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Vegan Recipes for anti-candida diet . . . HELP!!

Hi guys, haven't been on the forums in a while, been really busy and now that I am unemployed I have a lot of time to myself to cook things.  Yay!  I'm writing cause I need help really bad!

Recently my mom is studying to become a holistic nutritionist and has used me as a case study for her assignments.  Based on my diet she recommends that in the New Year I do a 4 week anti-candida diet to normalize the functioning bacteria in my colon. 

So as an overview of what I am NOT allowed ot eat during this diet:

1.  Yeast (active yeast of any kind, though I can have some nutritional yeast)
2.  Bread, refined flours or cereals
3.  Sugar of any kind (this includes sugars low on the glycemic index such as agave syrup, brown rice syrup, or sugars like molasses, sucanat, maple syrup, etc.)  I CAN have stevia in small amounts.
4.  anything fermented such as miso, soy sauce, tamari, tempeh, worcestershire sauce, Bragg liquid amino, etc.
5.  Vinegar of any kind (white, red wine vinegar, balsamic, etc)
6.  Fungus or mould (mushrooms of all kinds, I can eat in small quantities only IF they are cooked)
7.  Fruit juice, even 100% all natural.
8.  Dried fruit.
9.  Have to limit my salt.

Basically I am allowed to make a salad dressing out of oil and lemon juice, and eat salad.  I am allowed to eat beans and grains.  I am allowed 2 servings of fruit per day, but it can't be dried fruit.  I am allowed to eat nuts, seeds, etc. 

While I am doing this diet, I have to take probiotics, drink lots of water, and take magnesium powder in tea, as well as take liquid mineral supplements to help me with my salt cravings. 

If anyone has any recipe ideas, or ideas of things I could cook/bake any ideas that fit the above category are extremely welcome.  Thanks!!

I did the candia thing

1.  Yeast (active yeast of any kind, though I can have some nutritional yeast)
2.  Bread, refined flours or cereals
This two are no problems, find sourdough bread spelt or kamut .. rice is not so great. Rice flakes, or puffed spelt or rice is good. Rice or corn cakes too.

3.  Sugar of any kind (this includes sugars low on the glycemic index such as agave syrup, brown rice syrup, or sugars like molasses, sucanat, maple syrup, etc.)  I CAN have stevia in small amounts.
I used to have Xylitol and its great. I was told by all people at nearly 10 health food stores- all educated people that it was fine to have. Not too much though!

4.  anything fermented such as miso, soy sauce, tamari, tempeh, worcestershire sauce, Bragg liquid amino, etc.
I used braggs sometimes because its not fermented! Read it, it says it!!

5.  Vinegar of any kind (white, red wine vinegar, balsamic, etc)
Thats true..

6.  Fungus or mould (mushrooms of all kinds, I can eat in small quantities only IF they are cooked)
Mushrooms and peanuts are a no.. you can have different nut spread including tahini
7.  Fruit juice, even 100% all natural.
Yeah, no fruit.. that was bad.

8.  Dried fruit.
9.  Have to limit my salt.
Try garlic powder or dusle flakes.

I used to eat a lot of sweet potatoes and pumpkin for energy.
Avocadoes were very important
I ate so many toamato things.
Use oils- mustard seed, pumpkin seed.. good for flavours.

Eat beans! I remeber eating a lot of chickpeas and butter beans. Brown rice, millet, buckwheat and spelt pasta.
You can eat some raw chocolate.

Can you eat cocnut milk or oil? I think that is okay..  I remember making lots of curries.
Eggplant.. many vegetables and herbs. Nut bakes.. fried onions are good for flavour..

Its only hard when eating out.. very hard!

Make soups, drink nut milks,

What types of things do you like to eat? I can give you some ideas!


Hey everybody,

I feel your pain...I was put on adult antibiotics after an accident as a kid, which totally destroyed my good bacteria. I have had Candida in some form or other for over 15 years...

