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What's the best way to detox your body? I just heard about the cleanses and I'm interested in doing it.

Can you give some examples of the best natural way for each organ?
I like these...

Renew has multi-cleanses which rock... trust me you will notice a difference! Plus most of them don't require too many diet changes if you're already vegan.
I don't reccomend the candidia cleanse though... it's drops (not pills like the others) and my husband said it was so nasty tasting that he couldn't do it and stopped the cleanse.

there is an order you're supposed to cleanse each organ in to achieve the best results, i'm sure you can google it. I'd just do the mutli-first though then plan another more specific type of cleanse for 9 months later and follow the order.


There's this weird site called if you want a bunch of specific organ cleanses. People swear by it, but it sounds slightly scary in my opinion.

I did the 'master cleanse' for one week before then stopped as I am highly allergic to citrus (and I could feel the ulcers forming) but it removed my cravings for crap and I felt great. I was able to easily stick to a stringent exercise program and eating pattern and lose ten pounds, which I have never gained back.

If I were to do a cleanse again I'd try raw and/or herbal teas, green juices, raw fruits, veggies, and LOTS of water.


I heard about a product called Dr. Natura Colonix. Supposedly it does not cause horrible cramps and/or diarrhea.


The renew life doesn't cause any cramping or diarrhea either.
Seriously, I love it.
I didn't think I'd be into the whole cleanse thing but it really was great.
You weren't running to the bathroom or anything but it got you going right after every meal. You knew it was working but it wasn't unpleasant.


I have done two juice fasts and should probably think of doing another one in the near future.  My first one lasted about 16 days.  My second one...32 days. 

The first time I did it through the guidance of a naturopath.  The second time I used this book.

I have never felt better or had more energy.  My main concern now is during my second fast, I discovered or developed an allergy to carrots which is one of the mainstays of a juice fast.  I will have to find something to substitute for carrots.  Yams or sweet potatoes juice very well and taste good so I could try using them in place of carrots.

You have to pick a good time though because it means, no food, no booze, no drugs (like aspirins etc). 

I didn't even have headaches and while I fasted I was obviously not drinking my Diet Coke.  Go figure, I gave up Diet Coke close to two weeks ago and had massive headaches for the first week and even broke out in a fever.  Yet, I never had those symptoms while Juice Fasting.

You need to have a juicer that removes all pulp as pulp is food and it will make your stomach start working and want food. 

My boyfriend is going away for a week on the 11th.  Maybe that would be an ideal time for me to do a mini juice fast.  Nine days.

With him away, I wouldn't be eating out.  As well, my good friend that I work with is on vacation so we wouldn't be doing lunches at work together. 

Would also make me stop smoking if I still am because you can't smoke on a juice fast. 

You can not even believe the energy and peacefullness you feel while juice fasting.  They do say however that if your tongue is coated thickly with white stuff, not to end the fast until that finishes because toxins are leaving your body big time so let that session end.

OK, now I am excited.  I have a new juicer I haven't tried yet so I will have to add a new goal to my goals thread.  A 8 or 9 day juice fast.

I did not do any colon things on either fast and I have no urge to do so.


I heard about a product called Dr. Natura Colonix. Supposedly it does not cause horrible cramps and/or diarrhea.

my boyfriend and i both tried the colonix program and truthfully, i thought it was a waste of money.  the colonix powder is just psyllium powder flavored like bananas, and the paranil capsules did nothing for me, although i have been vegetarian for about 13 years now, and i think those pills are more for meat-eaters with stuff rotting in their colons.  As for the kleri-tea, it gave both of us nightmares and did little else.  On the plus side, there were no cramps or dire urges to use the restroom.  You do need to drink a lot of water right after you take the fiber, otherwise you'll just get all stopped up.  Personally, i'd just get psyllium fiber from the HFS and mix it with juice if you are looking for the kind of cleanse colonix is offering.


Thanks all.


Dr. Schulze ( has a 30 day program which includes herbs that will detox anything- including cancer.  I put a friend with cancer on this diet of nothing but fresh organic juices, Yogi detox tea and herbal tinctures beginning with a liver and blood detox for 1 week followed by a kidney detox for 1 week, etc.  In the end her 6 inch liver tumor was gone!  These are some serious detox herbs.  Of course, it is intended for general health- to use once or twice a year as a general cleanse but good to know that it can detox the body of tumors and other so-called terminal diseases.  Dr. Schulze also has a 5 day bowel cleanse (also a 5 day liver cleanse) which he uses on all his patients.  Apparently, he states that with the bowel program alone 80% of his patients become symptom-free of whatever it was that they sought him out in the first place (from headaches to chest pain).  So, bowel cleansing is an important part of detoxing.  We make our own bowel detox using psyllium, chia, powdered slippery elm, powdered marshmallow root, fennel, charcoal and bentonite clay.  Schulze happily gives you the recipes for these tinctures and cleanses as he wants your health in your hands. 

The 5 day liver detox just involves 5 days of raw foods or juices, a tincture of liver cleansing herbs and herbal tea.  And the bowel detox is even easier. 

This will boost your energy and just make your body work and feel better. Oh, and don't worry- the bowel cleanse is not about giving you diarrhea for 5 days!  It's meant to draw out any debris that is stuck in pockets in your colon.  So, it should be soft or loose but not runny. 

Honestly, if you want to know anything about cleansing- this is the place to go.  He is one of the premier herbalists in the country.

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