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Looking for my first juicer

I'm trying to find a decent juicer for under $150. Does anyone have a favorite brand? What good/bad experiences have you had with juicers in the past? Thanks!

I don't have a brand rec, but definitely look for something with a wider mouth.  I have one with a small mouth and I have to cut an apple into 1/16ths to juice it - which essentially means that I don't use it because cutting up the fruit is such a hassle.


I have a Proctor Silex 2-speed juicer that does the job, but is difficult to clean.  It also suffers from a small mouth, but seeing as it was $5.00 at the Thrift Store I really shouldn't complain much. 


I just got a Jack LaLaine Power Juicer. The cheaper model is $100. The stainless steel model is $150. It is very highly rated, extracts a LOT of juice and is easy to clean. 2 lemons, 2 apples and 2 pears yields a quart of sweet juice with no added sugar. I also made soup base with carrots, tomato, cabbage and a little onion.


I have a Jack LaLane power juicer.
It works great.  No complaints here.
I bought that one about 2 years ago and I want to say it was on sale for around $ 100.

I have tried other juicers and I think for the cost, the Jack LaLane is the best bang for your buck.

Unfortunately, all juicers are a pain to clean.  It's easy to take apart to clean it's just time consuming.

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