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I just fell in love with a girl named Halva... paraphrase Neil Diamond (Taproot Manuscript liner notes. Yup, I'm old.  8-))

I do most of my shopping in LIDL. And as the crisis crunches down, you see more and more pricey cars parked in their forecourt. Anyway, once in awhile they have a special deal with foods from other countries...this week was Greece. I picked up a box of Macedonian style halva with cocoa. And fell fathoms deep in love.

It's vegan, unlike our Spanish turrón which is made with almonds, honey and eggwhite. This halva is made with tahineh, veg oil (probably hydrogenated, given the "bubbly" Aero-bar type texture, but I live for danger), cocoa, and vanilla. But the taste did remind us very much of turrón. I don't even want to think about calories.

If there's any left next week I'm bringing it home. :)>>> :)>>>

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