I eat it on sandwiches and I think it is really good in potato and pasta salads. (wassernixe)
I think this is super awesome, and it's how I remember mayonnaise tasting. The first time I used it I really confused my boyfriend, and he couldn't stop commenting on how creamy it was. On the sandwich or on the pasta salad it's creamy, but in the jar it looks a little oily and sometimes it's hard to get any out with a knife--it kind of falls apart. But once you get it out it acts like mayo. Great for chickpea salads and pasta salads. (veganrun)
Nasoya-Nayonaise fat free
errmmm, well, this actually resembles real mayo (as opposed to Miracle whip) at first glance, but the taste is kinda funny. It's not great by itself on a sandwich, but it makes a darn good base for salad dressing. I used it for chickpea salad dressing, and it was great. (CW)
It isn't creamy like Veganaise but I love it and use it for everything that calls for Veganaise or other vegan mayos with excellent results. (berryraw)
This is gross! I remember liking Nayonaise (regular), but that was before I ever had vegenaise. So, I don't know if I just don't like this, or if it's just the comparison. It's really sweet, and off-putting. I didn't expect to hate it, so I used quite a bit in a chickpea spread, and it ruined it. My mom bought this for me (two jars), so I'm going to try to mix it with a lot of stuff, to see if it's edible. Maybe the fat free kind is that much different? (AC)
Never used to like nonvegan mayo, so I have no idea what it is "supposed" to taste like. I only use this in a few dressings and in baked goods, never just plain so...yeah. Dunno what to say. It''s good I guess. (dannibazaar)
Nasoya-Silken creations chocolate
Ohmygosh so good! The packaging is weird like cakes said, but its yummy! Its like pudding straight out of the package. Freeze this!!! Its just like fudgesicles. Either in little popsicle molds or just freeze the whole thing! (sarah)
omggggg i love this. the package has all these suggested uses, but seriously? just eat it. it's rich chocolate pudding in a tofu container. i thought when i got it that it would be a tofu block, but with chocolate added. but no. pudding. a square plastic box of pudding, saying "please eat me! don't waste your time adding me to some healthy smoothie! and look, they didn't even partition the container so you have to eat it all in one go!" yup. (fb)
I'm going to agree with the others on this one--very delicious and pudding-like. Don't bother doing anything with it other than delivering it to your mouth via spoon. Also suuuuper delish frozen.  (veganrun)
Nasoya-Silken creations strawberry
Pretty good in a smoothie. I was expecting a firmer texture, like silken tofu, but this was more like yogurt. The package was annoying because it was so liquidy. Strawberry flavor was a little fake-y and the sweet was a teeny bit too much, but with some fruit in a smoothie, it all balanced out. I'd buy it again if it's on sale..maybe. (ponycakes)
Nasoya-Silken creations vanilla

Smart Balance-Light buttery spread
Actually pretty gross. We had to get this instead of EB, and it is just not good. There's no flavor, and the texture is more like cream cheese. It doesn't even really melt well. Would never get this again. (AC)
shit is bomb! and cheap! (amymylove)
I tried to cut back on calories so I tried this (I think the only vegan one), and it just made me miss my Earth Balance. (veganrun)
I also love this. I have never had a problem with it not melting or being a weird texture. (minke)
Soyummi-Dark chocolate pudding

Soyummi-Rice pudding

Soyummi-Tapioca pudding

Spectrum-Canola oil spread
Pros:  Good flavor, palm oil free. Cons:  Weird jelly-like texture, doesn't really melt much. I pretty much just use this for something to spread on bread.  I wouldn't really trust it for baking or cooking, but it is pretty tasty despite the weirdness.  But, take this with a grain of salt.  My expectations might be pretty low since I don't like to use products that contain palm oil so I haven't had butter/margarine of any kind since cutting out dairy almost a year ago. (vegrunski)
Spectrum-Light canola eggless mayo

Spectrum-Shortening organic
I have no problems with this. It's always worked well, and the texture is good. It does tend to get a bit melty at room temperature, but gets pretty hard in the fridge. I like that it has like 1 ingredient. Works well for crusts. (AC)
So Yummi (So Nice)-Cherry pudding dessert
pretty tasty, the texture in between pudding and yogurt to me.  good with chocolate chips on top, too. (ppc)
So Yummi (So Nice)-Chocolate pudding dessert

