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Weight Watchers

Quick question: Any of you use Weight Watchers? If so, what do you find is the best/worst about it? I tried it last year for a bit, but I found it annoying to track points because I do a lot of cooking and I basically had to input a recipe for everything I ate. At that point, I might as well just use Google and track my own calories vs. paying WW to input it in their database.

I work out regularly but I'm going to 4 weddings this summer and I'd like to lose 10-20 pounds. Just wondering what other people's experiences have been.

Thank you!

I don't personally use WW but I know theres a couple people here that does it and have lost weight on it. My grandma did it, and actually ended up gaining weight, so I dunno.

Personally I use the cron-o-meter to calculate my calories, works a lot better.
(online version)
(download version, which I use)

I suggest cutting calories down by 500 everyday and doing moderate exercise, and you'll drop the pounds in no time =) old fashioned is best for a reason! Good luck  :)>>>


I lost 30 pounds, but it WAS a pain to enter all that information for each recipe.. Also, I have a problem with their acceptance of eating "anything" in the right portion -- I don't mean that they should promote veganism (well, maybe that would be nice) but all those processed foods are bad news, and I doubt WW will ever stop since they have their own brand of processed foods. There are other apps you can use for calorie tracking -- my fitness pal is a good one if you have an iPhone. You know, if you've done it before, that it teaches you good habits -- but maybe you could find someone else vegan to be your coach and save $40 a month?

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i've been on it,but i don't think it works for everyone.andplus you can eat healthy foods and eat a whole days worth of food throughout the day and have alot of points left,but you can also use almost all of your points on a piece of cake and go over your points easily.

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