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Too much seitan or gluten?

I have no gluten issues at all. In fact I really have no digestive issues (lucky me!!) I was wondering if it is possible to eat too much gluten in the form of seitan? I make it my self with beans and other stuff mixed in with the vital wheat gluten so it is a better from of protein then just gluten on its own. I eat some seitan almost daily or every other day. Could this be hindering weight loss? I eat beans and lentils and veggies and fruits. I don't eat flour, but I eat rice daily.

Any comments or suggestions??

if you eat anything too much it isn't a good thing... variety is good!

unless you eat seitan for BLD i wouldn't be worried...

i don't think it should hinder weight loss but i don't know how much you eat or how you prepare your food... obvs if you're frying everything in oil and eating vast quantites you won't lose weight, vegan or not... being vegan does not guarantee weight loss, if you eat healthy and vegan you should eventually reach your body's ideal weight...


Hey Amy!! No not for BLD at all! I make the viva vegan seitan and some other tasty ones..I dint fry anything at all. I eat very healthy, I just have heard some bad stuff about gluten and wondered if having it too often could be bad. I break it up with beans and lentils and what not, but man I just love the seitan cause it is so versatile!! Hope all is well :)

Thanks for your help again!!


i think all the bad gluten hype has to do with so many people having food allergies/ sensitivities these days... kinda like "soy is bad" whatever... if you aren't feeling ill from eating gluten, i don't think you should consider it a bad food... there is just a bunch of "hype" right now on the gluten thing, kinda similar to the "carbs are evil" mind frame... if you don't feel sick from it don't get rid of it :)

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