So Yummi (So Nice)-Lime pudding dessert

So Yummi (So Nice)-Rice pudding dessert

So Yummi (So Nice)-Tapioca pudding dessert

Soyatoo-Extra creamy whip topping

Soyatoo-Rice whip
This isn't very good at all, the original is a lot better.  I kept the receipt and I'm going to return it!   (icephrosty)
Soyatoo-Spray cream
It was light, creamy, sweet and fluffy white. Looked and tasted just like the whipped cream I remember.  No weird soy aftertaste. Actually, the taste reminded me of that Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly jellybean flavor, if that makes any sense.  And I loved those jellybeans, even though I thought they didn't taste like Buttered Popcorn. I enjoyed Soy Whip on my Fluffy Coconut Waffles(recipe on this website) with sliced bananas, strawberries, maple syrup and walnut bits. This whipped cream would also be great on hot chocolate, pies, cakes and cappuccinos. (Saskia)
t's fine. nice to have something like this. it does taste quite artificial, so it's more like Redi-Whip than whipped cream. I read some stuff online about keeping the container working (there were some complaints that it runs out of propellant before all the whipped cream is dispensed). I haven't had that problem by following suggestions (i think it involved letting it sit at room temp for 10 min first, and always pointing the tip straight down when dispensing).  (fb)
Soyatoo-Topping cream (box)

SoyGo soy creamer packets-Original

Spectrum-egg-less mayonnaise
Good texture and flavor! I don't use mayo on sandwiches, but it's good for chickpea salad and whatnot, and I've made a nice aioli by mixing in other ingredients like roasted garlic. (Sharway)
I think this is great. I mean, it works like it's supposed to in baked goods and frosting. Works well. (AC)
The Vegg vegan egg yolk alternative

Trader Joe's-Reduced fat mayo
it has a bit of ''tang'' but i like it. i use it on sandwiches, wraps, and inchickpea salad. its also very inexspensive. (brooke)
It suffices; it's nice that it's lower in fat, but that also means it's way less creamy than vegenaise. Nice to have a less-indulgent, cheaper option out there. (fb)
Wayfare foods-Pudding butterscotch

Wayfare foods-Pudding chocolate
You know how they, like, make sour cream with lima beans and stuff? This pudding is the same way. On the one hand, it's not an exact copy of soymilk-and-cornstarch chocolate pudding, either in texture or flavor, but it's not bad. It doesn't quite have the creaminess of something made with a milk sub, but it's plenty chocolaty. I find the inevitably starchiness of it less than great, though. Not a bad alternative for someone who can't do regular type of pudding, but not something I'll probably buy again. (fb)
Wayfare foods-Pudding vanilla

Yoso-Cream cheese spreadable

Yoso-Garlic and onion spreadable

Yoso-Jalapeno spreadable

Yoso-Key lime spreadable

Yoso-Sun dried tomato spreadable

Zen soy-Banana pudding
NASTY!!! (ledzep)
Zen soy-Chocolate pudding
Pretty good, but almost too sugary. (fb)
i love the chocolate! (hesp)
really yummy and creamy and I can't tell the difference between it and real pudding but a friend of mine could - she said it was still good though.  (veganfilmjunkie)
I loooove it. Way better than regular chocolate pudding. (orangecreme)
Zen soy-Chocolate vanilla swirl pudding
pretty good. I add trail mix to justify my eating pudding (ledzep)
delicious!!! i love zen soy, kozy does not even compare. (Brooke)
Zen soy-Vanilla pudding
worst crap ever to exist! and i love the chocolate! (hesp)
good but doesn't taste or look anything like vanilla pudding.  At first it's a shock but if you tell yourself you're eating tapioca or rice pudding or something, it's fine. (veganfilmjunkie)


I just got kozyshack vanilla and chocolate soy pudding. Watch out for more reviews, AC! Mwahaaha... >:D

haha I don't really mind at all...after the initial posting of everything. I welcome reviews after that.  Initial set up/posting/copy and pasting + fb monster review=:sigh:

I hope you like them, too!


trader joe's chocolate soymilk: best stuff on earth! i drank this when i was omni, and my brothers drink it too. it is soooo creamy and tasty and there isnt a lot of that yucky soy aftertaste. mmm  :)>>>


Ok, here I go (and I hope I can remember the many soymilks I've had):

So Nice Original: THE BEST EVAH! Of all dairy alternatives, any kind, this is the ultimate. It's my staple "vegan" purchase - I gotta have my soymilk every week. Creamy, not too sweet but not plain and chalky. Wonderful.

