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Teeth Whitening/Bleaching Question

Hello Everyone,

Just wondering does anyone get their teeth professionally whitened?  Or use a whitening system?  My teeth are in desperate need of something but I don't know if there's anything vegan available.  Toothpastes aren't cutting it.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!


I know you said toothpastes aren't cutting it but i was just making some toothpaste and i read that sage is a natural tooth whitener. I haven't used it long enough to know if that is true but maybe doing an extra brushing with just water and some dried sage could give you some extra whitening?


I just got my teeth bleached a few months ago. It whitens your teeth, but does not make them super extra sparkly white like the American Idol judges or tv stars (brilliant lighting gives it that effect). It was pricey (around $250, I believe) and you're not allowed to eat anything unwhite for two days. Basically, my teeth now don't look any different than they did before I got them bleached because I eat stuff that stains my teeth (mustard, red wine, anything that would stain a white t shirt). If you smoke or drink coffee regularly, you'll be wasting your time and money.


Thanks Everyone!!!!

I visited my dentist's office today for my cleaning and asked for their whitening prices...  They have three options:

Zoom Laser (in office) includes trays with whitener for touch ups - $550
Trays with Whitener - $350
Crest Whitestrips - $68 (supposedly a stronger whitener than store bought)

I think this is tooooo expensive for me at this time so I'm going to try the store brand items. I also drink coffee every morning and green tea. I may also be able to find it cheaper at another dentist's office.....hhhmmm?

Are Crest Whitestrips or Bleaching vegan??????


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