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Who Takes Daily Vitamin Supplements?

I took one of my coworker's vegan daily vitamins one day when I was feeling really low on energy (which has been a LOT lately. ugh.). Idk if it was her vitamin, or the half cup of coffee that I drank  ;) but I felt great. I took one again today (again, with some coffee), but didn't really feel quite as energized.
I hate depending on stuff (coffee, vitamins, aspirin, etc) on a regular basis, but I was thinking that maybe I should start taking a multivitamin, bc I don't have very diverse eating habits. I know I'm probably missing out on some important vitamins. So!...
I was wondering about everyone else... Do you take a daily ? Do you think it gives you more energy during the day? Reccomend one? Thx!

I take a multi-vitamin everyday, always have.  I have no idea if I really need to or not, but it makes me feel healthier for some reason.


If it's energy you need, and you don't have a very diverse diet, I highly recommend trying E3Live, a fresh-live blue-green algae. My whole family takes it, and ever since I started it (7 months ago) I have felt more energized and productive than I have in my whole life (I am 38)! I feel like I finally feel like I am *supposed* to if it filled in the blanks of missing nutrients I may have had.

I posted a huge thread about it that you can read, if you have a few minutes. :)


I take a small multi every other day (the Deva tiny multis, for people who can't swallow big pills like adults :P), algae Omega 3's, calcium (I've had weird calcium issues for years), iron, and iodine (which aren't included in my multi). That's a lot of pills when I look at it, sheesh. I just like to be careful, i guess, plus my mom is always freaking out over whether or not I'm getting a deficiency of one thing or another, she can't say a thing when I'm taking my vitamins. Even though I've been more healthy as a vegan than I have been in the entire rest of my life. I haven't had any new medical issues in the past three years. :)

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