So Nice Mocha: This comes in little drinking cartons. I was hesitant to try it, unsure about the coffee-ness, but it's great! Not too strong of a flavour, but enough to hit the coffee/chocolate craving.

So Nice Nog: (See Vitasoy nog comments) Hard to say which one is better, vitasoy or so nice... I think I might like So Nice more.

Vitasoy (low fat) Original: This is a little funny tasty, but not in a bad way. It's not my go-to soymilk, but I've bought it when on sale and it's nice to have around when I run out of So Nice and don't have time to take the bus to the grocery store.

Vitasoy (low fat) Vanilla: I like this one too. Again, not my favourite, but it's smooth enough and a little sweet. Good on cereal.

Vitasoy (low fat) Chocolate: Yum! Smooth and sweet. A nice chocolate treat.

Vitasoy Chocolate Peppermint: MY FAVOURITE FLAVOURED SOYMILK! It's sooooo divine. Wonderful hot and cold.

Vitasoy Holly Nog: I bought this on sale once and was worried it'd be gross. But nope :) I don't know what regular egg nog tastes like (and I don't plan to find out), but this is a good holiday flavour.

Natura Original (I think only available in Canada): ICK. Disgusting. Don't even bother.

Natura Vanilla: A little better than original, but not worth it.

Natura Strawberry: I wish it was good, but it isn't.

Natura Chocolate: This is the only Natura flavour that I actually like. Not as good as other chocolate kinds, but still pretty yummy.

Silk Original: This brings back bad memories, so I don't buy it. It was the only soymilk available in the cafeteria at school (during my first year of university). It's not bad, but I just can't drink it.

Silk creamer: I tried this once, but decided, if I want something in my tea/coffee beverage, I'll just use soymilk.

Should I comment on Almond Breeze as well? I'll just say that I like all kinds (original, vanilla, and chocolate).


Natura Original (I think only available in Canada): ICK. Disgusting. Don't even bother.

Natura Vanilla: A little better than original, but not worth it.

Natura Strawberry: I wish it was good, but it isn't.

Natura Chocolate: This is the only Natura flavour that I actually like. Not as good as other chocolate kinds, but still pretty yummy.

Can you get the Natura "Glace" there? You should try we can have some reviews for those! The maple sounds good.  ^-^


That's the ice cream, right? Yeah I can get it - I've never tried it though. The maple sounds nice, but I've been hesitant to step outside my wonderful Soy Delicious bubble.


That's the ice cream, right? Yeah I can get it - I've never tried it though. The maple sounds nice, but I've been hesitant to step outside my wonderful Soy Delicious bubble.

Yeah. Try it some time! For all of us. And you.  :)


Well, if AC says so!  ;)b


Kozyshack soy pudding (vanilla):
very thick and smooth. Not too sweet; kind of like if you thickened regular vanilla soymilk with a wee bit of extra sugar. Good vanilla flavor. At first I wished it was sweeter, but I've adapted to it - not sugary like ZenSoy!

Kozyshack soy pudding (chocolate):
Also very thick and smooth. It seems slightly less sweet than the vanilla, but not so much that the cocoa is bitter. Seems to have a lot of cocoa.  At first I wished it was sweeter, but I've adapted to it - not sugary like ZenSoy!

And then I got a coupon for two more!  :D


I got one more:

Road's End Nacho Chreese Dip (mild):
Egh. I should have noticed before purchasing that this stuff has more tomatoes in it than anything else - it tastes very tomato-y and is kind of sour... not too cheesy at all. Make a cheese sauce recipe from vegweb rather than buying this... However, if I had bought it as salsa and 'cheese' pureed together, I might have liked it more.


--This is really good! It melts wonderfully, it has a great taste, and it even has a bit of a bite. It's good! (AC)

Silk-Key lime pie yogurt
--This was pretty strange, and not good. It was runny...and just didn't have a good taste. P REALLY HATED it. I finished it though. (AC)


Silk-Light plain
-I bought this because it was the only one on sale...and something about it grosses me out. It tastes fine, but it's really thin, and the color looks weird.


Silk yogurt-raspberry

-I liked this! It was still pretty runny, but the flavor was good-raspberry and yogurty. Probably could use more raspberry.


I haven't drunk it in a while, but I used to buy mostly Westsoy low-fat or non-fat.  Mostly for baking and smoothie-ing.  It tastes just OK.  It's fine for those two purposes.  I would sometimes drink it warmed up with vanilla.  It's thin, but that's how I prefer my soymilk.


Silk yogurt-Peach

-I like this. This is good. Good little peach pieces.



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