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Water-fasting for health

I water fasted last year because I was actually ill. And instead of taking a zillion drugs from the dr, I decided to try a 6-day water fast. It worked great! It didn't quite do the job, so I had to fast again for another 6-days. But it turns out that I healed myself (it was colitis caused by other drugs I had taken)! The dr couldn't believe it. And actually said he only recommended fasting for his obese patients who were practically on death's door. Sad. When anybody can benefit from fasting!

So, I've decided to make it a yearly thing. And right now I'm on day-5 of my now-yearly fast. And I feel great. Absolutely great.

Read about my observations here, if you'd like to hear more about it:

I actually got the knowledge to fast from Dr. Fuhrman. I'm sure a lot of you know who he is. I read his 'Eat to Live' a long time ago.. then stumbled upon "Fasting and Eating for Health'. I was stunned. You should swing by the book store and at least read the intro about him - how he learned about fasting himself, long before he was ever a doctor.

It's important to get the right information before you begin a fast. But I absolutely love how it makes me feel, how it makes food taste. Who knew?

i think it can be a great thing. but only under some circumstances. i mostly only believe that water fasting is good for very severe illness or when there is zero appetite (to begin with).

eta: i also believe water fasting should only be done when someone has the opportunity for complete rest.


You can learn a lot about fasting... and how it's actually great without disease or obesity present in Dr. Fuhrman's books.

Prevention is key. That's what fasting is really all about.


i believe that prevention will happen if you are following a hygienic diet. believe me, i run in circles of people who are HUGE on water fasting, and i think it can be very beneficial, but longer term fasts (more than two days) are something i don't think should be toyed with (not that you are, i'm just stating my overall views).


If you only fast for 2 days, you just mess with your metabolism. You have to fast longer if you don't want to mess with that.

Seven days is totally do-able. And I never knew this before I fasted last year but it makes you feel amazing!

Everybody is entitled to an opinion :) and fasting isn't for everyone, I guess. I'm the only one that I know who fasts. But I do it for me. And I only wish I had known about it sooner (through Dr Fuhrman)... That's why I'm posting it here.


I think that fasting has some amazing benefits. I also think that it can be highly addictive and can put some people into deficiencies if their diet were not entirely excess promoting in the first place. With this in mind I would like to wish you eternal happiness in your fast Veganbeing. I also think that anyone looking to get into fasting should check with a naturopath or holistic nutritionist before hand, just as a safety net in case you need an extra hand.



I'm on the final day.. and have less than 12 hours to go before I'm breaking the fast. I might be giddy. :)

Honestly, I don't know how you can get addicted to fasting. I'm certainly not *enjoying* myself. But I am looking forward to the benefits of how I felt last year! That's really why I do it. (No worries here, I'm not underweight and we're very healthy vegans.) You'd be surprised how fasting restores your body, rather than depleting it. (Again, that's more info from Dr. Fuhrman. He has dealt with this for many years. He may be an MD but he specializes in getting people OFF medications through veganism and fasting, not drugs.)

And I'm definitely looking forward to breaking the fast tonight! If anybody has questions on the experience, I'm happy to answer.

Good luck to anybody else wanting to fast. My first fast was only 4 days. My second, a year later, was 6. And now I'm up to 7. I think that's plenty!.. for me, at least.


Have a wonderful fast-breaking!


Can you still exercise when water fasting? When I have to fast to have a medical procedure done, I still try to run. I end up getting light-headed and sick, then I'm so hungry I feel like I need to throw up. Does this pass? I just don't see how one can exercise a lot while just consuming water.


You shouldn't exercise while water-fasting, that's for sure. You have to let your body rest. A water fast is to heal the inside of your body and let it self-heal. You have to forego exercise or you could really hurt yourself.

Pick up 'Fasting and Eating for Health' and Dr. Fuhrman can explain it all in detail. :)


Yes, I used himalayan pink salt.

Read about my observations here:


Im almost 30 hours into a juice (raw) fast.
I read that the juice help detox faster than water alone.
Its also much easier to begin with, less stress on the body.
In the time Ive only had one juice and a small amount of spirulina.
Also I think psychologically is not as intimidating,

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