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Hair loss and veganism/vegetarianism

The other hair loss threads on here didn't really fit my issue so...

I've only been vegan for like a month now and before that I was a vegetarian for a year.  During that time I noticed my hair starting to get really thin around my forehead and now it feels a lot thinner in back and on top too.

I've always had really thick wavy hair so you can imagine my alarm at experiencing this out of nowhere.  I've been to the dermatologist and the doctor and they've just tested me for iron, hormone, and thyroid levels and everything's normal.

I've read that it could be due to a lack of protein but I've started eating more in beans and nuts and it hasn't helped (this has been going on for months), and besides I'm having trouble eating that many calories (since weight gain is also a concern of mine).

My question is: is this normal?  Did anyone else experience this when they stopped eating meat?  And does the thinning stop or go back to normal?

And above all - can ANYTHING make your hair grow back? (Because I've heard that peppermint essential oil can...)

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