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Goal Tracking Club

This thread is for people who formally want to track either one or two goals and hold themselves accountable to each other.  Research says that people who quantify and track their goals in a way that keeps them accountable lose up to twice as much weight.  :)

These can be any type of fitness/health goals, not just weight loss or the like.  It could be an amount of time spent working out, or drinking a certain amount of water each day, or losing a certain number of inches, for example.

Here's the chart I made, but I don't know why it's showing up so small.  Let me try to fix it....

Erin, I doubt you are higher than my current weight of 195, or there about.  So don't stress.

I don't check vw on the weekend so I am adding my update for this week now.
I did meet my workout goals, with 4 days of approximately 60 minutes each.  I really enjoy Pilates on Wednesday too.

Oh, and I did meet my workout goal for last week!

0 likes really don't have to feel bad or embarassed about posting your weight.  We don't mind we love you anyway.
If you really don't want to you could post your target weight loss and report how much you've lost each week.  That way no-one knows your original weight, just the amount lost.

eta: well done cali for meeting your goal!


Goal 1: today's weight = 61.7kg, so I appear to have gained 2lbs since last week, and about 1lb since the beginning! Ha!  I'm really not bothered because I know my weight can fluctuate quite a bit week to week.  Also, I forgot to weigh myself first thing and ended up weighing myself after breakfast and a glass of water, which I'm sure put together weighs about 5kg, which means I've already met my target weight!!
Or maybe not.

Goal 2: waist measurement = jut over 29 inches.  I really find it difficult to measure my waist accurately.  I never know if I've got the exact same bt or if I'm pulling the tapoe measure too tight or what ever.  So I really don't think I've lost alf an inch already.

TBH I'm not really too bothered about my weight/waist measurements yet as I feel that any change could be my normal variation at the moment, but I'll start to take notice in a couple of weeks, because if there's not much change then, then I'll be more upset - after a month the difference should bbe noticable.


Weight today = 155 pounds. Two pound gain from last week. I think this is period weight, though. I'll be interested to see next week. Still down four pounds from initiial weight, so that's good!

I'm glad KMK didn't add my yoga goal because I was so aggrevated after work on Thursday I missed my yoga class.


no measurements, but i looked in the mirror today and WHOA!! im looking pretty hot. hah


i forgot to check in yesterday.

i made my goal... 2x yoga 1x biking 1x speed walking (meant for it to be a run, but my knees were giving me shit).

i've already been to yoga once this week.


Ok, since I officially started WW on Tuesday, I guess I'd better post my goals.

*I'd like to lose 25 lbs by April.  (I'd say 30, but I don't wanna push my luck.) Once I get there, it's going to be all about maintaining.

*Quit smoking. (quit 1/17 - I'd say I'm free and clear because it's something I want so badly, but I'll leave it as a "goal" just in case)

*Exercise 3 times a week.  (Seems easy, but I'm super lazy.)


Still at 155. So much for hoping it was period weight...

I'm still doing better than my average goal of 1 per week, considering where I started. Between business and knee/ankle issues I haven't gotten to the gym at all this week. I need to make it a priority. I really can't think of much else I can do on the eating front to clean that up. (Oh, I definitely need more water. That could be another thing).


ive exercised a good amount, and i had to start wearing a belt. :D


Ok... I forgot to post last week, so I'm double posting this week.

Jan. 17th:  8.25miles / -1lb = 137

Jan. 24th:  10miles / -0lbs = 137

I'm not doing so well on my miles thus far. :( I think since I'm also doing P90X Lean and some spin classes each week is what is cutting into my running time.  We'll see how the progression goes...

My body is being a pain in the ass!  Basically, Aunt Flo is here WAY early this month. :-( So, I'm not quite sure if my weigh-in is accurate.


This is nice!
I am currently 132 pounds and I have to be 115 pounds for a healthy aim (I am a really short person lol) But I want to take nice healthy slow steps, so my initial goal will be 120 pounds!
Tomorrow I will start exercising 4 times per week :) I love getting into a flexible routine! It really rainy these days so I get kind of lazy but I will make that effort for myself!
Being a vegan gives me advantage on less fat options which is great. I will stop having vegan snacks and instead eat fruits during the day (in between breakfast lunch and dinner.)
Also, sleeping 6 to 9 hours everyday really helps. :)


so my weight this week is 60.7kg, and waist measurement was just under 29 inches.

I just came back from visiting my sister and she told me I looked skinnier than when she saw me last (Nov).  Yay!




This week I worked out 4 days a week!  I also had many people tell me yesterday how great I look and that I must be losing weight.  One pair of my new size 14 pants is almost too loose to wear, but none of the others are that extreme so I will wait till my slacks feel that loose to move to the next size down.


i did lots of yoga this week... yay!


I weighed in last night - and lost 3.2lbs!
I only worked out once though.


good job erin!!! my friend told me yesterday that i looked healthy!! which is way better than looking a fatass! :D


This week's weigh in didn't go so well.  I only lost .8lbs

I am disappointed and I think my body hates me.....since I quit smoking I can't poop anymore and I retain every ounce of water I drink.  It's frustrating, but I'm persistant.  I worked out twice last week though - once more than before...


i feel better. idk what my weight is and what my measurements are, but i feel like im losing weight.


Last week I did 4 workouts.  This week I am already at four and planning to get in one more class at the gym.

Keep it up all!  Its consistency that counts.



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