Candida is a life long commitment for the simple fact is that this is a naturally occurring bacteria found in our bodies, so having gotten rid of any symptoms doesn't mean it is gone. We have to maintain the balance in our bodies by eating correctly.  I have just gone back onto the Candida diet, since I am determined to get it under control, which means the eating plan and I am hitting from all sides with various different anti-fungal remedies; Clove oil seems to be a pretty good one to use, but coconut oil, oregono oil or tea, grapefruit seed extract, and Pau D'Arco / Taheebo are all good at combating this problem. It is also vital that you go onto a good quality probiotic.

Suggestions for the pasta lovers - You can get gluten free pastas, and there are various corn-based pastas too...

Hope this helps out a little


Hi Everyone,

I have been on an anti-Candida diet for 65 days now, but I did start to cheat a bit throughout on days when I felt ill and it was too hard. This is long, but hopefully helpful to anyone interested.

I've also had to deal with whiplash injury which has affected how I feel overall, and it has made it hard to determing irritating foods since I already have nausea.

I am not allowed:
- wheat (or anything with gluten)
- dairy
- eggs
- soy (this is baaaad, especially the genetically modified stuff, simulates estrogen, bad if you have family breast cancer history)
- sugar
- caffeine
- nuts (peanuts and pistachios are highest in mold content... if you can eat nuts, cashews, brazil and macadamia were considered ok)
- corn
- sulphites
- fruit (initially, but now can have berries, green apples, pears)
- only allowed fruit juice in small quantities
- no beans
- no meat or fish (just because I am vegetarian).
- no nightshade vegetables (potatoes, eggplant, pepper) for anti-inflammatory purposes, and starch content
- no tomatoes or food that share the same protein as grass (I have a severe allergy)

I basically exist on brown rice, quinoa, amaranth grains, vanilla rice milk, pumpkin seeds. I was not allowed fruit for the first month but finally added it in because it was just too darn restrictive.

About 3.5 weeks into the diet, following it strictly, I got a raging yeast infection. And to me, that seems to be AFTER the "die off" period, so it's left me feeling quite skeptical about the benefits of the diet. Since then, I have had sugar or evaporated cane juice sugars on 18 of the 65 days so far without any crazy-bad difference (but I did feel sick after eating chocolate).

I have been on "candicin" supplement to kill yeast, "ichol" to help cleanse the liver, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract (NEVER use more than 5 drops at once and ALWAYS use it diluted in water). Naturopaths love to sell this stuff, and while I do think some can be helpful, you have to be careful because candida is naturally present in the body (and should be!) and needs to be in the digestive tract. You don't want to kill everything in sight... some candida is necessary for proper bowel function.

I had A LOT of steamed veggies at first, but now I prefer a stir fry with olive oil, garlic for flavour, onions, broccoli, radishes, cauliflower. I combine it with rice or quinoa. The quinoa has a higher protein and fiber content which is good. You can get plain brown puffed rice cereal and I use it with natura vanilla rice milk.

I've also been taking Nutribiotic vegan rice protein powder, 2 tablespoon fulls a day, to ensure I get at least 25 grams of protein.

Adding the fruits has been good, I can do smoothies in the morning. I add lots of ice and a bit of 100% pineapple juice to sweeten it. (I can't stand the taste of stevia).

I have lots of chamomile tea (sometimes with lemon), hibiscus tea, orange clove tea but be careful because MOST herbal teas out there, even naturally decaffeinated, have SOY in the ingredients. I couldn't believe it, but it is true.

Quinoa with rice milk, cinnamon and granny smith apple can be a good breakfast. Of cream of rice (which is gross, but at least different) can be okay with some berries. I started adding a touch of 100% real maple syrup, but the last naturopath I saw told me to stop.

