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I'm so sold on Morningstar Riblets!!!!

Dudes, I picked up a box of Morningstar Riblets because I'd never seen them before but had heard good things.


I totally forgot to call MDVegan back after dinner because I was so in love with the riblets I'd eaten. I used to love ribs back in the day, and I hadn't had them in two years.... so I was excited but skeptical.... how could these frozen thingies live up to what I remembered?

SOOOOOO GOOD! The sauce is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy... and the texture is really good, too! Very melt-in-your-mouth.

I want more, but there are only two per box! This is my new "special fancy dinner" staple. Screw my botched stuffed mushrooms... these babies are PERFECT!

I just thought I'd share. Is there anyone else in the world as insanely excited about these as I am? Josh liked them, but he didn't go gaga like I did.

Yesterday a dedicated omni tried to talk me into vegan food.  It didn't work, but - Yes!  ;)b

Omni:  Have you had Gardenburger's riblets?
Me:  I tried them once.  I didn't really like them.  And they were expensive.
Omni:  They're what, $4 a box?  That's $2 a riblet.  They're so good, they're worth it.
Me:  meh
Omni:  hmpf


Whoa. My gf packed one these puppies in my lunch today - SUPER tasty! When I double-checked via Google to see if they really were vegan, my beloved vegweb popped up as the second hit! So now that I've read the thread:

1 - Anything Cali cooks will be better than something you can buy. Proven fact.
2 - I miss LA, and her picture makes me sad and happy all at once.
3 - Lauren, I'm suspicious, but will try your Amy's bbq pizza suggestion and report back.
4 - Whether you eat your own, or buy the super tasty Morningstar ones, vegan ribz are an awesome thing about being vegan!



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