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Any raw vegan products on the market?

I'm wanting to go raw so I'm curious if anyone knows of any raw products that are for sale. I'm mostly interested in things like crackers, breads, wraps etc. I know that Dr. Cows has raw cheeses but I haven't come across anything else really. Any help is greatly appreciated :D

(Also, if anyone has suggestions for easy recipes or other sites with easy raw recipes I would love to hear that as well! Anything and everything about going raw would definitely help lol)

I don't know where you live, so this may not be very helpful at all.  I know that Whole Foods has an entire section of raw foods but I can't think of the brands right now.  I know they carry crackers, cookies, snacks, etc.  My local WF also has a selection of raw desserts in their dessert case, but I don't know if those can be found in all their stores.

My local health food store, Fruitful Yield, also carries a few items, but not as many as Whole Foods.

Hope this helps some.


Check out a local health food store, wild oats, whole foods, etc and you'll find some stuff. This stuff is always really pricey, though. Just a warning.


there's raw vegan products everywhere!! you can find them in the produce section of every grocery store ;)

I'm just kidding with you.

Yeah, Whole Foods should have a section with some raw nut butters, granolas, crackers, etc.  They do here, anyway.  But like secondbase said...that stuff is expensive.  You'd be better off doing one of two things:

1) making your own raw treats
2) not eating the raw treats.  they totally aren't necessary... in fact, from my experience, they don't digest well at all, and it's always better to stick to fruits and veggies--leafy greens-- and actually, I would rather eat something COOKED that digests better than all those raw nuts and seeds.  that shit sits in my stomach like a brick. 

But if you want them for transitioning, I understand, I'd highly recommend getting some experience with making your own.

You can make your own homemade Larabars really, really easily and for much cheaper than buying the shit.  Grab yourself some raw nuts and some dates...process and form into little bars, and wallah! 

Besides dehydrated goods (assuming you don't have a D), you can make any of those products a lottt easier. 


I've been eating raw just a few months, but I agree with Tweedle - gourmet raw foods at the store (or even getting a dehydrator to make them at home) are expensive, and nut-heavy stuff isn't the healthiest anyway. A lot of people like to eat some things that resemble foods they're used to, particularly when starting out, but I eat mostly whole fruit, salads, and smoothies, and I feel much better than when I started and was eating a ton of raw nut butters.

I liked this blog a lot when I was looking for ideas on how/why to eat more raw food:

Check out the "raw chit chat" thread on VW, too.

Congrats on your resolve to eat more raw!


Thanks so much to everyone who replied.

Right now I'm not eating completely raw but I'm getting there. In the morning I just eat raw fruits or I will make a fruit smoothie. For lunch I have a salad, same with dinner. I've made raw banana ice cream with almonds for dessert, I want to make raw chocolate for it next time. For snacks I've just been having veggies and hummus or again just raw fruit.

I guess I was more interested in the wraps and crackers because I can go for a long time on just salads but I definitely get bored every now and then and would like maybe a hummus wrap or something.

But again, thank you so much for every reply :D


Aren't Larabars raw? I think I saw that on a package once. It would be easy to make them at home for much cheaper, and that would ensure they're raw.


Aren't Larabars raw? I think I saw that on a package once. It would be easy to make them at home for much cheaper, and that would ensure they're raw.

It's very easy to make them yourself if you have a food processor. This blog has a template recipe for it that I've used successfully.

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