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Weight loss and gain

So many posts over the last several months!  I was watching a video today that was suggested on here.  It is worth posting something he said.

When it comes to weight loss, to follow the rule of 10.  THat is, take your ideal weight and multiply by 10.  So, for me it is 155 and I should have 1550 calories a day.  I am free to eat a bit more, but never to eat less. He said that eating less causes more problems than eating a little bit more, when one is on a vegan diet.  So you know, eating an extra piece of fruit won't really mess weight loss up, but not eating the same fruit when you are not up to your calories for the day is not good.  He said that too many people try to curb calories to hard and eat too little for optimal health and well being.

So, if you need to weigh 130, you need eat AT LEAST 1300 calories a day.  If you are now 100 and would like to gain to 130, you need to eat no less than 1300 calories and preferably more. 

Eating vegan (we will not use the D word here) is different.  Protein needs to be higher in grams because when it comes from plants your body breaks it down differently.  Because one should be eating primarily fruits and vegetables on a vegan regime, and because these are low calorie foods, you can't really over eat them and they are not going to make you fat and they probably aren't going to help you gain, either.  So, if you are trying to lose a couple of pounds, focus on the simplest of plant fibers and if you are trying to gain a few focus on more legumes and grains with your veggies. 

I digress, but the rule of 10 is a simple one and I will be following it.  If you don't know what you are getting, go to and download an eatometer so you can easily keep track of about anything you put in your mouth.

Of note, most of my days are 1400 to 1600, just by what I can pack in my stomach.  I am about on the right track, and it doesn't seem to matter what I choose to eat, it is always right there.  You all are probably about the same way, so it should be easier to up or decrease.

Can you post a link to the video?

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