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B12 supplements

???  I've been vegetarian for the past 16 years, and a new vegan for the past 3 months. Since becoming vegan I have been taking vegan b12 supplements. despite this, I am getting sores in the corners of my mouth, and a few canker sores, both of which are indicative of B12 deficiency. I did not have these issues while vegetarian. Anyone else have this same issue even while taking supplements? What else can i do? would a phone asking for b12 test or injections be necessary? It just seems strange to have this even when taking 1-2 supplements per day.

most (all?) B12 supplements have way over the daily value of B12 per pill, so taking 1 per day should be plenty (i take one once per week... the liver can store it, to a degree). So if you're truly deficient, it's more likely a problem with instrinsic factor (the protein that binds B12 in the stomach) than veganism per se. However, I think you would have seen signs before going vegan if that's the case. Many people with intrinsic factor deficiency have to get B12 injections regardless of diet.
i'm not sure of what else it could be though. found this on a questionably reliable website for nutritional causes of recurrent canker sores:

    * Vitamin deficiencies: B1, B2, B6, B12, C
    * Other nutrients: zinc, folic acid, iron, selenium, calcium

The cracking at the corners of the mouth can also be a B deficiency or iron deficiency. Or other things.


thanks! will look into it more! i have been taking the rest of my prenatals w/iron and also a calcium/zinc supplement as well. I am thinking i may have a possible gluten sensitivity so that could play into it as well. I have had the sores in the corners of my mouth approx. 3 times before in my life. all when my diet slipped and i was not eating well. Will look more into it and ask the doc. thanks!

UPDATE-did more research and i'm starting to think it is related to B2(riboflavin) which would make more sense since i have been taking the b12 daily. will get a supplement tom. and see if that helps:D

2nd UPDATE-looked at my b12 supplements. they contain riboflavin as well. i think i will have to make a dr appt. to see what else it could be. boo :<


I had the same problem around the fall/winter last year. I took a veg friendly lysine supplement and they went away.




wouldn't lysine only work if it was herpes?
on that note, though, there are a number of foods with a high lysine:arginine ratio, as an adjunct or alternative to lysine supplementation.


I had the same problem, I started taking B12 supplements and Iron.


Aren't mouth sores a type of herpes though? But then again along with taking a supplement I took a topical balm with lysine which helps if there's blistering of the sores


i know cold sores are a type of herpes, but they are on the edges of the lips. these are in the corners, and look like pictures of sores due to vitamin deficiencies. i have gotten spirulina supplements and took more time to plan my diet so it's more balanced. they have gone away now. thanks for the tips!

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