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meal ideas

So its winter here and its hard to be active. Though i ride my bike atleast 5 kms a day.

I dont know what to eat. Sounds strange...

But we get a range of free food once a week from a local kitchen and always lots of free rye bread.

I usually eat rye bread (toast) for breakfast with tahini.

Some lunch- could be again rye bread but with homemade lentil pate or hommus and some fruit

Dinner depends, casserole, pasta with TVP, pizza,soups,  salad with roasted vegies...etc...

But i want to change what i eat.

I was thinking if rye bread is okay for breadfast.. i think it is.. or oatmeal is okay
Lunch.. i dont know
But for dinner i want to make more soups.. i think they are really good.

I want to use more seasonal things

Onions, leek, potatoes, beetroot, carrots, cabbage, parsnips, apples,
walnuts, beans- kidney, lentils or chickpeas, oatmeal, tahini,

Any suggestions would be great. Also good winter fruits?

citrus is a great winter fruit, and you can get bananas year round for cheap. definitely up your produce!


im bored of bananas... i eat lots of them... make frozen bananas and using them for smoothies.

what should i do with citrus...? lemons.... and lime....hate oranges!


We've been making this recipe for rice and beans (sounds boring now...wait for it) almost every week.

At its heart it's rice, beans, veggies, and this amazing sauce. The veggie of choice is kale and carrots, but do whatever you feel is appropriate.

1c rice (dry)
1 14oz can black beans
1 bunch Kale and two shredded carrots
1/4c soy sauce
1/4c tahini
2T lemon juice
2T vinegar (rice if you have it)
2T vegan worcestershire sauce (note: good luck finding this. I use stop and shop brand steak sauce instead. It's basically a really cheap and vegan version of A1 steak sauce...real A1 as well as worcestershire has anchovies)
2T water
2T olive oil

Cook up the rice beans and veggies, drench in sauce...have head explode.

It's from Lauren Ulm's vegan yum yum by the by.


I didnt mention im in Denmark. We dont have a lot of things that the US have. Kale.. actually i havent seen it for so long :( Or chard...
Dont have vegan worcestershire sauce either...

I made today parsnip chips and for dinner a soup with khol rabi? some type of strange vegetable like a broccili stalk and lentils. It was quite good.

Rice is actually quite expensive here, we usually use potatoes, millet.. buckwheat or just cabbage as a bottom.
But the recipes seems bery easy to adapt! I love rice and beans, I used to always make refired beans and rice with different green vegies

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