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Aneurysm induced for sales

So, the hospital approved the aneurysm being induced in the dog, but not the use of the device that would fix it?  ???

I haven't looked at the general news in quite some time, but I'm really tired and completely unproductive today, so I thought I'd have a look (doesn't require too much energy)--now I remember why I stopped reading the news--takes too much energy. >:(  . . .at least they're not letting it go.

In a letter to the USDA, the clinic said the hospital's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee had approved the aneurysm being induced in the dog but not the use of the device on the animal.

Perhaps one of the "Committee" members should have volunteered to have an aneurysm induced on themselves.....or maybe on one of their loved ones. Animal testing to find and study results for human advancement is bad enough.....animal testing to MAKE A SALE might be the stupidest thing I have heard in a long, long time (almost up there with our bombs killing innocent civilians who are then called collateral damage). >:(


I just really don't understand why they would do that to the dog if they weren't even planning to use the device--wasn't the point to display how the thing works? Was the aneurysm just for fun?


I read this last night, never a shortage of reports of cruel treatment to animals .... :'(
As a species we are a sad bunch, if we become extinct at some point, the planet will be better off, sad but true.

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