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Massage oils

I injured myself over the weekend and my partner bought some sweet almond oil and gave me a massage last night (shoulders/arms).

All was well until 1-2 mins after rubbing in the oil I developed a rash on my right forearm, kinda like bumpy red insect bites and starting spreading right up my arm. Not long after, it appeared on my other arm too, though strangely not back or shoulders.

So I took a shower and washed it off and my skin is back to normal this morning and I'm thinking perhaps I'm allergic to almond oil which is odd because I'm not allergic to almonds or any nuts for that matter.

I'm disappointed because I've heard sweet almond oil is really good for the skin and I kinda want the massages to continue  ;)

So, can anyone recommend any oils I can try that are mild or suitable for sensitive skin?

I sometimes use shea butter. It's really wonderful for skin, and supposed to be non-allergenic. It's not as light as almond oil though... it's mostly solid at room temperature but you just rub it in anyway and it kind of melts.


There are a whole list of other base oils you can try,  maybe you have to experiment to see which suits you best  .  The simpler ones are  Olive and Sunflower oils, which are readily available and you probably already have them  in your kitchen.  evening primrose is very nice and one of my favourites.      I see you suffered an injury to your arm.  This formula will help tremndously:
Ginger essential oil - 20 drops
Black pepper essential oil - 5 drops
nutmeg essential oil - 5 drops
DILUTE THESE IN 2 TBLESPOONS OF ANY VEG OIL (  3x day for 2 days)  Just on your arm

if you just want calming and relaxing Lavender and Chamomile oils are great and smell wonderful.

I hope you find an oil that suits your skin,  and  find something here helpful.


I have used olive oil to great success, on chapped skin as well as for massage. Don't  use your best cold-pressed virgin oil (the kind that is pale green) unless you want to smell like an hors doeurve! (Or how ever you spell that).

I have experimented using lemon zest or lime zest in a v. small quantity if the person is tired and needs refreshing. Be VERY careful when using mint oil as it stimulates the heck out of your skin! Tea tree is good but a lot of people don't like the smell. The Body Shop used to have an "oil organ" and you could choose the perfumed oil to add to massage oil but since L'Oreal bought them out, they have darn little and very commercial.

To remove the excess oil after a massage, the person can try a bath with sea salt or rubbing the skin with a cloth or bath glove sprinkled with sea salt; helps cut the oil and exfoliates as well, leaving the skin soft and clean.


Thanks ever so much for your suggestions ladies! I have used shea butter products before and they are lovely, must purchase some more.

My arms have been in agony since Friday night so thanks also for the ginger/oil remedy, I shall certainly give it a try  :)

Yabbit girl I like your exfoliator suggestion and I am going to try that too - having sensitive skin it's great to hear all these natural alternatives.

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