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I just scored a....... (a thread about finding great deals!!!)

I  love to brag about how little I paid for something. Like my $2.00 boots, or $14 Tofurkey dinners. This thread is dedicated to all the good deals we find!  8-)

I just scored (2) three pound tubs of Earth Balance for $2.99!

At this gross discount grocery store which hardly has anything vegan, they had these HUGE ASS tubs of EB (commercial size?) for $2.99 each. I did not realize until I got home that she only charged me for one, and NO I did not go back to correct her error! It is sort of far away (now I'm sure karma will bite me in the ass at some point). But jeez.....6 pounds for 3 bucks! I need to take a picture so you can appreciate how large these are. They are bigger than my head.

Anyone else get any good deals lately?


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