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Sinus Infection - help!

I know we discussed some of this on the upset tummy post, but does anyone have suggestions for a nasty sinus infection that now moving into my chest?  My nose is raw, my ears are plugged (and itchy) and I'm trying to cough, but with no luck.

I'm taking Quercitin,  Vitamin C,  Mucinex D, using my neti pot and drinking abnormal amounts of water, but is there anything else you'd recommend??  Unfortunately due to having horrible year-round allergies, I can't take Echinacea.  I'm absolutely miserable at this point.

Thanks so much   :(

I referred to this in that tummy post, but I swear by 3 cloves of raw garlic every day while you are sick or beginning to feel poorly.  You gotta eat it raw and it hurts, but it cuts through ALL of the head and cheast goo.  Immediately after chewing and swallowing the garlic, you'll be able to breath (of course, you'll probably tear up, too).  You will also have wonderfully stinky garlic breath for the better part of the evening.  We kinda make a production of it around here.


Umcka is great for chest congestion/coughing.  It actually makes your coughs more productive, but is soothes your throat at the same time.  The menthol drops work the best.

Do you have a humidifier?  I like to fill mine with some menthol and eucalyptus oils when I'm feeling sick.  (Make sure you change the water daily!)  If you don't have that, try steaming your face (fill up a basin/large bowl with very hot water; add  a few drops of oils; make a tent with a towel over your head that will trap in the warm moist air; breathe deeply.)

Zinc shortens the duration of most types of illness, but isn't meant to be taken for the long-term.  You would take this starting immediately until two days after symptoms disappear.

Avoid Osccillum (sic).  Although it is sold as a homeopathic for the flu, it is actually from wild duck liver.

There is an acupressure point for sinus congestion, but it is a little hard to describe so bear with me.  In the arch of your eyebrow, just where it starts to taper in, apply firm pressure until you feel some sensitivity.  It is usually 3/4 to 1 inch from the start of your brow line.  Gently move your index finger along your brow line (may need to go up or down 1/4 inch, depending on the thickness of your brows.)  Once you find the sensitive area, apply pressure for approximately 20 seconds.  Do this on each brow 2-4 times a day.  Of course, this isn't going to make your symptoms disappear for the long-term, but it can provide some much needed relief.


Avoid Osccillum (sic).  Although it is sold as a homeopathic for the flu, it is actually from wild duck liver.

dude, that's discusing! wild even....  :-\

i noticed on your profile that you are lacto-ovo. if you hav e a lot of congestion, try eating vegan for a few days until things clear up. dairy can cause mucus to form and loading your body with plant foods might help is kick this bugger! also like to take emergen-c when i'm feeling a little under the weather and that helps a lot.


Oops!  Forgot to say, have miso soup (I make mine in Imagine Organic Mushroom Broth with seaweed and a little tofu) a few times a day.  Don't boil your miso, though.


Try doing a sinus  saline flush a couple of time a day. This will do wonders and you can buy them at a  regular drugstore.

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