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Instant Oatmeal - Vegan friendly? New Vegan

Hi :)
I just decided to switch to vegan yesterday after watching a documentary on the health benefits of a vegan diet and the animal abuse that goes on behind closed doors of farms and slaughter houses.  


I am wondering if instant oatmeal is considered vegan.  I read yesterday that sometimes sugar can be filtered through animal parts and isn't always considered vegan which blew my mind! And I read today on Quaker's website that their instant oatmeal has sugar added to it.  So I am wondering if this is considered vegan or not?  Like I said, I am super NEW to this!!!!! and would LOVE some help!!! 

Hi Chelsea , welcome aboard ! The issue you raise with sugar is about the wide spread use of a substance called " bone char " made from cattle bones, that most commercial sugar is filtered with . Sneaky , huh ? So , for a vegan , that is to be avoided . Stick with sugar that bears the vegan certification , like Florida Crystals organic sugar . As far as instant oatmeal goes , my first thought , is why use it ? It is highly processed , with a high glycemic index number .  I would use either whole oat groats , or steel cut oats , and just soak them overnight , which will make them much faster and easier to cook , reduce the phytic acid content , and also make them easier to digest . As far as being vegan , oats in and of themselves are vegan , it is when you buy a packaged , sweetened , flavored , highly priced version that you will run into ingredients that are either not vegan , or just plain not healthy . Good luck , and Be Well !!


Hi and glad your here.But basically i agree with Bombadil.Its so easily to make regular oatmeal.Just use Quaker rolled oats.Find a good recipe on here.such as the peanutbutter oatmeal on this site.It has natural sugar and it tastes amazing.Good Luck!


Its alittle harder to find but as far as im aware beat sugar is vegan too! But I think the best oats have no sweeteners..... add some nuts and raisins to a bowl and maybe a tablespoon of strictly peanut peanut butter and cocoa nibs...... yum yum yum ! Super sweet because of the raisins!

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