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Diet for bulking up

Hey folks, I'm absolutely certain that there are threads about this and mentions of this in other threads, but I can't seem to find anything clear and concise and in one place, so if you would humour me and my question that would be much appreciated ::)

My friend is looking to "bulk up" - not a whole lot, like crazy muscle bodybuilder type, but just fill out a bit.
He's a regular gym goer, so the exercise part is covered I assume, but he isn't sure what to do about the diet. He's not vegan but I figure vegan food is better for you whatever your health and fitnes goals are, so I said I'd check in with the infinite wisdowm of VW'ers on his behalf.

So, do you guys have any tips? Diet plans? Must have foods? Any help, or pointers to other threads would be much appreciated!      Good resources here even if you don't bodybuild.  I love how healthy these guys look..more like greek gods than muscle heads.

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