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Can you lose weight with Acai Berry?

Help!! Mostly I seem to just lose money when I try a new diet product, weight going up and down for a while, back in a heavy phase, hate it.

Jenny Craig food is awful, want to eat my own food. Acai sounds interesting, but they’re either sold MLM – and every single health product I bought that way was way over-priced and mostly garbage -- and why say Oprah endorses it??

She just did a show about gaining 40 pounds!!

Can anyone tell me they lost weight with Acai?

Or is it just more spin? And has anyone tried Nulean?

I just found it looking for Acai reviews on this site:

my opinion is is that all of that diet stuff is crap. if you want to lose weight you have to commit to a healthier lifestyle.


I agree w/ hespedal....if you're looking for help with truly loosing weight and keeping it off and being healthier, I recommend checking out looking into Debra Waterhouse's books....Her books are easy to follow and help you change the way you look at food and listen to your cravings and body


Every few months the food industry comes out with a new "wonderfood" that is going to cure all our ills and let us "eat all you want and STILL LOSE WEIGHT"! And every few months they announce a new food that is deadly poison and you shouldn't even have it in the house. Sometimes it turns out to be last year's wonderfood. (Olestra, anyone? Aspartame?)

Eat healthy, unprocessed food. Exercise. Drink lots of clean, pure water. Vary your diet. Respect your body. Get enough sleep.
Job done.


i remember olestra. OMG. i stayed away from that with a 10000 foot pole.

i agree with Yabbit - change your diet. the answer isn't in pills.

a really good book you might want to read is Eat to Live. its a high produce diet/lifestyle plan. you eat foods that are best for your body (lots of veggies and grains) and this results in improved health and the body moving towards a healthy weight.

what is your diet like right now? maybe we can help suggest ideas for replacing things that aren't going to help you loose weight with stuff that might help more




yeah, perhaps but i was playing the "don't call troll/spam unless it is clear that's the case" card. it isn't like the user name is buy my berries or something. or my favorite (from the other day) "tylenol enema"

i reported it to have the link removed. it could be spam OR someone who wants some help. we might never know unless she comes back...


It could help but i think it's just another one of those ridiculously expensive health food scams. Green tea and vitamin c supplements are loaded with anti-oxidants, help boost your metabolism, and are relatively inexpensive. Spicy food also helps raise your metabolism. Just up the work-out, cut out bad carbs and sugars, load up on veggies and fruit, and stay happy:)


I’m 5 ft. flat, 133lbs, 20 years old. I’m not way overweight, but I do have more chub than I did a couple years ago. For me.. it wasn’t freshman 15, it was freshman 25! I am not very athletic and I never take the time to workout. I don’t eat very healthy either. I really want to get motivated to get into a healthier lifestyle. I’m afraid that if I continue at this rate I’ll keep gaining weight. I avoid going on dates with guys because I am embarrased to tell them I have stretch marks and that I’m very self conscious. I don’t like going to the gym because I hate when people look at me working out. Like I don’t know what I’m doing and I just feel like an idiot. How do I avoid cravings??

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Acai berries are most known as a weight loss supplement, they have a number of other benefits such as reducing the aging process and helping cell recovery. The weight loss properties of acai berry can be explained by the increased metabolic rate it causes. This happens because of the very large amount of antioxidants it contains. This leads to faster fat breakdown, increases energy levels and fights fatigue. Combined, these effects make the process of losing weight faster and easier without any side effects usually associated with synthetic chemicals.
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