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multi-vitamins and upset stomach

hey everyone!

so, i have been taking vitamin d and b12 supplements but i'd really like to try a multi-vitamin to make sure i'm getting everything i need. the last time i tried a multivitamin it gave me a really upset stomach. does anyone else have this? and have you found a vegan multi that doesn't cause nausea?


Sometimes iron can lead to upset stomachs, you can get multivitamins sans iron, not sure if your last one was or not but it's worth a shot!

I used to take the veglife spectro high energy multi vitamins, they have iron but they didn't bother me at all.

My mom gets upset stomachs from vitamins that have minerals in them all together.


I can not take multi's that have B vitamins.  they make me puke.  My sis only found 1 multi she could take and i have no clue if it is vegan or not (most likely not)


I've also had trouble with multivitamins, my doctor says never take them on an empty stomach. I also find that if I get too much Vitamin B I get migraines and schotomas (flashing lights).


Never had a problem with these Multis they are in my opinion some of the best..... They say 3 a day but I only take 1 a day so I don't exhaust my body with too many vitamins and I skip days or weeks without them.....

Oh, do you know the whole Methyl- and Cyano- difference with B12 if not do some researching. (Methylcobalmin is better the other did nothing to me and isn't natural but Methyl is natural)


i cut the vitamin in half and take one part in the morning and the other at night.  even when halved, i still have to take it on a full stomach (found that out the hard way...ick).


The vitamin C in multis is too harsh for my tummy. I have to take Ester-C, which is less acidic.  I have not found a multi without vitamin C :/


Did you take it with or just before eating...?
Often that can cause people to feel a bit sick. I know that's why I sometimes do.

Otherwise you'll prob need to try deduce what could vitamin/mineral that may be causing it because that would depend on the person. Maybe try figure out what vitamins/minerals you are getting plenty of from your diet. Too much of most vitamins and minerals can cause you to feel sick.

Hope that helped.





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