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I've recently been struggling with bulimia. I've had binge eating disorder since I was 8 years old, and I was a very strict vegan for two years in my teens, but ended up picking my binge behaviours back up when I moved in with my fiance, and eventually just gave up on veganism all together. Right now I'm at a really bad place in my life. I was wondering if anyone had tips for taking steps out of a severe ED and into vegansim. I did it once before, but it's so much harder being around someone who seems to eat junk food 24/7. I was thinking a juice fast or a cleanse, but I really don't want this to turn into anorexia... That's been my fear for a long time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, has anyone ever tried a yoga regime, not necessarily for an ED, but for depression/anxiety/whatever else? I was considering that, too.


I feel you girl! I promise you are NOT alone!!!  There's actually a forum going on titled Eating Disorders.  There's a few of us on there that are struggling too and trying to get better. 
I've struggled for years with my ED. Which is a wierd version of Bulimia.  I am working with a therapist, a physician, a nutitionist and also a psychiatrist.  Mostly the therapy. 
If I want to eat, I write down what I'm feeling before I eat.  If I am truly hungry, I try and eat something small that I feel good about.  If I'm eating based on emotions, I write them down. 
As far as junk food, I can't have it in my house or else I eat the whole thing.  Maybe you can ask your fiance not to bring that stuff in?
Yoga is great for many things.  It helps you get in touch with yourself and maybe your emotions.  It can also help with strength too.  Quite frankly, any type of exercise is great but just remember: start slow to prevent injuries.
Hang in there! Don't be afraid to seek help from those who get paid to help. ;)


Thanks! I may have to check out that forum. Which section is it in?
I try, but sometimes, we end up talking each other into it... Like I'll bring it up and then realize I don't want it, but then he'll like the idea and try to convince me to do it anyway. It's a peer pressure kind of thing. He usually respects me if I ask him not to get certain things, but then he gets resentful, and though I understand where it comes from, it is very hard on our relationship.
I have that problem too... I can't have junk or I eat it all :/. Even if I bake a batch of vegan brownies, or apple pie, it's gone within a day, two if I'm lucky. But I love vegan baking so much :(. I've even tried baking and then giving most of it away, but I have to be quick about it or I totally give in. Bleh.
I think I may find myself a therapist that specializes in Eating Disorders.. I think that would really help me.
Thanks so much!


No problem.  It's actually in the Lean, Mean Vegan Machine section.  I really like to make cake and experiment with them.  My colleagues at work are my guinea pigs.  I get to eat one piece of cake at work and usually there's enough left over to take a piece home to my boyfriend and my son.  It works out nicely.  However, Oreos don't come in my house any more.  lol.  I can't eat just one.  And I'm not much of a baker, except with chocolate cake, so that works out for me.
I'm glad you are looking for a therapist.  It takes much strength to reach out for help.  I'm proud of you.  Good job recognizing you have a struggle. 
I highly recommend working with a nutritionist.  I know for me, my ED is about obsessive control.  Unfortunately, it sometimes controls me.  Anyway, I think recovery from ED is about finding a balance.  What foods work with you? If it's a vegan diet, by all means, go for it.  If it's a mostly vegan diet that works best for you, then do it.  I know that may make a lot of people upset but with ED, our relationship with food is so messed up to begin with.  We have to figure out why we eat and do the things we do. If you are wanting to be vegan for other reasons such as animal rights, environmental, super! Go for it. It's about what works for you to be the best you that you can be.
Every day is a choice.  And every small choice is one step closer to having some sense of balance again.
Another thing I'm trying is going to OA meetings.  It has really helped me.  It really works with all eating disorders.
Hang in there girl!


i say move this to the ED thread to continue but i wanted to chime in... no negativeness just lots of struggles with this on that thread...

i like the ideas suggested about writing down how you feel when you are about to eat, i think i may try this and then brainstorm things i can do to avoid going ape shit...

keep the crap food outta the house... if it is possible, unless your husband is at home 24/7, i think he wouldn't mind eating binge inducing food elsewhere if it helps you...

when i am doing well as i have said before, i have my day pretty much figured out foodwise and i eat only when my stomach is growling because that is the only thing i know = hungry

i don't know how deep you are in this but getting help would be good! therapist that specializes in ED's would be also good...

though, as mentioned, this can be about control... for me, if i have someone demanding that i eat more and eat certain things that i am not ready to eat backfires as well as support groups... everyone is different though!

working out is a good thing! whatever you do! i know that just the act of conscientiously working out makes me feel better about myself and more comfortable in the way i look and it is a positive way to "get rid of food/ calories" instead of ridding them by other means...

hang in there, i hope you find something that works for you <3

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