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hennalucent hair dye

has anyone used this yet? i bought a package of sunset glo and wanted to know how your results were.

thanks!  :D

i havent but i was wondering where i can get dye like this to highlight my hair

i wonder if my hairdresser wiill do it for me if i bring my own hmmmmmm.......


No, but go on and educate yourself on proper henna usage and preparation.

If you use things out of a box it is normally mixed with metallic compounds and defeats the purpose of henna and can turn dyed hair green because of this.

I've been using Catherine's for about four years and my hair is so healthy. You can buy using a money order or credit card on the site. They have a mixes page where you can mix different compounds such as indigo, walnut powder, amla, cassia, and teas to create unique and bold shades. I looove henna and will never go back to regular dyes. People will stop me in the street and comment on my hair.

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