The truth is that this diet is exceptionally difficult, very restrictive, hard to live by. I started adding in lentils and chick peas for the fibre, feeling of fullness, and the protein. Hummus is a good thing. I loved it with carrots and celery before, but was told carrots are a no no. As well as potatoes (including yams) because of the high carb/starch/sugar content.

In some health food stores you will be able to find some organic soups that are allowed. I find it hard to cook all the time, so I still have some back-up options like canned items even though they aren't the best, simply so I don't break and dial up the pizza place.

I can't see this for life - I will be too unhappy and limited. I love going out to eat but cannot with all these restrictions. It also sucks for socializing with friends because you either have nothing to eat, or have to bring your own stuff.

Any questions, just ask.


"Naturopaths love to sell this stuff" this is so true... i think they actually make a lot of money from this. When i went on this anti candida food plan i was allowed to eat beans and nuts- though not peanuts. Also i remember no nightshades though i did have eggplants once in a while.

Also i was allowed to have thempeh once a month :)

I also could have corn.. or i atleast remember eating corn chips and raw chooclate as my weakness.

Maybe she was just trying to make it easier.. i have no idea. She was also worried because i used to eat a good about of fruit... and i could also eat tomatoes actually.. i found it so difficult not to make meals with them all the time.. I remember a lot of curries with beans and vegetables with letuce inside of rice. Also yes steamed vegies with spices.

She told me to eat soy youghurt which i thought was strange and i said they all have sugar in them and she told me something like we all have choices .. meaning that i could just eat regualr youghurt... so i stopped seeing her and she was even vegetarian!!!




I know this isn't helpful at all but I just now realized that the title says "anti-candida diet" and not "anti-canada diet." XD


You guys all have great advice for the vegan anti-candida diet.  A good companion to such a diet is, which has diet and exercise tips, smart recipes, and a <a href="">calorie counter</a>, which, even for the fundamentally low-in-calories-and-fat vegan lifestyle is still very useful.


I suffered a horrible gut infection: yeast AND the parasite Blastocystis hominis that lasted 1 1/2 yrs. Lost a ton of weight, had diarrhea and colitis, all from 1 round of amoxicillin. Also, found FOS severly exacerbated my symptoms so whatever your Naturopath says stay they heck away from that stuff.

I was no into natural health I fought tooth and nail to treat myself "naturally": saw naturopaths, tried her remedies/diet, tried other diets, other supplements, etc. The diets only made me loose weight and have no energy.

Finally I went back to my MD and took Alinia for the parasite, 2 rounds of Nystatin for the yeast (a very mild drug) and then 1 round of Diflucan.
I have finally been completely well for several months now.

Please don't flame me for recommending drugs over natural health. I so badly wanted to find a natural cure. But for me, it ended up being more natural and healthy to kill the dang infection, then I could start eating all the healthy normal food I wanted now that my body can process it.

I guess it sounds like most of you aren't as bad off as I was, so a cleansing diet may be helpful. But whatever you do don't do it for more than a few months. A long term restricted diet is bad, all the stress from that did me harm.

One vegan-friendly book/cookbook that actually was the most helpful for me of all the anti-candida, etc diets I tried was "the Yeast Connection" by William Crook and the matching cook book. Unlike other candida diets he allows plenty of carbs. Strangely enough I felt better adding back all the carbs and finally put weight back on when I did so.

Best of luck to you all.


(I meant to say I was SO into natural health, not "no" into natural health)


Oh, and like I said while probiotics with FOS messed me up, and others without it did nothing, 1 really helped repair my gut once the infection was gone: Pharmax HLC Intensive Caps (make sure it's that one, all their other products have FOS). They are vegan as well, not cultured in dairy and human strain. I highly recommend them.


I really really really thought this thread was anti-canada diet the whole time i was reading it until i looked again.  ::)

I totally did too.



I too am beginning this diet, so thanks to everyone for all the suggestions here. I am starting a blog about my diet and experiences with it, as I have noticed a serious lack in online information for vegans looking to try the candida diet. Here is the link:



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