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GESC is a Lean, Mean Biking Machine!

I started a thread for you.  Now you have extra time to post pictures of said ride.

WOW you started a thread just for me! You should have told me as I don't post as often these days! So I just posted this in the bike thread before I noticed this. So here it is..........

So I'm into my second week of bike commuting to work. I only got to bike 2 days last week becasue of the storms. All in all I love my new bike and am waiting on bar ends to make it complete. I find the drivers to be OK on the route I take but I do wear very bright yellow jacket when I bike so I should be very visable.

So I set my goal to be biking to work 50% of work days between daylight savings time starting and ending, right now I am about 25% but that should bump up at the end of next week as the weather looks like I will be able to get a full 5 days biking next week.

It feels good.

I'll see if I can post some pics.


How many miles to work?


Five miles on the route I take currently. I thought I would have to take a detour and make it about 6.5 miles but the traffic on the road I thought I would have to avoid is not too bad. Sometimes on the way home I'll take a scenic detour for a bit of a longer workout/pleasure ride and take it to about 8 miles.



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