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New Gadget Bliss

I went shopping to day for the food etc. at the LIDL and they had kitchen things on offer. I brought home a non-stick loaf pan for the banana bread that is becoming standard fare here, and a new can opener. Now, a decent can opener can be hard to find here, a lot of people still use the ooold (and dangerous) "church key" type.
This one, made I believe in the UK, not only is gentle on the hands unlike the old "butterfly" stainless steel one I used to have, but the blades actually roll the sharp edge under as it cuts the tin, making it safe--no more cut fingers! The edge of the can is also not sharp.
I should get a pair of needlenose pliers and make myself one of those "art class" mobiles with the lids, I won't risk cutting myself now...
This may not be news to you, but it's the first "safe" opener I've seen of this type.

That's always good! There's nothing ickier than cutting yourself. >_<


yabbit that's so weird! that's basically the only kind you can even get here!!
in the states they have both avalible at most houseware stores.
but i've heard it referred to as "european style" can opener so i assumed it began over here.


I had one of those mean stainless ones and it never, ever worked. I ended up opening my cans with a hammer and an awl (remarkably safer, I assure you) until I could get a new one.  :o


I have an automatic electric one.

I'm so spoiled.


I picked up the new issue of Vegetarian Times (because I wanted the eggplant-chickpea stew recipe I saw on 'what the hell does a vegan eat anyway') and they had three awesome gadgets.

1.  (my favorite) a churning lid that attaches to the lid of your natural peanut butter so you can stir the oil back in without slopping it everywhere.

2.  A collapsing colander with legs that folds down almost completely flat.

3.  A clip on spoon rest that attaches to your pots.

Wow!!! #1 seems awesome!!! I always slop.

I have #2 and #3....
#2 sucks... chickpeas, broc, whatever gets stuck in the folds but it's good for rinsing salads... but i have a salad spinner for that... so i dunno
#3 my MIL got for me... it's okay... i don't use it. i have a spoon rest

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