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Vegan Renaissance- But Weight still the same

I went Vegetarian looking into Vegan about a month ago. My stamina is off the charts, running when I can without even a huff or a puff- I even run ahead of my tired dog. I am following the Vegan pyramid (hell its the background on my mac) and thus I feel alert, less moody, satiated and I am cooking in this new wondrous world (Gluten is my friend- seitan I believe is the manna that kept the Jews alive in the desert). Despite this amazing renaissance, my waist is still stuck at an unimpressive 36 inches (I want to get to 33). About a year ago I lost alot of weight counting calories at 1,200 a day but that seems way too low now perhaps even dangerous... suggestions?

Give it time! Eat healthy, whole foods, and continue to exercise. Don't eat late.


If you're getting in better workouts, you could be losing fat and building muscle, so your weight is the same?

I haven't looked at the food pyramid in such a long time I had to look it up again.  Mess around and find the pyramid that works for you.  

My pyramid is:  


                          ______   legumes  _____
                 ___________     grains   _________
         _______________       fruit     _____________
____________________    veggies  ____________________


                          ______     fruit      _____
                 ___________   legumes   _________
         _______________     grains     _____________
____________________     veggies   _________________


Giving yourself one month time period may be too short. Usually once you get yourself adjusted to the diet, excising more, weight should come down naturally. I wouldn't be alarmed if I were you. Welcome to the vegan club ;)



I went from a 36 inch waist to 30 inches (I can even fit into a 28). Even then there are still vestigial love handles ( just wish someone would use them). :)

I just do at least 100 sit-ups each night.


I suggest to help you find out where the problem is located.  I think 1200 calories is way too low for most people.  You should double check your calorie needs per day - it takes into consideration your height, current weight and your activity level.  It could be that you aren't eating enough.  I had that problem too for a long time. ;)b

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