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Anybody have hypoglycemia, is this hypoglycemia?

I had a REALLY wierd experience this morning!  Let me start with last night, I was hungry so I made pasta with sauce and seitan, one of my favorite meals.  My son also ate a lot.  I ate a lot of pasta, I mean a LOT, and it was regular white pasta.  I also had some vegan cheese cake and a cup of chocolate almond milk.  I was STUFFED!  Well, the middle of the night I woke up (several times because my son is teething!) and noticed my shirt was pretty wet with sweat, but that is not that  unusual, it happens quite a bit.  Well, this morning I got up and I felt really strange.  I didn't eat anything but I did  have a cup of coffee with Silk regular creamer and a tsp of sugar.  But about two hours after I woke up, after I finished my coffee I felt really disoriented.  I felt as if I was in a dream, everything wasn't real, like I had stepped outside of reality.  I didn't recognize anything though I knew it was my apartment, my stuff, and even my son look unfamiluar though I knew he was my son.  When I got out of the shower I was standing there looking at M and I felt dizzy suddenly, and saw stars on the side of my vision, little flashing dots floating around.  I got upset thinking I had a brain tumor, or Alzeimers disease.  I packed a breakfast for  myself, mainly leftovers from what M didn't want to eat.  I don't know why I didn't eat, I usually do, I forgot, which is weird, I never forget to eat, but I forgot this morning.  I took M to daycare and still that feeling persisted, like nothing was familuar.  I knew the way to his daycare but it was like I was following an invisible GPS in a place that I have never been to before.  The way back to work was the same, and my office felt the same way.

So I ate my breakfast, a banana and some left over baked oatmeal, and things have cleared up.  That dreamy feeling went away and I am okay. Trying to remember this morning though feels like trying to remember a dream.

I tried to call some doctors but none of them are being very nice to me, they either don't have room any time soon for new patients or I just got answering machines and I left some voicemails but no return phone calls yet.  

At first I thought it was schizophrenia, or alzeimers, or even a brain tumor.  But now that I ate and the feeling went away, and remember that I ate all that pasta last night I think it was low blood sugar, I mean severe low blood sugar.  

I have had similar incidents before and now that I think about it, I am wondering if I was hungry every time?  Maybe I don't have a dimenia but simply hypoglycemia and making simple changes such as not eating so much pasta at once may help a lot?  That was very  unpleasant, intense, and very scary!

Hello SnowQueen!
I don't have hypoglycemia or a medical background, but I have lived with others who do so maybe I can be of some help.
What I do know of hypoglycemia sounds like something similar to what you are describing. The two people who I have lived with had hypoglycemia to different degrees, one who could hardly eat ANY sugar (fruit, bread, potatoes, carrots, etc.) and the other who had more eating options but had to eat small meals regularly. What you have described sounds a lot like the symptoms I know of hypoglycemia (fainting, dizziness, disorientation, etc.).
I'm sure you've at least figured a couple of things out on your own over the last couple of days, but I would suggest to limit foods high on the glycemic index, eat frequently, and if you feel these symptoms coming back, try eating something with protein.
Hope you feel better!


Hi sorry this is late...

I haven't been diagnosed, but I've taken my own blood sugar with my dad's glucometer and it's been pretty low. Hypoglycemia is marked by a low blood sugar under 70, especially within an hour of eating a high carbohydrate meal. The symptoms you describe are similar to what I feel. Usually disoriented, confused, and weak, almost like I'm drunk. It's not a good idea to drive when you feel that way, if your blood sugar gets too low you can pass out.

Having some orange juice when you feel the onset of the symptoms will help bring your glucose back up but then you need to follow it up with a protein or fiber so it doesn't just drop again. Coffee will definitely accelerate the process, it's a bad idea to drink it without having some other intake with it.

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