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Veganism and bodybuilding

Okay, I started weight lifting and running.  Two activities that have helped me to loose almost 25lbs and get more fit.  I feel great!  I never used to be able to run 5.0 MPH for any length of time, now I can keep it up for 3 miles.....longer if I tried I think, I just never tried.  I run 3 miles every morning (I am increasing it to 5.2 mph for more of a challenge) 5 mornings a week. 

I also weight lift 4 mornings a week.  Bench press, deadlift, pushup....ect.

I veered away from a vegetarian diet because of the belief that you can't get enough protein for building muscle on a vegan diet.  But doing more research, I am beginning to think that that simply isn't true (if it was then how would Rhino's get so strong???)

What is your suggestions for this?

It's a myth that you can't get enough protein from plant foods (elephants are vegan and they are massive).  Animal products are not necessary and actually lower performance because the high fat and cholesterol content clog your circulatory system.


go to probably  answer some questions you might have. they have all sorts of info on there that i find useful


I just had this arguement at work with someone.... they bragged that their muscle peanut butter had 20g of protien. Well, I got out my peanuts only peanut butter and it had 14g protien a serving.... which was 2 tbspn.thrn we looked at his pb and one serving was 4 tbspns! Therefore my vegan peanut butter had 8g more of protien! Tofu and seitan and beans are full of protien without all of the calories and fat that meat sources have! If u comapare protien content per calorie..... we probably get more protien! I could be wrong though.... this is all based on online and nutrtional info research done when my friend and I were arguing! Good luck!


The vegan body building site that they offer will answer all of these questions. The site is so amazing with so much great info. You will benefit so much from it.

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