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I heard form a magazine or something... that Vegetarians/Vegans Have to take a vitamin. B/c they aren't getting a certain Vitamin/Mineral.. Etc. From eating meat. Is this true? if so what do you take? I think it's just a Protein vitamin. But i dont know. Opinions? THX!!

we don't necessarily have to take vitamins....
all the minerals/nutrition our bodies need can be found in plants...
i've actually been gradually switching from a vegan diet to a raw vegan diet--a gradual process, and have continued to be perfectly healthy.  it depends on the person's body, their natural chemistry/needs, etc....
i'd say that fewer vegans/veggies have to take vitamins than do...


Some people can be completely healthy on a vegetarian and/or vegan diet. But, some people like me don't readily absorb Iron and B12 - it has nothing to do with my diet, it's just my body. So, I take vegan supplements. I figure humans have evolved to the point that we can live healthily without animals, including the use of animal free supplements.(where in the days of the hunter/gatherer, humans would starve without killing) and that is why we shouldn't eat them, and why it's grotesque that people do - we don't need to kill anymore.

I would go to the doctor, tell them about your diet and get them to check your blood for the things that vegetarians and vegans sometimes lack. There is absolutely no shame in taking vegan supplements; getting really sick or resorting back to meat however, is something to be ashamed of.

Don't assume you body is getting everything it needs, in my case even as a meat-eater I was lacking Iron. It's better to be safe than sorry.


Anyone who eats a balanced diet that fulfills the daily requirements for all necessary nutrients does not need to take vitamins, regardless of where those nutrients are coming from. There isn't anything in a omnivorous diet that humans can't get from a herbivorous diet. Humans are omnivores. That just means that they are physiologically capable of eating both vegetation and other animals. Doesn't mean that they need to do so.

I think I read somewhere that the people most inclined to take vitamins tend to have healthy diets anyway.  Go figure ::)

(I take Rainbow Light Women's Just Once vitamins, BTW. Huge fan.)

What do you mean by protein vitamin? Like, nutrients from animal sources or protein supplements? Protein deficiencies are pretty rare. You have to not eat or have kidney problems to have a protein deficiency. There is protein in everything - did you know that there is 5 grams of protein in a serving of broccoli? Some people raise the issue that vegetable protein does not have the combination of amino acids that we need to stay healthy. Hence one of many reasons why people should be eating a variety of foods. Soy, quinoa, spirulina, buckwheat, and amaranth are all "complete proteins." So screw you, nay sayers  ;)

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