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eco-one-stop-shopping in Maryland

I know folks on this forum likely live all over the place- but I wanted to notify those living in or around Maryland- or anyone that might be passing through-- about a place(s) worthy of a visit from anyone with a conscious...
Nest is the main reason I write -- they sort of define " conscious consumption"
It's a small store with a big heart. They source and stock everything from recycled glass plateware, a variety of the famed stainless steel bottles, babygear , to a wide selection of great books, beautiful tableware, yoga goods along with an entire back selection of men's and women's sustainable clothing. Also a good source for vegan shoes! I feel like I covered only 50% of their goods-- and each item has a validated story, redeeming "eco" quality, and/or human-health-benefit

One of the best parts about it are the delightful folks that work there and their expansive knowledge base about every item they stock and individual or qualifyable company they buy from.
Nest really takes the guess work out of going green and supporting local...

PS-it's nestled within a shopping center that boasts a vegan restaurant , an organic grocer , and a natural pet food store

Never been into Nest before but I will check it out next time I am up that way.  Little dubious though since their 'sister market' is Roots- the place that makes Whole Foods look like a bargain.

I am a dedicated MOMS fan. 

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