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Headache - any suggestions?

I've got a really bad headache that doesn't seem to want to go away.  Usually when this occurs I take migraine medication, grab an ice pack and go sleep in my bat cave (what my sister calls my bedroom since it has dark walls) until it goes away.  Today that's not working and right now I feel like my head's going to explode. 

Any natural remedies out there?  Or suggestions on what you all do will be greatly appreciated. 

What bothered me the most is at work tonight I had to call to get relieved because I thought I was going to get sick right on my lane.  How embarrassing.  That would sure make people want to buy food! 


I feel so badly for you!  This must be "migraine week."  I have had one ALL week!!  Wednesday was so bad, I woke up at 3:30 am with the stomach issues that sometimes accompany a migraine and didn't go to work. 

The only thing I can tell you, is to do what you're doing.  Migraine time is about the only time I take medicine.  Luckily, since I've started practicing yoga and changed my diet, I don't get them as frequently as I used to.  Do you usually drink caffeine?  I do, and I find that sometimes a cup of coffee will help (but if you don't drink caffeine, it will probably make it worse).

I learned this from yoga, and sometimes it helps...

Lie in the bed your legs bent and soles of the feet touching (comfortably...this releases tension in your lower back).  Make sure your neck is as comfortable as possible and take very deep, controlled breaths. 

For the future, sometimes, inversions help when I feel one coming on.  Lie on the floor with your legs going up the wall and breath deeply.  Do this as long as it's comfortable. 

But sometimes, (like this week) I just lie in the bed and cry till I fall asleep.  :'(  As disconcerting as it is, sometimes nothing helps. 

I hope you feel better!!


Thanks Lotus!  Hopefully both of our migraines will soon be gone. 

I don't drink any caffeine and don't keep anything in the house that contains it.  Although if this keeps up I might have to get some.  ;)  I'll try your yoga and inversion suggestions and let you know how it works.


i wouldn't call my headaches migraines, but i always get them around this time of year. i think it's because of the changing weather, everything gets really dry here in the autumn.  i usually jsut try drinking lots of water, but again, i don't have migraines.


Chamomile tea. One Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water, chug it back, my fiance swears by that. Drink lots of water. Get a nice massage. Be mindful that caffiene will help some, while it triggers migraines in others. Stretch. Rest.


The chamomile/apple cider really does help. A tastier solution (since I gag at apple cider vinegar in any quantity), that works 99% of the time for both me and my s.o.:

Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea - It contains Cinnamon, hibiscus, chamomile flowers, roasted chicory root, orange peel, roasted carob, natural cinnamon flavor, natural apple flavor, and other natural flavors, so a tea with the same basic ingredients will probably do the trick, the chamomile being key.

Pomegranate Green Tea - contains green tea/pomegranate juice. Pretty self-explanatory.

Steep both tea bags for approx 3 minutes. Serve with the sweetener of your choice. This will normally kick any headache, including migraines, and I get them bad. Try and drink it at the onset of the migraine before it gets to the point where you feel like you're going to be sick, and you're crying from the pain (I can totally relate to that), generally any cure will make you puke at that point. This is a great cure for migraines as an alternative to medication. The only hitch is pretty much the same as the pills - you have to take it early on if it's going to have any effect.

I hope you both feel better! Sometimes the only cure is a good long sleep. If the migraine has somewhat abated when you wake up, try the tea then. That may kick it early, instead of having to deal with several days of pain.

EDIT: In regards to caffeine - be very careful using this as a cure, especially excedrin. Taking any form of caffeine to cure migraines will often help, but it will create a vicious reoccuring cycle of really really bad migraines. Another, though not natural cure, is taking 3 advil at the onset of the migraine. I find the tea works just as well if not better than advil. If you're inclined to take pills (for instance, if you get migraines on the road and can't make tea), carry advil with you instead of excedrin. Advil will not cause migraines or make them progressively worse as excedrin does.


can't say it will cure it, but the pose lotus was talking about is helpful for me.  i usually do it in a restorative pose, as shown in this link.
if you don't have a bolster, you can use a couple of firmly folded blankets or about 3 or 4 firmly folded towels.  just make sure to put your arms out to each side, sort of like a goal post.  this pushes the shoulder blades and trapezius down the back and releases the neck.  for headaches, i think it's even helpful if you do this laying straight on the ground (with the supported pelvis), just in case you can't find enough wall space to do the pose comfortably. 
another great relaxer is to really spread your hand out.  take the space between the thumb and the forefinger and place it by the top of the head, at or above the hairline.  gently grip the sides of the head with your thumb and finger and apply light pressure with your hand as you slowly move down the forehead, eyes, and nose.  repeat it a few times.  it won't cure the headache, but it does help to reduce stress and tension and promote relaxation. 
also, the cool wet towel (in a ziplock baggie) under the neck or over the eyes, depending on where your pain is.
i hope you feel better!


Thanks everyone for all your wonderful suggestions.  I'm very happy to say that my headache finally went away.  Now I won't need these  8)  any more. 

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