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My Fitness Log

Hey there, my name is Ryan and I just signed up. I have an intro thread about my story, but to sum it up; I've been overweight my whole life, about two and a half years ago I started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which helped me get into pretty good shape, I didn't, however, change my diet, I got injured (sprained knee) about 6 months ago, couldn't train, put on a bunch of weight (up to 250), and was generally unhappy, just over a month ago I decided to make some changes, started training again, supplimented my training with a pretty hardcore conditioning routine, and went Vegetarian.

2 days ago I decided to go Vegan, and today weighed in at 216. My Jiu Jitsu game has shot through the roof. My Strength & Conditioning Coach is a BJJ Black Belt as well as an NASM Cert. Trainer. He's the one who convinced me to go vegan.

This is more or less just going to be a thread to track my progress in all aspects of Fitness/Strength&Conditioning/BJJ/Vegan and attempt to get an overview of exactly where I'm at. I'd love some feedback from you guys as to what might help. Also would love some ideas to keep me active, as I am an unemployed male housewife at home with an 18 month old.

Cheers and thanks for the support!


Woke up at 5, small bowl of oatmeal, off to conditioning...


:30/:10 of:

Rear leg elevated squat w/20kg KB (both legs)
TRX Pullups
TRX Jumps
Stir The Pots
Body Ball Pushups
Heavy Bag Flips
D Ball Chest Passes
Staggered 20kg KB pulls? (both arms)
D Ball Slams

Minute Rest


Minute Rest


3X3 Intevals of Ropes/Burpees 3X3 of 20kg KB swings/Bear Crawls

Protein Shake on the way home

Small bowl of almonds

Small plate of brown rice

Finished off the night with leftover chickpea masala over jasmine rice with a side of sliced cuccumber over a thin layer of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, topped with coarsly crushed black pepper and sea salt.

To bed at 9


Also would love some ideas to keep me active, as I am an unemployed male housewife at home with an 18 month old.


I have no ideas, myself.  I'm among the unfit, even though I like the gym.  Luxuriant stache, btw & ftw.


I actually have the "Insanity" videos on my computer. I don't like doing those workouts without professional supervision to be honest. My conditioning takes place on Mon-Wed-Fri, I try to do a little strength at home on the off days, but all I have is 2 20 lb dumbells.

The stache was short lived, sadly... My wife came home, I had it, and she basically wouldn't talk to me until I shaved it off. It was epic while it lasted.



Up at 6, ate a small bowl of oatmeal, a cup of green tea with almond essense, and a large glass of water.

Now just watching my daughter, trying to stay active (it's pouring outside).

Snacked on a small handful of almonds at around 9. Had a small bowl of black bean soup at about 1030. Planning on making a salad for lunch and as a side to dinner around noon.

Waiting to put the kid down for a nap so's I can work out.


My fitness log.... That I started and never updated. Whatever. I've lost 50 lbs and am absolutely destroying my workouts. I've gone to 6 days a week training (mon-wed-fri-sat Conditioning, tue-thurs-sat BJJ) and am feeling better than ever. Pretty sure I did over 120 24kg KB swings today and over 100 burpees all told.

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