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Hormone-Free Milk at Kroger

Anyone heard/read this?  I know most of us don't drink milk, but I think it shows that consumers really can influence big business!  I HATE Monsanto, btw.  Who's with me? Haha.

I think the hornome-free, all natural, organic movement is taking hold. I live in Louisiana, middle of nowhere - small town. The only health food store near me is Whole Foods which is over an hour away!

I've noticed that, recently, at Albertsons and Win Dixie, they have more organic stuff. Organic veggies, organic crackers, organic cereals, organic teas, organic cookies. And even organic soy milk and organic, hormone free cow milk.

Six years ago, NOTHING was organic or hormone free where I lived. Now this. I definitely think it's a new market trend. More and more consumers are choosing hormone free, and organic. The market is responding to that.


i don't mean to brag, but the milk we serve at my job (coffee shop), makes me a little bit happy that i work there:
organic, hormone free, AND FREE FARMED
i'm pretty sure they remain the only dairy in the country to be certified "free farmed" by the humane association
and they're almost sustainable i think. 


I've noticed the surge in organics as well - even Costco is carrying more organic products, which I love because then I can buy lots of it!  ;D

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