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Cleaning produce with pesticide removers

I can't always afford organic, so I patronize a small mexican market by my house.

Have any of you used one of those "pesticide/wax" removers?

I haven't read much about them, but I did see an ad in a vegetarian magazine I was reading. Sometimes I think about going and buying some after I scrub and scrub only to still bite into a waxy apple or a chalky blueberry.

My mom's friend taught us a good method - pour a little apple cider vinegar over the fruit or veggies (don't cover them, just enough to cover maybe the bottom of the bowl), and roll the produce in the vinegar to coat evenly. Then put it in a strainer and wash thoroughly. It works really well with fruit, like grapes or berries. :)


Thanks girly!! I'll check that out. Finally a pic of somethin :P

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