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veg weight loss group

Anyone out there interested in starting a weight loss support group / discussion thread?

I've been vegan for years but haven't managed to loose weight, mainly through the lack of will power. I just joined a gym and plan to work out 3-4 times a week. I could definately use some motivation..

Maybe we could post our goals & keep a running list of personal achievements. Watcha think? Any takers?

mdvegan:  thanks for the xylitol tip.  I have yet to find it locally and may try online if I get desperate. (:

"Eating slowly proven to reduce caloric intake by 70 percent in recent study"

I just found this article on's site about eating slowly.  I've always been aware that it's better for you (especially since you're chewing your food up much better when you eat slowly)... but I've never really heeded such advice.  This article might just give me the nudge I need to actually put it into practice.  I'm always eating on the run... and would like to actually sit down and enjoy my food once in a while.  Reducing my caloric intake at the same tme is an added bonus, of course.  ;)



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