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Sinus Infection - help!

I know we discussed some of this on the upset tummy post, but does anyone have suggestions for a nasty sinus infection that now moving into my chest?  My nose is raw, my ears are plugged (and itchy) and I'm trying to cough, but with no luck.

I'm taking Quercitin,  Vitamin C,  Mucinex D, using my neti pot and drinking abnormal amounts of water, but is there anything else you'd recommend??  Unfortunately due to having horrible year-round allergies, I can't take Echinacea.  I'm absolutely miserable at this point.

Thanks so much   :(

I referred to this in that tummy post, but I swear by 3 cloves of raw garlic every day while you are sick or beginning to feel poorly.  You gotta eat it raw and it hurts, but it cuts through ALL of the head and cheast goo.  Immediately after chewing and swallowing the garlic, you'll be able to breath (of course, you'll probably tear up, too).  You will also have wonderfully stinky garlic breath for the better part of the evening.  We kinda make a production of it around here.


Try doing a sinus  saline flush a couple of time a day. This will do wonders and you can buy them at a  regular drugstore.

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