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Low Carb Vegan substitution for bread?

For over a week now I have been vegan. Not intentionally but by chance. I needed to keep a simple diet that would help me shed pounds and still give me the carbohydrates I needed to work out intensively.
It looked something like apples, bananas, mandarins, a few cocktail tomatoes, and water. That's it, with the occasional Kim Chi and dill pickles in there.
My goal right now is just to be able to shed like a mother and still be able to work hard for over 2 hours. 1 hour in the morning and one at night. So far, so good. I have cleaned up nicely and have sculpted muscles I never even knew I had. One more week of this and then I change the routine and diet a bit.
I have been hungry all the time on this diet or at least often and my mind has been wandering about food and all sorts of goods I want to eat, but can't.
This is where I need assistance. I came to the rationalization that eating vegan substitutes in place of unhealthier dairy and meats would be the key to being able to eat rather normally and maintain good nutrition and in particular; good figure. I have searched the web for all sorts of recipes that I can plan out, BUT the issue is that a ton of them if not most include bread and I cannot have that it this time. I will be adding wheat to the mix in a week, but I still would rather keep that to a minimum or exclude it altogether, this includes low carb bread. Is there someplace I can go to find recipes or at the least vegan substitutions for bread? Or does anyone have any relevant data for my predicament?


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