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got my tetanus shot today sooooooo scary but neway

15 minutes after my arm blew um like a balloon (okay im over exaggerating but it really hurts and my arm feels really heavy)

do you think its allergic reaction or is this normal????

Normal, when I get mine it swelled up a bit as well and hurt like a mo fo for about a yea, be prepared for that!  :-\


I know that when I had mine done about 8 years ago, the whole upper arm was tender and slightly swollen, and it felt like my muscles were going to fall off!! But within about three days (and ensuring I did not lie on it or lift it) it was normal.


Funny; I've had 2 series of tetanus shots here in Spain due to accidents (lots of horses in this town) but never had a bad reaction to them at all. Not even soreness. But then my metabolism is odd--Valium makes me hyper!


hmmm, I got a tetenous shot when I got my 4 inch laceration on my leg (no kidding, had to go to the emergency room and had 33 stiches in all, three layers of them, 18 on the inside and 15 on the outside, I was hiking in the woods and fell on a rock).  I don't remember any swelling at all, but I was on Vicanin for about a week so I probably didn't feel it.  But now that  you mention it I think that it was swollen in that area, I thought it was the laceration but perhaps it was also the shot...hmmm

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