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Vita-Mix Super 5000

Ok, so I'm thinking about purchasing a new blender (long story short, mine just sucks). I've heard a lot about the Vita-Mix machine, but I don't know anyone personally who has it or who has actually used it. I'm looking into getting one because I think it would just make my life easier with preparation and everything. However, I don't really feel like investing close to $500 for it if it's not worth it. Has anyone here ever used it? Or know of someone who has? Any input would be grateful!

I personally don't have one but everyone I know who does loves it.  At this point, i can't justify the cost of it.  I have a food processor (nothing really fancy, but not a super cheap one either) that handles everything I need it to (from nut butters to sorbets).  I also have an inexpensive blender that I use to make smoothies.


I have one, and I can't imagine what I would do without it. I have a food processor as well, but I use each of them for different things. The Vitamix blends things into perfection (tofu especially). I make a lot of uncooked (i.e. "cheeze") sauces in it. You can also make (and heat to a very high temperature) soup in it. The list goes on.

I held off buying one for a long time as well, then saw them being demonstrated at Costco several years ago. It was a good price, so we bought one. I absolutely love it.

Have you checked ebay to see if anyone is selling a used one? You could probably get one a little cheaper.


Thank you both for your input. I know, LittleCrystal, the cost is kinda icky for me. But I've heard so much good things about it, I would think it would be worth it. I never thought about Ebay! Why didn't I think of that before?? Thanks Nancy.


I, too, would not know what to do without my Vitamix Super 5000.

I use it every day. Really. Every. Day.

Soups, "cheese" sauces, pudding, salad dressing, making powdered sugar. It rules. I didn't have to pay for it, though; I got it as a wedding present. Three households got together to pay for it. :)

It's an investment, and well worth it, though I can see how the cost would be prohibitive. I wouldn't have bought it for myself if I had to pay for it, though I'd be pining away.


Definitely worth the price.  ;)

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