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Just how bad are sulfite-containing foods for you?

Unknowingly, I bought a bunch of bags of dried (raw) black sesame seeds from a local Asian market.... and they all contain sulfites. I read an article on how sulfites have resulted in allergic reactions in people (never in me before, but still this makes me wary), and that it destroys vitamin B1. Ick.

I love to eat the tiny seeds pinchfuls at a time plain. They are supremely nutritious and kind of tasty, but I'm wondering if it's a bad idea to consume sulfite-food en masse (I average 6 oz of the seeds a day)? I suppose people do similar things with dried fruit that has sulfites, but how does this affect their health overall?

I also don't know whether the sulfitic content would be reduced if, say, the seeds were toasted, or cooked in any way.

Thank you in advance for any info you may share! Peace.

Sulfites are a type of sodium that should be eliminated in your urine if you are a healthy person.  I am sure you will be alright.  Just don't make it a habit of eating foods that contain them for your longterm health.  Those that have hypertension and kidney disease should also avod them.  Also, many drugs are sufla based.  Heating the seeds will not reduce the amount of sulfites in the seeds. 


If you are highly sensitive to sulphites, they might give you a headache - that's why red wine gives some people headaches. But most people aren't sensitive, and can consume sulphite-containing foods without feeling any adverse effects.


Muchas gracias!!

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