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What are your thoughts on my diet?

Hi Vegwebbers!
Backsstory:  I've been a member of this site since I became vegetarian 3 years ago (LOVE IT). And I'm losing weight to join the military so as it stands I'm still vegetarian and still at my parents house.  (Once I'm out of basic I plan on switching to vegan.)

Question: For my diet the plan is to eat gluten free, low carb-ish, up the protein, and keep my blood sugar steady.  My dad told me I was eating too much fruit and told me to stop. (Say what??) And I'm eating a lot of eggs and a lot of dairy which I really don't want to eat. So A) doesn't cutting out fruit seem ridiculous? and B) Instead of eating eggs and dairy what sources of foods are low-ish in carbs and good sources of protein?

I have been eating quinoa and I hate tofu. :)

I would think tofu, nuts and beans would be the best foods, also leafy greens are great.
grains you can eat e.g millet and quiona are also good.
But i remember when i was not eating gulten at all i ate a lot of beans mostly lentils and kidney beans, tofu and tempeh with lots of different vegetables. Limited rice and potatoes.


well first off if you hate tofu i can guarantee you you just haven't had it right! tofu is awesome... I press my tofu, cut it into slices, marinate it in some teryaki sauce and throw it on my george forman grill and it is to die for, especially cold (low fat and delicious, i love eating it plain or in sandwiches and salad) you could also try "wheat meat" I.E. "Seitan" to get protein if you hate tofu... And to eat less fruit is just crazy! Everyone on Earth knows fruit is good for you! Enough with the fad diets already! But yes cut the hell back on dairy and eat more fruit, beans, veggies, quinoa... You know that's the right answer so do it :)

Also make stirfrys! Vegan protein plus veggies = low carb and way healthier!


Thanks guys.  I just don't think that fruit will really spike my blood sugar. My dad is a crazy competitive weightlifter. Eh.


fruit is fine.... what will spike your blood sugar (well, keep it elevated for longer) is too much fat in your diet. why do you want to be low carb? that's bad for you.


Fruit is great - if you want to limit the spike in your blood sugar you can try having some fruit with a bit of nuts or seeds. Not a lot, they're high in fat, but a small handful of almonds or pumpkin seeds will slow the digestion of your fruit.

Other than that, if you can handle a lot of beans, they are a great source of protein. I prefer to have more grains and some beans, but the mix is up to your digestive system ;) Tempeh is my favorite, I also don't like tofu. Not only the taste and texture, but it doesnt' digest well. There is a carb in soy that can't get broken down by most peoples' digestive systems. Tempeh is fermented, which breaks down this carb.

Also - lots of green veggies will definitely help. They help the digestion of beans, and have around 50% of their calories from protein. Not that they have many calories, but they are a great addition to your diet all around.


2nd what Hespedal said... your brain really needs constant glucose... neurons don't store it... nice explanation here:

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